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We have another week or so here in Mumbai. The trip to Hyderabad was great!! Will share once we are back home and I get time!!

We are back with in-laws in Mumbai and are enjoying the last week here! Yesterday evening we all went to a nice cultural program that was celebrating National Anthem's 100 years, etc. D was running down the aisles happily most of the time. And being in India noone minded. after some time she sat on the seat next to us, quietly. One of the speakers was an Army Colonel. His was projected loudly through the auditorium and then D decided she wanted to talk, just like the Colonel. She babbled and copied his tone of voice and volume!! It was hilarious until those sitting next to us started turning around. Some laughed, some looked. So, out she went!

This week we will be busy making lots of social visits since we didn't get the chance during the last visit! Our last week of the year should be fun-filled and then it's back to freezing America. brrrrr.... 

Hope everyone is doing well! I really hope to catch up with all soon! 

at home...

Oct. 31st, 2011 02:45 pm
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I am now in Bangalore with my parents and sis. There is so much to share but so little time to put it all down! But before coming here, D and I celebrated Diwali with my in-laws in Mumbai! It was a lot of fun!
Happy Diwali!

I flew to Bangalore with D alone, and with a walking toddler it sure was a big challenge! I decided to bring the stroller over and boy was all that a handful! I had two small bags, stroller, ergo carrier to handle alongside a toddler who can spot kids a mile away. Surprisingly not one single passenger or staff helped at the Mumbai airport. I thought Diwali would bring out joy in people. No such thing. Since I was flying budget airline, we had to take a bus and climb up steps to get on the plane. And I had to lug all the items onto the bus and to the aircraft (A crew member did help me put the stroller on the bus). I had to get all of it down. A bit cumbersome. But I carry what I can handle. So, it was not really a big deal. Just a bit surprised!

Bangalore airport, on the other hand, gets an A++ for their assistance. I didn't have to lift a finger or a piece of luggage and neither did I have to haggle nor give any money for the help!

We have had a series of visitors since our arrival here and D is having a blast! Today is our first day quiet at home! So, Diwali went wonderful! Spent the first day there and second half and third day here!  
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We had such a nice day. I took D out to meet other parents with kids out at the national mall. D ate so well. She actually grabbed food from my hands and ate it too! She took cheese for the first time!! That girl is a pure Andha-ite* ! She loves her food spicy. The cheese sandwich I had was with pepperjack and I avoided giving it to her. But she chomped away on it with the biggest smile. I am happy when my baby is happily eating!

And yet there were moments when it was sad.

There was so much talk about wanting their babies - 4-6 month olds - to sleep through the night. Apparently if they start solids and they sleep with a full tummy they will. I laughed and shared that it's a complete myth and it never happened with D. The mother just moved away from me not liking the answer. I guess I sympathized. Even I was seeking hopes of a restful night and you don't want to hear that these things are just myths. I heard talk about night weaning. I heard talk about giving the baby rice cereal in a bottle with the nipple top cut off. The parents were aghast that D didn't start really taking solids till she was 8 months old. She just wasn't ready. They were shocked that I didn't start on pureed food. I just shared every baby is different, to which they all nodded their heads in agreement.

When the whole Tiger Mom episode occurred, so many American parents pounced on that woman for forcing their kids to do things, etc. And yet, here they are (unknowingly probably) doing the same. Forcing their babies to sleep through the night when they are not ready. There's a difference between encouraging and forcing.

And yes, I know this is a gross generalisation. But I am venting more than thinking straight. The solace at least was all the moms were still breastfeeding. I never realized how much of a lactivist/boob nazi I have become! ;) 

A dear friend is going through such a struggle with her husband going through a very serious medical condition.

And it's stormy weather outside.

And I come home to hear the news about more attacks in Mumbai. It's just so sad. One of the kids in the group as we went away said his byes by showing the peace and sign and saying "peace"! 

I really do hope so!

* Andhra-ite - we are from Andhra Pradesh, a state in southern part of India, which is known for very spicy - chilli-hot food!


Mar. 2nd, 2009 12:55 pm
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in Mumbai...

I somehow managed to get off that train!

I thought NY subway can get packed and crazy..until I stepped afoot the local Mumbai train. Mumbai local train (subway equivalent, just above ground) tracks are not as extensive as NYC's, but carry about the same number of passengers in a day...inside, above, and on the side.

N got me to take the local trains several times during our stay. The first time was on a Sunday and it was relatively quiet and empty. That was it. The next few times were not during the rush hours but they did get filled at times. Ladies get their own compartments and I tell you it's worse; they push, shove and trample over each other without a care if you are with a child or old or young. It was quite scary and maddening really. And what's weirder is that this madness occurs only at the moment of getting on and getting off the train. As we would prepare to get off, it seems like we were preparing for some battle! Once people are on the train, they are the best of friends and the most helpful. just wow. and then you can do your shopping for many knickknacks while you are riding the train, be it hair clips, snacks, earrings. Locals play on this so much and make it all so charming but I just couldn't get over the whole madness that ensues boarding and disembarking the trains. My apologies if I just don't understand.

There were moments that were fun and some moments that I absolutely abhorred the city. It also reminded me of how romanticized the city back in 2007; I wanted to get back online and take it all back! I think I was just glazed over then cause I was meeting N for the first time then! Riding the trains made me such an ugly side of people in the city. ughh....But the trains are a lifeline of the city and get so many people around.
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In a week's time we have travelled 400km (around)! Enjoying a lot of food from the region - Gujarati, Rajasthani, Marathi, Karnatic. We have tried Mumbai's fast food and thick lassi. yum yum yum. I now understand why Indian women wear sarees/salwar kameez - the waistline is adjustable!! hehehehe..

We were in Pune & Nasik last week. Although I have been to Pune about 10 years ago, it's a city that is completely unrecognisable for me!! Went to some local hangouts of hubby's!

Soon we will be transversing down in South of India! And will be meeting my parents soon! I just can't wait!!!!!!
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I had so many things to share but now my mind draws a blank.
  • Rode the train again and nearly got trampled over and hubby got a scolding. But it was fun!
  • Enjoyed some yummy bhel, a sandwich dosa, some scrumptious home cooked Marathi food.
  • Visa got renewed without any hassle at all. The whole saga lasted about 20 minutes!!
  • I am down with my allergies. Yay to Mumbai pollution. uggghhhhh
  • Everyone has become a security expert after the Mumbai blasts. Had and overheard many interesting conversations.
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At 2am, a friend of ours called waking us up asking us how we were. We scolded him for waking us up, since he should know the time difference. He informed us of some terrorist attacks in the city. We woke up to the horrific news.

Can't write much. But just to say that we are all fine. Hubby and I were planning to go there as we met there on our second "date". We were at the station day before yesterday.


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