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The list of natural disasters is just getting so long! Yeeks!! Several of our members have been affected by the hurricane, earthquakes that have been happening. Closer to home, my colleague's son just started college in Puerto Rico. He managed to get flights back home for both times. While my colleague was sharing her stresses of trying to get her son out, I had to recount a story from my college days. 

Back in the 90s, I was in college in Hawai'i.  I lived in Honolulu on the island of Oahu. My grandmother lived in Bangalore, India. She discovered while reading the newspapers that a volcano was erupting in Hawai'i. She immediately called mother, since she didn't have my number at the time with the news. She frantically with so much concern tried to convince mom that she is happy to pay for my ticket to fly home right away. Mom, of course, called me. This was the days before google. I woke up that morning going, "what volcano?!" There's no active volcano on Oahu. Mom called grandma back and reassured her that everything was fine and not to worry. 

But poor grandma was never convinced. We all picture volcanoes to be like Mt. St Helens. But Hawaiian ones are not as dramatic and have been erupting for a long time now. In fact, I think the Kilauea is the longest erupting volcano in the world! So, when I did go to see the volcano, I remembered to take a picture and send it to grandma to show that everything is OK. Of course, it made her worry more that I was walking close to the volcano - clearly proof that I have lost my head! 

ah grandma! Love her.
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So, D asked me the other day why men can run around outside without a shirt?

After all they have nipples and make part of their chest and that's a private part - her observation as she has been informed at school that you shouldn't show your private parts to anyone other than parents and doctors with her permission.   
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1. Do you like traveling or are you counting the minutes until the transporter is perfected?

I like traveling with friends/family. But otherwise, no - eagerly awaiting the transporter to be perfected. 

2. If you could visit any country in the world right now, where would you go?

3. What is your favorite form of travel?
Either flight (because it takes you there faster usually...) or train as another option. Please don't tell me road strips unless it's with friends/group. :P

4. What is the longest vacation/holiday that you’ve ever been on?
I guess technically this was a holiday- When D was 1.5yo- she and I went to India for 4-5 months!! The following year, 3-4 months. Never again, I said though! Two months was just nice. 

5. Would you travel for a living? 
It sounds nice in theory. But seeing dad travel extensively for work and a bit of N - it's not as wonderful as it seems. And yet, if for my work, we had funding and I magically learnt Spanish overnight, it would be fun! We would get to go out into the country (in various parts of Central & South America) and meet rural folks and see some amazing work they do. 
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#mylivejournal #lj18 #happybirthday

awwww...13 years???!! Wow... remember the days/phase when there was some craze about keeping track of how many comments wrote/received, or something? lol... I am now using both DW and LJ (same name). I doubt I will ever move away. I am just using DW to post when I feel like it and happen to be at work. 
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sigh. I forget every year. But for like over a month there will be no curry leaves to be found in any store in the region at this time of the year!! A friend said this is the "resting period" for the tree. sigh. I always tell myself to keep some dried ones in the freezer. And every year without fail, I forget. They do sell curry leaf powder but it's not the same.

So, next time I get a big pot, I am planting a curry tree. Because I am missing hot tomato rasam - which is nothing without the aromas of curry leaves roasted in a spoonful of ghee. And upmas are so sad without them.

And no - bay leaves are not a susbtitute. There is no substitute. Only reason I don't like spring! :P 
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Photo Day prompts are here.
Top Row, L-R:
19. Orange - The good gal and guy saving the day!
20. A Wall(MLK, Jr. Memorial)
21. Here's a button daughter's very proud of!

Middle Row, L-R
22. stripes
23. Anything Weatherman promised today will be last day of freezing cold weather. So, in its honor, wearing a turtleneck. Here's hoping he's not wrong!

Bottom Row, L-R
24. Starts with N - At our Neighbourhood school cheering on our teachers!
25. Half
26. The aroma of tomato chutney, hot dosa, and chai is most inviting.
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In fun news, that I actually got giddy and excited about is that an amazing Ethiopian restaurant that's ALL the way in DC, is opening up another branch in Courthouse area, which is about a mile and half from us. And that means I don't have to drive ALL the way to the three good options that are found in a 5 mile radius anymore! Because OMG driving is such a pain!! :P

Now, when it opens I can walk there, build an appetite, pig out and then walk back without feeling guilt of feeling stuffed!! And if I get even lazier, I can ride the metro!!

woo hoo!

We got some injera last week and made some dishes at home. But nothing like having someone else actually from the place cook it! :) 
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13. It's a city. That's the horizon behind the building somewhere.

(skipped day 14)

15. Going over and under over again to make a bag.

16. Each key opens the door to survive.

17. Off center

18. Must eat daily!
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March photo prompts are here at this link. Previous days are here.

6. With so much pollen already in the air, precautions are necessary for some!

7&8. On and favourite time of day - When daughter clears the home and puts on a fabulous tea party!

9. Miniature car on our kitchen counter.

10. My daughter is forever drawing. Her love notes are my favourite. It appears she's teaching herself cursive.

11. Two tone - White+blue on cotton are my favourites combo.

12. It's not the glass so much but what's inside that is amazing!
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March photo prompts and details of the challenge are here and in bold below.

1. Something blue - A fork that helps nourish the body

2. breakfast - Especially that I ate it in peace after the morning rush!

BONUS PICTURE of tulips at home!

3. Upside down - Trying out new goggles

4 & 5. Contrast & a picture of me - when I had long hair.
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The photo prompts for February & about the challenge is here.

25. Grass
26. Artsy chair
27. New buds bringing in spring
28. Evening sky with rain and wind
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So, yesterday and today, the temperatures hit 70-75F! Tomorrow, it's going back down to 50s. And the remainder of the week is forecasted to be in the 60s - the WHOLE week. So, woo hoo... love this weather.


POLLEN! The trees are confused. Some have sprouted buds. The pollen count is growing and guess what?! The cold and cough hubby and I have been having?? It's allergies!!! Oh...need to go stock up on Claritin-D before others finish the pharmacy's stock. sigh.

I guess everything comes at a price.

Tomorrow is a holiday and we will be out all day in a forest. Can't wait. 
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13. Flat lay - Preparation for Valentine's day at school. Writing cards and sticking hearts.
14. Hearts - My little heart drew me one big heart.
15. A bright little free library amidst all the brown.
16. From where I stand - The old and the new pass each other.
(Metro has new trains and the new one is on right and older model on left)
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9-12 days

9. Having Sun+70F weather in February is an absolute treat!!
10. The view from here - a sink full of dishes. At least hubby 's here to keep company.
11. Words
12. Simple pattern and lots of fun!
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On Saturday, D's friend was here. They took over the living room floor and built a village with a forest and a farm surrounding it and were sorting the animal collection accordingly. There was one that looked like a bobcat. Then we discussed the difference between a lynx and bobcats and we couldn't really figure it out.

On Monday, the news broke out that the bobcat at the DC Smithsonian Zoo escaped. It returned with minor injury on Wednesday. And Petula Dvorak came up with an excellent piece titled, The Ballad of Ollie the Bobcat: Back in her cage, just like the rest of us

A little bit to laugh during some times that have been anything but amusing. 
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OK.. I do have the flu. It's not allergies. misery. It took me a whole 5 hours to work on a document that would have otherwise taken 1 hour.

D so sweetly said she will watch TV - so I can rest! ;) [Mondays are her TV days - speaking of which we should donate to PBS. It's what she watches and I heard it's on the chopping block.]

Completely missed doing something for Chinese New Year this year. It will be ten years since I left Malaysia this year. And that attachment is slowly waning. The other day, at school, while I was helping the school library get their books in place, the three custodians helping as well were speaking in Cantonese. I don't understand a word. But I always feel so much at home around it.

Going to go crawl back into bed.  
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In some happier news, we have forecast of snow!!! Woo hooo!!! wait for it!! a whole INCH of snow possible tomorrow!! Which likely means we will have a ton of ice on the road and they will cancel school and everyone will be disappointed.

But that's OK. The whole region has been having a very gloomy weekend. 
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oh I wish, I had stayed up to watch Aziz Ansari host SNL!! That would have been the icing on the cake!!! Represented us well! ;)

"You got to go back to pretending...sorry we never thanked you for your service!" LOL....

"Trump won, go back to Africa! Trump won, go back to Mexico! Trump won, go back to... where you came from!"

oh been there. I have been guessed for Ethiopian, the Carribean, Trinidad Tobago, Mexico, Middle East... so there have been occasions where I have to ask them to clarify why they are upset and which group they think I belong to! sigh. Which is hard to do because often they are angry in that moment. And all they get is usually a quiet, baffled face. And a slow lightbulb going off when I figure where their guess is and I so want to point it out that I am from India. But then I am afraid that they might remember that we took all the call center jobs but then also I haven't lived in India either for 30 years now (and in my head head, I am losing it that I have been on this planet for over 30 years???!!!!) then usually they have moved on because they didn't get any reaction from me.

Hey, sometimes you have to just laugh. Because what else do you have?!

Brilliant, Ansari. "Change doesn't come from Presidents. Change comes from angry people!"

So true.
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I pulled something in my back yesterday at the gym. This morning I couldn't get out of bed quickly enough and I am working from home. I have to walk this off and what a beautiful day it was just to do that!! It was a high of 70F!!! Yes, it was very windy and oh so humid. But will take it anyway!

But the confusion? Our minds just got used to the notion of winter. We just experienced 10F temps a week or so ago. Our minds have accepted it's going to be freezing cold for a while. And every time I am about to step out in just my shirt and gym pants, you know outside the building to take a walk, my body finds my mind hesitating, grabbing a jacket, a pair of gloves, hats, etc. and this back and forth in the head.

Thank goodness for a balcony to set the cautious mind to rest. Beautiful day!! D & N are out at the park and so is every other kid on the block!! I have to go cook dinner since the day was spent working and going out.


I am here

Jan. 10th, 2017 03:52 pm
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oooo...found something to do to procrastinate! Mostly the reason I am here! ahem... More later.


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