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I am not the biggest fan nor a big follower but I was saddened nonetheless. Carrie Fisher came into my life like for many others through Star Wars. I remember watching the movie with dad as a teenager. He made the observation, and of course, being a teenager, I rolled my eyes - but it stuck.

"the whole movie has one woman. One strong woman. And they put her naked in shackles for all to see."

Dad of course, was a big, avid, star trek follower and was dismayed that we fell for a cheap popular thrill that was Star Wars as opposed to the more intellectual brilliant star trek!

Time has not been kind to her. I remember when she came back in her role, older, she got flak for looking old!! She was strong, beautiful, and brilliant!

I thought of her when I took D to her first movie to at a theater and watched Moana - it was a day after the news of the cardiac arrest? Thank you, Disney for not killing off the parents and not having Moana chase after some prince or something. Maybe times will change. Slowly and surely.

But thank you, Carrie Fisher.
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Back in college, when we were too broke to go out, we would stay in and play games. Scenario games filled with silliness and good crazy fun.

And one popular question that would come up often was, "if a movie was made about your life, which famous actor would play you?"

Since I knew several Bollywood and Hollywood actors, I named an Indian actress- my name sake, Smita Patel (hey it's a dream so I can include the dead!!!!) Or Rekha or Sridevi. I was all excited imagining them as me! Ha!

And when I got back to reality and back to the land we call America, I got blank stares. Oh right! But if I had to choose, it was for the longest time, Sandra Bullock!!! I totally imagined she (her personality) was like me. Don't ask me how, never met her. But when she got on that Oscars stage long time ago and was taking pictures of the stars in the audience from stage, that is so ME!! Or Julia Roberts...hey, I was in college at the peak of my biggest ego and confidence...and the curls, we had that in common!!

Oh right. Back to my post. Clearly we look different! Ahem.

So, now there's Mindy!!!!! Now, I need to do something great to have her play me!! :P

But this memory triggered with Hari Kondabolu's tweet:

Hari Kondabolu (@harikondabolu) tweeted at 7:03 pm on Wed, Feb 10, 2016:
At the bare minimum, I hope I accomplish enough in my life where an actor of color can get a job playing me in a movie.

So anyway, your turn- who would you like to play your role if they made a movie about you?


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