Dec. 30th, 2016

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I am not the biggest fan nor a big follower but I was saddened nonetheless. Carrie Fisher came into my life like for many others through Star Wars. I remember watching the movie with dad as a teenager. He made the observation, and of course, being a teenager, I rolled my eyes - but it stuck.

"the whole movie has one woman. One strong woman. And they put her naked in shackles for all to see."

Dad of course, was a big, avid, star trek follower and was dismayed that we fell for a cheap popular thrill that was Star Wars as opposed to the more intellectual brilliant star trek!

Time has not been kind to her. I remember when she came back in her role, older, she got flak for looking old!! She was strong, beautiful, and brilliant!

I thought of her when I took D to her first movie to at a theater and watched Moana - it was a day after the news of the cardiac arrest? Thank you, Disney for not killing off the parents and not having Moana chase after some prince or something. Maybe times will change. Slowly and surely.

But thank you, Carrie Fisher.


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