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D waits for her turn!! She even gives the person in front space to move about. At the park if she happens to get too close to the person in front and sees they are trying to get on the slide, or the tunnel, she will say in Telugu, "Girl's turn. in the way, D move aside." It's wonderful! She picked it up so easily. The only problem is with kids who cut in front of her because there's room! She looks so puzzled but lets it be. I guess it's good practice for her future India trips. 

At the same time, once she determines the girl/boy in front is going to have her/his turn, they better not change their mind! If they do, she gets very upset and screams, "boy/girl turn!"

D shares. Anytime I tell her someone is coming home she runs to her toys and says happily,  "D share!" And she does. I hope it continues and is not just a temporary gig!

It's funny though I get so many comments, "oh how did she learn that? She doesn't go to daycare!" As if it's a skill only picked up if you do? 
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D at an young age has learnt that an apple a day keeps the doctor away. In hopes that she will take a bite, I eat fruits within her reach. The last few days I have been eating apples cut into slices. She comes over, picks up the slices and promptly reaches out and puts it in my mouth! As bed time reaches, she brings out her play kitchen set and "feeds" me! You can see how I spend a lot of my time with her!

She also helps me hang clothes! She picks one item out at a time and hands it to me to hang them up. If I am too slow, she uses the time to mop the floor with the washed item! :X

She wants to do what we do. It's absolutely adorable until of course she throws a fit when we don't hand over the scissors to her! sigh...

And she has begun to take steps on her own these past few days. She walked across the room yesterday holding on to items in each hand to give to me. I of course, was not looking! At least her grandma and greatgrandma got to witness it!! :)  
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India must be some magical place especially for child development. Because anytime I share with family or some friends (when they ask) that D is not walking without support, let alone stand, nor is she saying any words yet (that we recognise), and occasionally she acts shy, the answer is unianimously always to "bring her to India" or "take her to India." "She will learn it all super-fast."


Anyhow, D could care less. She's busy organizing her first Toga party. She is completely infatuated with my shorts. She always wears it this way and goes on about her business!!


Anyhow I never did a 13 month update and she will be 14 months in few days...
  • She cruises comfortably. She turns anything that moves into a walker too. And if we hold her fingers/hands she comfortably walks.
  • She is an ultra-cautious girl. My is she careful with every move - which explains very few falls and bumps on her head the last 7 months
  • She is a gregarious child but is a quiet one in groups.
  • Mom has to be always be in line of sight
  • She hums various tunes she has heard over time. She plays music on whatever toys while she does other stuff.
  • She understand what we are saying to her.
  • She is eating much better these days!
  • She is happy child!
  • She stacks whatever she gets her hands on.
  • She feeds me too while she feeds herself
  • Her premolars are all out - well, broken skin.
  • Her naps are very good, she still bounces back and forth from one nap to two naps but her nightsleep is still poor.
  • oh and she waves to everyone and smiles at everyone!
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Hubby and I kept looking at our little one yesterday and kept wondering who took our baby and dropped in this big girl at our home! We can't believe that we just celebrated her first birthday! I can't say that time has flown, as there were many long days and long nights yet an year seems to have gone so quickly!
  • D comes to standing with support every where we go nowadays! She doesn't care if our backs are aching holding her up by her hands. She enjoys seeing the world at standing height. 
  • She has begun cruising holding on to the edge of the couch and picks things off the coffee table top or the couch.
  • She has begun to understand that just because we put the remote, or the phone, or any item of interest for her behind the couch cushion it doesn't disappear from this planet and has now begun to look behind the cushions.
  • She is such a happy baby! She has made so many people's days with her laughs and smiles.
  • She has created her own signs to ask for certain things from certain people. She goes up to MIL and bounces on her bum and hums a note or two and waits for MIL to sing. With me she comes and it looks like she is about to give me hug but lays on top of my shoulder waiting for me to bounce her upside down using my shoulder as a lever! She knows when dad's wearing pant and shirt he is ready to go out and he needs to take her with him!! 
  • Yesterday, for her birthday we all dressed up and went to the temple. As we were getting ready, she went to each one of us excitedly and waited for us to take her out. She got so frustrated that no one would take her out and she got so very cranky!!!
  • She began to wave! Well, this morning when I was showing her a video of a fellow friend in our mom-baby group, in which the baby waved at the video camera, D waved back!!
  • She is eating so much better these days! Yesterday she had a blast eating Ethiopian food - the injera & their green beans dish. Today she enjoyed Mexican food (not the TexMex but Mexican-Mexican food)! She loves feeding herself and is also enjoying us feeding her too!
For her birthday we did a picnic out at the park on Saturday. We actually had a celebration for hubby and I completing and surviving 1 year of parenthood! So, we had champagne glasses out. Although we served apple cider! It was a lot of fun! Yesterday, we did the temple thing as MIL is here and it will make them happy. We also stopped by the arboretum as it was a beautiful day. We had gone to the very spots where hubby took my photos there during the last cherry blossoms time!
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So Osama bin Laden was caught and killed. Some people actually celebrated. It was sickening actually. Yeah, catch the guy but to celebrate the way some people did? wow... oh well. After all these years though, I doubt Bin Laden had as much power as he did back in the days. But I guess since WMD's were never found, this was the next in the list to do! Some people say he should have been caught alive and brought to face the court...whom are we kidding?!

Obama did a great jab/speech at the correspondents' dinner last week. Had a great laugh. Funny how Donald Trump was the only one not laughing in the crowd.

But the biggest and the happiest news of the moment, D could care less about the events going on around the world. She is now using any item to play peekaboo!! She unwinds this sunshade I had gotten for her stroller and hides under it and peeks through with a big smile! 

Her smiles are so big these days that they just melt my heart. I just want to hold her all day and forget about the whole messed up world. It's so easy to do!
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She always sits in style... she lounges wherever she is. In the next frame of the photo she had both feet up! My heart always skips a beat, afraid she will fall. Maybe I will post that photo as well later when I have time where N captured me standing next to her running to catch her in case she falls!

Our little bundle of joy is growing up into a true bundle of joy! She is such an easy going baby. Such a happy one. Such a curious one. Such a vocal girl. She greets everyone and even those who are too busy to look at her with a vocal sound and a smile. She does get all shy though when the person greets her back!

She entertains herself so well and yet loves us entertaining her. She enjoys sitting on our laps and absorbing all the attention and at the same time being on the floor on her own exploring the world.

She started crawling when we were in Tucson last week...well, now two weeks ago! I think she is loving it as now she is making full rounds of our apartment several times in a row. Something she never bothered doing while she was doing the army crawl.

She has figured out how some of her toys work (her stereo player). She puts things inside other things.

She climbed up onto the couch at our friend's place. Our couch is not so friendly for her to do so.

She is eating so much better these days. And is eating now whatever we eat, whether it's sweet or bitter. Some mornings are still a touch and go though. sigh.

She showers me with kisses. Well, she mouths my cheek and does the sound effect "ammmma" and lets go with a big smile (I always kiss her cheeks with the sound of mmmmmuahhh)! She does it only to me though! N is so jealous!

10 months

Mar. 25th, 2011 02:48 pm
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mar23 upload1

Finally a book she was flipping pages of. It was too heavy to get in her mouth really. And every page she flipped she tried crumpling to see if it would go in her mouth. Finally she tore out the book cover and enjoyed some paper! sigh.

Wow.. feels like yesterday that I posted a 9 month update! Time surely flies!
  • Survived almost a month on my own with D without N around! But glad to have him back. Divya would just scream with delight everytime we did skype call with him. And she screamed for almost half an hour when she saw him in person. When he was on his way she had a meltdown because she was hungry but there was still so much to do before bedtime...oh the frustrations in life! But the moment he opened the door all was forgotten including her mother. She just followed him wherever he went, even to the bathroom. Her eyes did not leave him the whole time. She slept horribly that night. Waking up to every movement. And so I didn't get much sleep either. 
  • She always looks like:
She's climbing over mountains, she's going under tunnels,
Overcoming obstacles, devouring all in her way,
Nothing is out of reach, nothing seems to be within,
Life has too much to offer, sleep never wins.

 ~ Smitha K
  • She is picking out duplicates that she can find in the toy box.
  • She has discovered the joys of playing with balls.
  • She stands if we hold her up. Although she does pick herself to standing only in the crib. It looks like that's her place of comfort or place of hell, that she tries all her milestones out first!
  • She cries out when we take things away from her. She hates that we don't let her bite on to cords and power plugs or talk on the phone (well, bite and slobber all over the phone)
  • She is able to sit on her own now.
  • She is picking up smaller and smaller items.
  • Knows there are places that mom doesn't like her going, but going anyway. She pauses and seems to wait for me to come and get her.
  • She talks - well, babbles full sentences. Sometimes she sounds like she hears Mandarin or something. A lot of her talking sounds like someone saying, "Ni hao ma!" strange..
  • She has begun to eat better. She eats on her own - avocados, apples, chickpeas, bread, chappatis, pita, spinach dal. She seems to understand that food is something she can put in her mouth.
She was getting picked on (well, being charmed) by all the boys in the dance-music movement class we go to!! hehehe..

9 months

Feb. 23rd, 2011 08:55 pm
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I always tell N that he always looks like he is carrying around a doll and hence the pose...

Baby Doll

Actually we were trying to get a passport size photo to apply for her Persons of Indian Origin card (India doesn't allow for dual citizenship...well, Congress is still debating it and till that comes out, they have this card thing going). The whole pic taking session was fun! The photo requirements are relaxed a bit for babies but they still insist on a closed mouth. Our little D hasn't closed her mouth since birth, I swear!! In this pic, she is actually grinding her teeth (her top canine with her bottom front teeth!!)!!

It's hard to believe that we have reached the 9 month marker already! She is just growing and doing new things everyday!
  • Since last week she has been going on all fours only while in the crib. Since a few days ago she has begun to try it out even when on the floor. She is slowly lifting herself up to reach for things that are higher up.
  • She has perfected the soldier's crawl
  • She loves going under coffee tables, any "tunnel" like furniture - hasn't hit her head yet. She is ever the cautious one!
  • Her favourite hangouts are under the computer table or the dining table (where N sits with his office laptop) - yes, by our feet pretty much!
  • She loves cords of any size and shapes.
  • She can sit now - but not on her own. I think she is trying.
  • Her front bottom two teeth, her two canine have broken through and are visible enough now. Last two nights her front top teeth have broken skin!!
  • She still refuses solids. It's a touch and go everyday!
  • We got her ears pierced two days ago. She seems to be okay now with it. She of course hated the whole experience - mom included. But that's another story.
  • She loves books - chewing on them. A friend got her a book that she just loves that she cried a whole hour before she "forgot" about it. That book is in hiding at the moment. It's a board book and she has just chewed through some pages already!! I don't think this was the book's purpose.
  • She is such a vocal baby. Constantly vocalising and now trying out different syllables.
  • Loves it when we play hide and seek
  • loves us holding her in standing position
  • thinks she is Isaac Newton and discovering gravity
  • loves water from a cup.
  • Is kind of getting the pincer grip.
  • She is definitely daddy's girl!
  • a very social baby - goes to all the babies she meets at playgroups with such excitement!

8 months

Jan. 24th, 2011 04:33 pm
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Sitting playing with label boppy pillow

It's been 8 months since D came into our lives!! Life has been ever so hectic and ever so fun!! She is such a bubbly baby full of smiles and good health!!
  • I can see teeth outlines under her gums and some days are rougher than others for her...well, nights really.
  • She sits for 10 minutes or so unassisted (but we have to get her in the seated position)
  • She does the soldier crawl and has begun to do push ups and lifting her bum off to try and crawl...
  • She is finding smaller things that she is slowly able to pick up when she gives her 110% concentration...and which means she is into everything!!
  • She loves zippers, and the labels still top the list. She will find the labels on everything and her favourite is finding the one on the bottom of the seat on her bouncer seat!  And of course slippers.
  • She puts everything in her mouth except for food. She isn't too keen on solids. But we keep trying. She did like curried pumpkin (I had given her a piece from a dal I had made), and oats
  • She opened her first cupboard!
  • She seems to enjoy the music and movement class. She seems to enjoy seeing other babies more than anything else.
  • She loves peekaboo..
  • She stands only when we hold her up
  • banging on table, banging toys on the floor has begun
  • said "da" a week ago and occasionally sounds like she is talking
  • she completely laughs out in joy when she sees her reflection in the mirror or her pic used as a desktop wallpaper!!

7 months

Dec. 27th, 2010 10:19 am
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The other day I was wondering why the 3-6 month dress was getting tight. I thought maybe it shrank in the washer. But that couldn't be because it went through the washer several times by now. I just shrugged it off as D being so fidgety that I couldn't get it on her. Then during the course of the day, it dawned on me, as to why it wouldn't fit.

D is 7 months old now!! whoa...where does time fly to?!


December just flew by too quickly. D is so much more mobile!! She is still creeping about but boy has she picked up speed and she wants to dig into everything and be once. So you can imagine her frustration. She is such a happy baby. The smiles she flashes all the time to everyone is just heartwarming in this cold dreary weather. It makes everything feel alright.

She naps well. Still 3 naps half an hour long. I noticed the second nap, if I nap with her she will nap for an hour. So far I have napped along with her 2 times a week the last two weeks. I just might today again. But often times I end up just watching her sleep. 

She is so much more alert and is such a social butterfly. She sits kind of on her own if we put her in a seated position and she can suck her toe while sitting and leaning over too! I swear Yoga was invented watching a baby! She interacts so well with people and although occasionally gets anxious when I leave the room/sight, she adjusts being with others.

This past week I went to my friend's place who has two young kids. It was a surprise visit for them both and we all had such a blast! So, I couldn't pick just one pic to show...
a few more pics behind )

6 months

Dec. 2nd, 2010 04:04 pm
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ma and d

D is 6 months and a week old now! She took her first flight to Indianapolis and back without a glitch! She was the happiest baby around! She loved the attention from friends and family! She had her moments of crankiness but not much at all. She actually slept 4 hour blocks at night!! Yesterday we got back in the afternoon and she was all happy and not feeding at all - just such a waste of time!! Of course, by 4pm it was all too much and it all came crumbling down and she seems to have returned to her usual needy self.

D also experienced her first snow, while we drove to the airport from our friend's place!!

She is able to kind of sit unassisted (when we get her in a seated position) for a minute or so but usually falls over trying to get to something that catches her attention.

She rolls, and rolls around everywhere!! She rolls over to get to the toy she is interested in playing with. She can't plan her route yet and so sometimes she cries in frustration.

She is such a delight! She is starting to realise a bit that there are things beyond our hands (sometimes we block her view with our hands). She intently watches us do things around the house!

She has leaped forward like a frog... but not consistent. She does lift up her bum in the air and occasionally a leg goes up as well. Just too cute!

We will be starting solids in about a week or two... excited...

And yes, I chopped off my hair! Funny thing is people I know in real life, only my parents & in-laws have noticed it and a friend or two! I thought chopping off 10 inches would be noticeable. Ah well...another donation for locks of love!

5 months

Oct. 24th, 2010 11:47 am
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We dressed up for Dussera! For the first time in 10 months I wore a sari - it's a very forgiving outfit! * The dress D is wearing is the one mom brought from India - it's obviously too big for her. But hey she looks cute! 

It has been hectic! It has been fun! It has been harrowing! It has been painful! There are days I manage well and there are days I burn the food and almost the kitchen. D is a handful if not three...she is ever so curious about everything around her. She loves outdoors and hates coming home. She loves being with people, seeing people and even "talking" to them. She is a joy!

She screams, she cries, she laughs, she smiles. She rolls (although she seems to have forgotten this week that she can), she grabs things (and of course puts them in her  mouth), she enjoys being read to, she is recognising her toys even if they are partially hidden and rolls over and tries everything to get to it (and this is not fun while you are trying to change her diaper), being carried, being kissed and cuddled. She enjoys listening to instrumental music be it the sitar or the piano. Believes sleeping is a waste of time and screams bloody murder before every nap! At least she sleeps most nights (although not through it).

But she is the cutest baby in the whole wide world - no bias at all! :P

* (luckily the blouse still fit - but thanks to Indian tailors they make two three seams so as you might gain weight you can let loose the blouse)


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