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oh I wish, I had stayed up to watch Aziz Ansari host SNL!! That would have been the icing on the cake!!! Represented us well! ;)

"You got to go back to pretending...sorry we never thanked you for your service!" LOL....

"Trump won, go back to Africa! Trump won, go back to Mexico! Trump won, go back to... where you came from!"

oh been there. I have been guessed for Ethiopian, the Carribean, Trinidad Tobago, Mexico, Middle East... so there have been occasions where I have to ask them to clarify why they are upset and which group they think I belong to! sigh. Which is hard to do because often they are angry in that moment. And all they get is usually a quiet, baffled face. And a slow lightbulb going off when I figure where their guess is and I so want to point it out that I am from India. But then I am afraid that they might remember that we took all the call center jobs but then also I haven't lived in India either for 30 years now (and in my head head, I am losing it that I have been on this planet for over 30 years???!!!!) then usually they have moved on because they didn't get any reaction from me.

Hey, sometimes you have to just laugh. Because what else do you have?!

Brilliant, Ansari. "Change doesn't come from Presidents. Change comes from angry people!"

So true.
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A little background for me and US late shows/comedy shows…. I was introduced to Saturday Night Live & Late night with Jay Leno by two college friends back in 1996 when I first came to the US (not counting Disneyworld trip when I was 5!). They claimed it was the best/funniest show on the planet. They watched SNL every Saturday religiously without fail. We were poor college students who hadn’t turned 21 yet, so we “partied” at home, which meant sit around the couch and watch SNL, with Mike’s Hard Lemonade and other coolers. I humoured them and watched. To be frank, I found it so crude and stupid really. After a while I just stopped watching. It wasn’t till much later after being immersed into the context, the news, that I appreciated it more. And when the weekend update came on was when I was hooked to the show! And then when Amy Poehler and Tina Fey took over, it became my absolute favorite show in the world!!! It was in my top ten things I missed when I left the US back in the day…. And one of the first things to catch up when I returned to the US 8 years ago. Now, N is the way I was so many years ago when he sits along with me to watch. I don’t watch SNL so much anymore, mostly because I don’t stay up that late and nor am I big TV watcher. I did during the election time because they do it so well. And every now and then I will watch it if it’s being hosted by someone I like or just curious about.

So, I have read Tina Fey – Bossypants (hilarious!!), Mindy Kahling - Is Everyone Hanging Out without Me and now the much anticipated Amy Poehler’s Yes, Please! So glad I picked this up. It’s not roaring-laughter-funny book like Bossypants which I think is what many expect. It was a book I enjoyed as she spent the time through the book in reflections of life and thoughts and views. I related to some of her stories and her wisdom she espews is something probably catering to the younger crowd but I found myself nodding my head in agreement with so much of what she had said. My only thing turned me off was on the amount of time spent on drugs. Oh dear. But she is frank, honest and so down to earth. Loved it. I am saddened that I only caught Parks & Recreation in its final season.

I would love to see the hard copy of the book as I read the eBook from the library. She incorporated a lot of mementos from her past that was hard to read on the kindle! It was engaging and a great escape into her life story from the reality of the world.


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