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So, yesterday and today, the temperatures hit 70-75F! Tomorrow, it's going back down to 50s. And the remainder of the week is forecasted to be in the 60s - the WHOLE week. So, woo hoo... love this weather.


POLLEN! The trees are confused. Some have sprouted buds. The pollen count is growing and guess what?! The cold and cough hubby and I have been having?? It's allergies!!! Oh...need to go stock up on Claritin-D before others finish the pharmacy's stock. sigh.

I guess everything comes at a price.

Tomorrow is a holiday and we will be out all day in a forest. Can't wait. 
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I pulled something in my back yesterday at the gym. This morning I couldn't get out of bed quickly enough and I am working from home. I have to walk this off and what a beautiful day it was just to do that!! It was a high of 70F!!! Yes, it was very windy and oh so humid. But will take it anyway!

But the confusion? Our minds just got used to the notion of winter. We just experienced 10F temps a week or so ago. Our minds have accepted it's going to be freezing cold for a while. And every time I am about to step out in just my shirt and gym pants, you know outside the building to take a walk, my body finds my mind hesitating, grabbing a jacket, a pair of gloves, hats, etc. and this back and forth in the head.

Thank goodness for a balcony to set the cautious mind to rest. Beautiful day!! D & N are out at the park and so is every other kid on the block!! I have to go cook dinner since the day was spent working and going out.


Photo day

Dec. 19th, 2016 09:17 pm
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14. Story time at library is always fun!
15. We try to build our own. This is from last year's since this year we're out of town. A paper sheet, painted handprint leaves, tripod, glitter and lights and voila a tree for the season!
16. Breakfast followed with filtered coffee
17. Our fruit stand needs replenishment.
18. Something green in our shopping cart. (American Girl doll is spending the week with us thanks to Arlington Public Library.)
19. When nature freezes


May. 3rd, 2016 01:09 pm
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Our compost bin is oh so wet!! I keep forgetting to balance out with the browns and all the rain and humidity is not helping either, and I forget to tell N and so he has just been adding the scraps. Will get D to cut up some newspaper scraps to add. And there's no stink even though it's so wet. Sure, it's a bit smelly when I mix it but it's temporary and just earthy.

And we were so focused on the lettuce growing we ignored the corriander completely! And the basil grew really well for some time and somehow dried up and I used up the leaves. sigh. But look at the cilantro!!!! It's absolutely delicious!!!

(left) was early April                                 (right) it today!
2016-05-03_12-57-01 2016-05-03_12-57-20
And there's the compost bin in the background.

Last night a big storm rolled in!! Oh my! It was spectacular! I have seen and experienced tropical storms in Singapore & Malaysia. But this was even crazier. The winds were super strong!! Definitely gusts must have been well over 40MPH at least! I really thought lettuce would blow off - so I moved it back to the wall of the balcony. I guess I should get a cover for such instances.
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Did I forget to welcome in spring officially?

2016-03-09_09-30-35Well, it has arrived!

Monday metro ride was filled with so many sneezing and looking miserable. And so we knew spring has sprung upon us! The buds have budded all over. Many have already blossomed and spring is upon us, way before any of us anticipated and hence delayed getting drugged and medicated to tackle the pollen.

And just like that it appears summer is also making an appearance this week! So, complaining of the cold is left behind and we bring in the complaining about heat and sweat!

The birds are chirping, the frogs are croaking, the first rabbit spotted for the season! And rains are coming!


(the picture was taken in a hurry...and the focus seemed to go to the building behind the flowers... uggh)
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D shared this morning, "Winter is fighting with spring! It wants to stay forever and Spring is telling it, it's time to go!!! Silly winter! It has to go to Africa!" (She remembered that when N went to South Africa last time, the seasons were opposite)

And sure is a battle out there! It was nice and balmy last week and we woke up to an inch of snow this morning! Well, it didn't stick to the roads since the earth warmed up so much in a week! So, it looks stunning outside! The contrasts of white, wet wood, brick...I guess I am enjoying even more because it's the end of season! :)
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OK, I know I am whining but after a visit from the polar vortex and then  you get a taste of warmth of 40-50F, you get your hopes up. You know, spring is around the corner. And then instead the weather forecasters douse that with talk about another snow fall next week. bah.

But this is our story until April. sigh. Get comfortable I guess. So, I bought this colourful jacket to cheer myself up which was going on "clearance" for 30%. It's like I am forever wrapped in a comforter. I love it. It's not grey, black or any dull colour - a nice dark maroon. sigh. why are Americans so colour averse?! I understand getting a woolen coat in anything other than black is expensive. but this is polyester and acrylic. We have come a long way in dyes! sigh. And then N douses that excitement by pointing out that this week the jacket is at 50% discount.

So, am going to whine the rest of winter. bleah. At least the sun was out today. 
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Did all our shopping for the holiday cooking and the coming week(s)! Come rain, snow, or sleet however unhappy that would make us! We are ready! Come friends/family, we are ready and overly excited!

Of course, all the groceries are sitting by the main door (inside of course, not that lazy) and waiting for me to put them away! sigh. And here I have ten minutes before going to pick D up.

It's so sad that some of the stores are staying open Thursday! Why?! They were wishing me a happy thanksgiving and it didn't make me happy because I couldn't really wish them back! They would be at work! Why can't we have one holiday when we all get a break and enjoy it with family/friends! Thanksgiving could be that holiday for us. It's not religious, it's just a nice time and be grateful!

I am now thinking with our firends over on Friday/Saturday we could decorate a tree. hmmm.... no I don't want to go to a store on Wednesday. And today the weather is just too beautiful to shop again. Meh. We can decorate the window sill! The outdoors wins! It's a balmy 70F!!!!
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As we walked through the rain to the library earlier today. D looked up and pointed out that the flower buds are opening up on the trees! We don't need to go to the US Capital to see the cherry blossoms, we have a full row of them in front of our building! :) But I didn't even notice. She pointed it out and got so excited! "Spring is coming, mommy! It really is coming!"

The Kite festival was supposed to be today but got postponed due to rain to tomorrow. But tomorrow looks like it will be raining too! They did announce it will go on rain or shine. Ah well. It looks like a windier day tomorrow anyway! That's a plus!

But we will fly the kite another day!


Mar. 11th, 2014 09:42 am
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Just a year ago, I was so much fitter. I keep wondering what changed. Two things.. A car and lack of an India trip in fall.

Up until we got a car, I walked everywhere, even in the cold. I pushed a stroller that was probably 25-30lbs and so my arms were also strong. I actually had biceps I could call biceps and not some flab pretending to be that is today. I would walk to the store to get small groceries - milk, eggs, fruit with the bob stroller and kid in tow. The store is a little less than a mile and half away. I would walk to the yoga class - which is also a mile away. We would go to DC a lot and that was always by metro and day at the museum - on the feet. So, that averaged 4 days of walking at least 2 miles.

India is a walking city, at least Mumbai is. My in-laws live on the 3rd floor without an elevator. So, just basic daily activity included at least a bit of movement.

Here, I used to climb up the 10 floors every now and then. Now I have gotten lazy.

I can't blame the car completely. After all the stroller is still around and the store hasn't moved. But what's changed is the child no longer sits in the stroller. So, a walk to the groceries is no longer a workout. I have to walk at D's pace. She loves to walk but her pace is obviously slow. And she likes to help push the stroller, which was ok. Now she wants to do it all by herself and with the bob revolution I am just afraid it will whisk her away!

So, today in a few minutes I am walking to yoga class after a long time! The weather is beautiful! Fine, it's very overcast and looks like it will rain. But heck it's 55F now and said to head up to 70F! Warmth…going to savor every moment of it! Thursday the temps are going to drop again and will enjoy the cold too. That's funny thing about spring I guess.
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This morning as we were brushing our teeth, D noted her toothpaste was over. So, she reminded me to call the postman and to tell him to bring some more (we do most of our shopping via Prime!)! I shared with her that the postman will no longer be bringing us stuff, we will need to go to the store. Goodbye Amazon Prime and hello Target, here we come with CASH! Our last ten days with prime and I am coming up with all lists to make full use of it before we say goodbye! lol.. I really don't like going to stores/shopping!

It snowed about 2-3 inches and stopped. It was beautiful day! Maybe because schools didn't close! ha ha ha! And that Spring is around the corner! woot! And it's not really sticking, more rain than anything and no ice yet! The temperatures aren't expected to go below zero! I even drove in snow!

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Polar vortex has left us and we are back to our usual winter saga. A balmy muggy 35F with lots of rain. Of course, yesterday there was a lot of excitement about 2-4 inches but it was also 50F the last two days so you don't need a degree to predict that it would be just rain. Sure enough. Nice to have the humidity back! Wednesday again it's to hit 50F and back to 32-40F for the rest of the week! Love our winters! Doesn't mean we will stop complaining about it or panic at the next big makes our lives exciting!

So, we were outside the whole weekend. Who cares if we are still nursing colds and coughs. Never take warmth for granted! Apparently we will have winter for another 6 weeks. I don't get the whole groundhog thing. If he didn't see his shadow it will suddenly be spring in February?

Still can't believe about the death of Philip Seymour Hoffman. How very sad and what a waste of talent.

Watched Gangs of Wasseypur II. We didn't see the first part. And my goodness makes the Godfather seem like a friendly guy. I never knew how gun happy North India is. wow..the film is based on true incidents in the poorest of poor state in India, Jharkhand. And everyone really kills everyone the whole time of the movie. It really was too much. All it showed was violence and didn't really give much depth into the story of the people. And yet it is how it is and leaves more depressed and hopeless for the people living in the state! And then of course you are reminded it's a movie and they have changed the reality a little bit to make it more dramatic.
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All this talk on cold weather is a big deal for me. 2007 was my first winter! Ok, we did 3 winters in Rome. But Rome is surrounded by hills. It snows like once in 20 years and we missed that phenomenon because we moved a year after it snowed. Cold often means anything between 5-6C. And we were young and immune to it. But otherwise, it was 10 years in hot & dry year round (27-36C) weather, another ten years by the equator with year round (32C weather with high humidity) and 7 years in paradise - Hawai'i! So, yes, surviving winters was a big thing!!

I am glad I put in money to get snow boots, snow suit for D (at the thrift store)! People laughed why?! Well, good thinking! I just had my doubts. We had the hottest summer and lot of predictions about having the coldest winter. Last winter was also the oddest and lasted well over into April. It was also a suggestion a friend made that you can spend more time at the playground (if we were to have a regular winter) with the snowsuits on. I was determined to also "enjoy" the cold. So, I prepared myself too. I got myself some boots too! We got woolen hats from NEPAL that were made with actual wool!

It was 2010 Jan, when we got a ton of snow in one season. I had no boots and neither did my MIL. So, what we did to go play in the snow? We used PLASTIC bags for "socks" and wore our sneakers! Oh what fun that was!! But yeah, not exactly a long-term solution.

My resolution that came in fall was to live the credo of "no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing!" And I got an A+ for that! I even drove with snow on the ground. I didn't when there was ice. Because I have no idea how to handle the road if I did drive on a patch of ice and neither do majority of the locals.

I wish we had some training like folks in good ol' Sweden. Apparently they are taken onto icy roads as part of their driver training. When I took driver ed here last year (I just needed their car but taking a few classes with them was cheaper deal), the teacher who was excellent in every other way, couldn't even explain how to handle bicyclists on the road! Horrible, and to think she is training the next generation of drivers!

Anyway, the only thing with all this preparedness is that we are often the only ones at the playground and D feels very sad. sigh. So, we did go to some hikes. We took up some nature programs at the nature center, that remained opened during snow days (well, they had to cancel their programs but they stayed open). And they still take you out on hikes through some of the trails (staying off the ones going by streams as we did get flooding). And I don't complain about all the snow. We will know that we won't be back to drought days as we were at the edge of a few years ago.

I am also glad to be living in urban jungle. The metro still runs (the overground trains stop when we get 8+ inches), life goes on. Arlington county utmost delays opening when we get 1-2 inches (unless it's ice). I just wish I wasn't sick through most of December and January! bleah….

What worries me is the warm winters in CA & the west coast! Scary to think how their summers will be and the fires! :(
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It's becoming a trend now. Every year around this time, I have the same rant/ramble/whatever-you-want-to-call it. I just wanted to look it up, copy & paste it here…But dang it I don't know if I even tagged it and if I did what I tagged it as. ah well.

With the recent snow days, there has been a lot of laughs at us locals for being so very weak handling snow. And you thought mommy wars were bad. oh wait, this is but an extension of it, as the wars are fought on school county FB pages, where you can detect who is from which region by their anger or support at closing of school days! ;)

oh wait! I found it!! lol… Uppity People..

And two snow days ago, we had barely an inch of snow and we closed. Again a lot of snickers but they were the ones slipping and falling because it wasn't an inch of snow, it was ICE. bleah.

Ah well, when the temps hit 90F and they all are running for the AC, and dying (not literally, I wouldn't wish that on people) of blistering heat, we will see who will be laughing! Not me, because I will be also running along to get into the AC room! Dang it..I have become a wimp even with extreme heat!

In fact, today at 30F, I was finding it pleasant!! OMG, I even took my muffler off and wore just my glove liner to give my daughter company (who must have been from the Arctic region in her past life, but humors me and wears all her layers!!). My family was in complete shock to hear that, a girl who never can/could tolerate cold is calling 30F pleasant! just waiting for winter to be over. Our whole household is down with a virus. N lost his voice today. They are getting his chest x-ray done tomorrow just in case, to rule out pneumonia. sigh. Bring on the summer and spray parks!
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Found my gloves! yay! Found in the one bag I ignored that had been sitting in my own very closet! Just in time.

Outside was 10F when I headed to my yoga place. It's just a mile away and yet I took the car. It didn't feel so bad the first three minutes walking. oh dear me!

My heart and prayers go out to those who are homeless. Arlington opened up its Winter Shelter. Hope there was enough room for those who needed/need it!

D is in school. They opened two hours late.

and oh.. I have cold water rag on my chin as I scaled it as I spilt the hot water. Maybe a good thing none of it actually went in my mouth. sigh. how stupid of me!

Yoga class was wonderful! Didn't realize I had all the little muscles in me! I had found several free sites to do yoga at home. But I knew I needed more live teaching as am sure there are a ton of stuff I was doing wrong! It was really refreshing and a workout in itself! woot!
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I thought it was already cold. Alas, haven't seen anything yet!! This morning it was cold, freezing, 35F with winds going up to 20mph! Not fun! I spent an arm and a leg to get thick ski gloves. I think I even wrote about it. And now I just can't find it!! I have turned the house and car upside down. I know it's in some bag since I carry around a bag for D & my gloves, caps, and other small stuff. All her caps and gloves are accounted for. So, just can't figure out where it could be! I don't remember when I last used it either. Feel horrible. Terrible. And really need it tomorrow when they are expecting day time high of 17F.

Surprisingly though, today I did fine without gloves. My fingers didn't freeze off. Strange.

Anyway, did enough grocery shopping so don't need to bother till end of Jan I think. So, all ready to hibernate. But then I remembered I do have to pick up D from school!

I am grateful that we do have the clothes that will keep us warm and shelter to do so too! Thank you!

Last night I sat down with N who was watching Prometheus. uggh.. it was interesting to explore the idea of our creation. It started out great and had me watching. And it just turned into a horror movie. I am not such a big fan of horror and it was so predictable.

Maybe we felt a little disappointed because did finally watched 2001: Space Odyssey two nights ago. They could achieve that in 1968? wow…

Speaking of which, maybe should go to the library later today to get some movies in case our internet/cable goes off. Better keep our cellphones charged as without internet we have no phone access (we have an internet phone as a "land line". 
smittenbyu: (Sketch)'s snowing! yay! Likely to get maybe 2 inches if we are lucky over night.

Tomorrow high is predicted to be 27F (high) with 20-25mph winds! And I have planned two outings. This will be the coldest weather I ever will have encountered so far in my life!

D is set to meet two of her close friends (separate activities) and will not be happy with the alternative of staying home. I completely slipped checking tonight's forecast. If it's a high 27F, will the snow on the road melt be stay melted away? (Our roads will get treated) I have never driven in this weather either!

ahh.. I can hear the tantrums exponentially growing if we decide to stay home! sigh...
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Will the school be open or not be tomorrow?! That is the big question! As promised, the snow started falling this morning. Maybe we got not more than 2 inches, if that. By 4pm there was a lot of freezing rain and ice. Our neighboring counties have cancelled school tomorrow. Our county is special. We won't know till morning, likely.

I am so willing to take up the USPS motto of, Rain, shine, sleet, or snow! to take D to school tomorrow! lol… She missed all last week and she is absolutely bored out of her mind! Poor thing.

How do working parents plan for snow days? And how do parents of multiples do this? D's first question as we wake up in the morning is, "where are we going?" sigh.

I know there are bigger problems in the world.

Our first snowfall and already the snickering has begun of those who come from colder states about how we can't handle even a little bit of snow. The thing though is, it's not snow. It's ice. And yeah, we are not used to it unlike IL, WI, or Minnesota! geez…enough already! I stopped snickering when you call 85F heat wave! grr… ah.. and winter has only just begun! 
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The weather is so nice! D is still down with the flu. We thought she was getting to normal and sent her to school and only to come back with high fever (which we had skipped during her whole week of flu) and so much congestion, feel like back to square one. Dang it. I had a play-at-the-park everyday planned for the week!! It's in the 50s (Fareinheit)!!! That's WARM for December! We have on average gotten snow (although just an inch) by Dec 7th the last few years!! Feel so cheated!

I would enjoy doing the December talking meme that's going around. But I realized I don't like asking people questions. It's so peculiar of me. I feel I end up framing the answers in this narrowed down box. Oh it's a meme. I shouldn't be over thinking it. If there is anything you would like to know, please ask. I am generally an open book. Just need to ask! And yes, pick a date! Dec 6-31!

December 6 - [ profile] musicpsych- Do you keep up with Bollywood films? If so, what have been some of your favorites?
December 7 - [ profile] ms_hecubus Your talk of Bollywood films today inspired me. Can you follow up tomorrow with some soundtrack recommendations if you have any?
December 8 - tediousandbrief - Talk about your five favorite books
December 9 - [ profile] aliki Do you feel any regret raising D so far away from your grandparents? If so, how do you best integrate your life as a cultural Indian into her life?
December 10 - [ profile] echomyst How did you spend your free time, pre-parenthood and also pre-marriage?
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December 12 - [ profile] musicpsych -Since you've lived in multiple places... do any of them feel the most like "home," or do each of them feel like "home" in some ways? Do you ever go back to visit those places?
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oh dear me! I went and spent $120 at the thrift store!!! The whole point is to be thrifty and I have no idea how I spent that much! But you can imagine how much stuff I got too!! Way too much!!!

I love shopping for D. If you see my cart it will look like I have twins...a boy & a girl! :P D & I are completely ready for snow this winter! To play in the snow!! She has snow boots & pants and a beautiful woolen (actually woolen, not polyester) jacket! I have boots too that will (should anyway) keep me warm, with nice woolen (yes, actual wool and not acrylic or polyester) sweaters! I already have a woolen jacket.

My sensitivity to cold got worse last winter. None of the fancy gloves have helped. This year I will have to fork out and get ski gloves that have wool in them! Hope I never lose them and should last me ten years! That's usually how my clothes go too. I have stuff I have worn for a decade! It embarrasses my dad to a point who sends me shopping, but heck it still looks nice, then I still wear it! My hubby is just like me. A pair made in heaven! ;)

So, it usually gives me a reason to be unthrifty and so you can imagine what a thrift store is! It's like I found the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow! They actually had boots that I liked in a size 5! (It still was a little big for me, but that's how life is)!! Yes, my feet are small!

oh yay! My first shopping trip in a shop in months too! I don't like shopping actually. Now I need to get a new pair of jeans too...the ones I got last year in India are tad bit too tight. I could get back on the treadmill and exercise, which I really need to, as my knee is acting up too. But yeah....

But I did enjoy the shopping, which I finished in 45 minutes!! That's a long time for me!! hah haha...


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