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oh I wish, I had stayed up to watch Aziz Ansari host SNL!! That would have been the icing on the cake!!! Represented us well! ;)

"You got to go back to pretending...sorry we never thanked you for your service!" LOL....

"Trump won, go back to Africa! Trump won, go back to Mexico! Trump won, go back to... where you came from!"

oh been there. I have been guessed for Ethiopian, the Carribean, Trinidad Tobago, Mexico, Middle East... so there have been occasions where I have to ask them to clarify why they are upset and which group they think I belong to! sigh. Which is hard to do because often they are angry in that moment. And all they get is usually a quiet, baffled face. And a slow lightbulb going off when I figure where their guess is and I so want to point it out that I am from India. But then I am afraid that they might remember that we took all the call center jobs but then also I haven't lived in India either for 30 years now (and in my head head, I am losing it that I have been on this planet for over 30 years???!!!!) then usually they have moved on because they didn't get any reaction from me.

Hey, sometimes you have to just laugh. Because what else do you have?!

Brilliant, Ansari. "Change doesn't come from Presidents. Change comes from angry people!"

So true.
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While the world is watching Olympics, I am binging on MacGyver!!!! OMG!!! How awesome a show it still is! I hear they are bringing it back with a female character - awesome! But MacGyver taught me French & Italian!! ;) My first time watching the show was in Rome and it was dubbed into Italian and at school once every three weeks we would have a TV hour in French class and that's what we watched. Along with Full House & Saved by the Bell in Italian and French!!

For a pre-teen, MacGyver was just drool-worthy and made physics so much fun (a subject I absolutely found dreadful)!! If I get my silly creative ideas, it's from him! There's nothing that is impossible! That's him who taught me. It was an all round good show! And I see at school and otherwise, children are able to do their own things that are MacGyver worthy!! How awesome!!
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The first time I am having coffee at work, my boss bought it for me as a treat and didn't think about cream/milk and sugar. She takes her coffee black. Oh dear lord! I took three sips and am already going nuts. woooo hooo... I should switch to coffee instead of alcohol to get a buzz! more cost-effective, no?
  • Yesterday we coordinated another seminar. This time the topic was on green building and designs, looking more towards commercial buildings. Interesting topic but the presentations were so dull. Most of them were mumbling through the presentations, either because they don't know how to present or didn't know the subject matter they were presenting. It was a bit disappointing for us as usually our seminars come out very well.
But I was productive. I was so good and run the day so smoothly and at the same time I finished reading the book I got from the library, The Reader. This book gave a very different perspective about the holocaust. It was different because it didn't share the story of the Jews, but it touched on the subject of how Germany dealt with it after the wars. Well, the book just touched the tip of the iceberg and I would love to find something that really went deeper into it. It also made me think of what would I have done in the same situations. How would one deal being in the situation that they were in. And the answer really is not an easy one. It was far from being as dull as the presentations were at the seminar and I was so immersed into the story itself! 
  • Salt has been in the news a lot lately. It has become the bad guy after the hoopla over corn-syrup, trans-fat, etc. The use of salt in restaurants is ridiculously high! Trends also show therefore our tastebuds have now become so used to more salt that eating food the way it was done just 15 years ago would feel tasteless. N and I purposely reduce salt at home, when we used canned veggies or other products that has already salt in it. Personally, I can use more salt in my diet because on occasion my BP goes low. So, I add it onto my own plate. It's my choice to do so.
The Salt Institute (It was amusing to see there is a Salt Institute!!) obviously defends the use of salt and all this talk is too much hype. She recommends us to go to the many restaurants website and see the nutritional info listed and see if it's okay for you! Geez... going out to eat has become really complicated! Simpler solution would be not to add so much and let the customer decide how much salt they want in their food, no? Of course, salt is often used not so much for the taste but to preserve the food and chemicals that they add to the food. Maybe one should address that. I enjoy eating out and stuff, but am glad that husband and I enjoy cooking at home as a normal routine and eating out as an occasional social outing. I feel for the people who often are left without a choice and having to eat out all the time.
  • N and I are going to go watch Star Trek this week. I am not actually sure why I am going. I never really enjoyed Star Trek. I watched mostly because it's dad's favourite movie/series. He always encouraged us to watch it. So, I think I am going for that sentimental thing. And this would be our first movie at the theaters in over a year or more! We got a nice deal of buy-one-get-one-free! yay for freebies! Why is it so expensive going to movies? It's funny cause I used to frequent going so many times in younger days!
  • I have been enjoying watching the HBO Series, Botswana's No.1 Ladies Detective Agency! I should see if the library has the books and read it too! N says they did a pretty good job of replicating small towns in Botswana. And Jill Scott is just so cute in the series. I like her assistant detective! She is such a character!! Currently that's the only TV show I do not miss! 
  • Today am planning to get out early and go watch an Indian historian talk. It looks interesting!


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