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When we were at Chipotle yesterday, D noticed something that wasn't in our line of sight and said, "mommy, that man doesn't care. That man doesn't care that he's making his world dirty. He's littering."

The trash can was but ten feet away.

Littering is D's biggest pet peeve. She has been throwing things in the trash since she could walk - supported and independently. We never had to teach her this. She just did it. If she couldn't find trash, she put it in my bag till we got home. She has stood on a train station platform in Mumbai yelling at people to not put trash on the tracks (and not to cross to get to the other platform across the tracks).

It must be something that runs in the blood. Because it's my biggest pet peeve. It's the easiest way to care for the planet - and from young I never could let go of even banana peels outside a trash can. I would carry the trash home.

I remember N & my first over night train ride in 2007 together. He has a very romanticised notion of train travel in India. People who know me, know how much I love trains. What I never loved is all the trash you witness strewn out the train for miles and miles - people just throw stuff out the window. In all fairness, they didn't have proper trash collection back in the day and most matter thrown out the window was organic matter. Today however, a lot of it is plastic and inorganic things. Anyway, by 2007, there were trash cans in the compartments. We used one of the plastic bags we had as a collection and kept it till it filled. The other family we shared the births with  just stared at us as if we were from Mars while they lived their normal lives of throwing stuff out the window. And people complain that the trash is full and not picked up. No one pauses to think that maybe they brought too much trash with them.

But it also reminds me of my story of when I had no choice but to litter. It was 9 years ago, when sis and I moved with our parents to India to help them resettle and for me to get ready for my wedding. I still remember when it happened and so here it is for your amusement.
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Day 26: close-up
Sure would like to see the gorillas up close one day! For now settle for the close up shot/pic in frame by our sink. N almost went and saw the Uganda gorillas & chimps. He has seen them up close in Rwanda the year before we got married!! So, decided to save this trip as a family trip!


Day 27:Celebration
Picking up N was cause for celebration!


Day 28: Flowers
We can't seem to have flowers at home. Not while we are indoors. Or flowers that have their stigmas outside letting all the pollen out. I start sneezing! :( Bummer... love flowers. So, to get any I had to go out looking for flowers. D came to the rescue! D's take on flowers. She drew 20 circles and declared they look like a flower!


Day 29: Black & White
Rediscovering my kindle and reading in black and white. No fancy ads no distractions (except the 3 year old)


Day 30: self-portrait
Yesterday was a bit of a chaos with a sick child who didn't think she was made for one cranky kid! So, dug this out. I love reflection pics and managed this in Virginia Beach back in 2008!

Day 30: self-portrait
It was a fun challenge to do and even more so with [ profile] inspirethoughts & Manju!
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Sunday, April 28

This was the most exciting day for both MIL & myself! We were going to meet our friends!! MIL was going to meet her pen friend from France (she and her husband came up just to meet us). They "met" as pen friends when MIL was a senior in high school. My MIL is from Pondicherry (a former French colony and so French was/is widely spoken. So they were writing for MIL to practice French and Francoise to practice writing English). They stayed in touch a few years and lost touch almost 25 years ago! 2 or 3 years ago, Francoise through her daughter's Facebook account randomly looked up MIL to find her!!!! So, they have reconnected and when she found out we will be there, they planned to be there!

So, we took the Thames Clipper (a commuter boat) to Greenwich village.


So, why Greenwich? Well, I was going to meet my two very best friends from college who live in London there too!! They have three kids under 5 years of age and figured D could also use a day of just running in a park!! Oh it was such a happy day! I didn't care about actually seeing the Prime Meridien. I was so happy to see Thomas & Moon!
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We are back in the US. All numb, exhausted and sick. Yes, still sick. The last leg of the virus is still roaming around us. I haven't wished anyone happy new year except the doctor we took D to in Bangalore on Jan. 1! 

The journey was super long and the worst ever. We boarded the plane fine. D was ultra excited! She got tired of waiting to leave for the airport, at 9pm. We dropped off sis and she happily said bye and wondered where the airport was. We reached the airport at 11pm and she showered N with kisses for finally bringing her there! She so patiently went through the lines for everything without a little fuss even! At check-in, we were asked to check-in the stroller. I argued that I needed it in Paris and every flight I have been on has allowed me to gate check it. Well, they let us go saying we need to check with ground crew, the flight was a full flight. 

D and I board the plane as there's one lady dealing with parents and their strollers. She tells us they are going to be delivered at the final destination. Angry parents respond. She clearly didn't know how to handle the situation. She was also asking people to check in their big (although the right carry-on size) carry-ons. "It's a full flight tonight!" Parents with kids past their bedtime don't want to be messed with. D & I boarded while N took care of the situation. 

We settled in and D couldn't wait to take off. The whole flight boarded and N was nowhere to be seen. Every spot on the overhead compartment was getting filled up and he had the luggage. I almost asked our flight attendant to check on him. He had our passports too. And there he appeared with a sling bag with items and no luggage. He was sharing how one other dad was very mad about this whole fiasco that the supervisors came in to handle the situation, only the general manager was able to explain that this particular airbus didn't allow the space needed for strollers and other light cargo that other newer planes do. He tried to talk to the Air France staff too and got that confirmation. That's all we were looking for. Some explanation instead of just a brush off and treating us as if it's some policy that we made up! 

Of course, no Air France experience is complete without them blaming Delta airlines for something. I think they are very upset to be working with them or something. 

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The thought of being in India for 4 months seemed like a long trip. Yet, as I sit here writing about it, it felt like it was too short and was sometime in the distant past. Over the course of time, we traveled (occasionally all three of us and other times two of us) over 6,000KM (4,000MI).

So, to this story of our journey, there are 4 parts to the story:

Part I: FIL surgery & recovery
Part II: Time with in-laws
Part III: Home in Bangalore
Part IV: Reunion with N and the last leg

Our travel route:

route map

The rest of the story is cut for friends. If you are interested ask and you will be added.  
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We have another week or so here in Mumbai. The trip to Hyderabad was great!! Will share once we are back home and I get time!!

We are back with in-laws in Mumbai and are enjoying the last week here! Yesterday evening we all went to a nice cultural program that was celebrating National Anthem's 100 years, etc. D was running down the aisles happily most of the time. And being in India noone minded. after some time she sat on the seat next to us, quietly. One of the speakers was an Army Colonel. His was projected loudly through the auditorium and then D decided she wanted to talk, just like the Colonel. She babbled and copied his tone of voice and volume!! It was hilarious until those sitting next to us started turning around. Some laughed, some looked. So, out she went!

This week we will be busy making lots of social visits since we didn't get the chance during the last visit! Our last week of the year should be fun-filled and then it's back to freezing America. brrrrr.... 

Hope everyone is doing well! I really hope to catch up with all soon! 

at home...

Oct. 31st, 2011 02:45 pm
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I am now in Bangalore with my parents and sis. There is so much to share but so little time to put it all down! But before coming here, D and I celebrated Diwali with my in-laws in Mumbai! It was a lot of fun!
Happy Diwali!

I flew to Bangalore with D alone, and with a walking toddler it sure was a big challenge! I decided to bring the stroller over and boy was all that a handful! I had two small bags, stroller, ergo carrier to handle alongside a toddler who can spot kids a mile away. Surprisingly not one single passenger or staff helped at the Mumbai airport. I thought Diwali would bring out joy in people. No such thing. Since I was flying budget airline, we had to take a bus and climb up steps to get on the plane. And I had to lug all the items onto the bus and to the aircraft (A crew member did help me put the stroller on the bus). I had to get all of it down. A bit cumbersome. But I carry what I can handle. So, it was not really a big deal. Just a bit surprised!

Bangalore airport, on the other hand, gets an A++ for their assistance. I didn't have to lift a finger or a piece of luggage and neither did I have to haggle nor give any money for the help!

We have had a series of visitors since our arrival here and D is having a blast! Today is our first day quiet at home! So, Diwali went wonderful! Spent the first day there and second half and third day here!  
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We drove to Philly on Saturday to meet a friend who's come to Philly for a week long conference from Malaysia! As we were driving, D's sneezing increased. We attributed it to maybe a dusty carseat, which hasn't been cleaned recently. We let it be. She was slightly feverish and we attributed that to the shots she got on Thursday. She was in a great mood! So, we went along. On the way to Philly we drove through Amish country. D just loved it! She must have been a country girl in her previous birth because she was singing away at the top of her lungs - so another reason we ignored her symptoms. Looking at her no one would have thought she was sick!

We went out for dinner with friend and all was well. When we got back around 9ish, she got changed into her night clothes and nursed was when the trouble began. Well, she fell asleep and she laid next to me. As I was dozing off I heard her smack her lips and swallow something and she began tossing and turning. I just patted her tummy. Then I felt something wet. I thought her diaper leaked. But it was her hair. She had puked everything she drank.

We cleaned her up. By now she was hysterical. Pissed she was woken up. She was in such deep slumber. She nursed again to sleep off and again she threw up everything. She was hysterical. Poor thing. We made a call to our doc's office, although we knew we just had to put up with it. The nurse suggested not to give any solids or liquids for three hours till the tummy muscles relaxed.

D thought that was cruel and she cried in such horror! The only solace she found was when we showed her things outside the window. She actually laughed, smiled, and kept saying "ka" "ka" as the cars drove by. She wouldn't go to anyone else. So, I sat on the couch, facing the window and slowly she dozed off. I could feel her stomach muscles twisting and wanting to throw up. By 2am she seemed to have stopped having that sensation and she woke up screaming and crying for boobies and I really couldn't bear hearing her cry like that. So, I let her nurse and she slept off blissfully! Because we had her propped up on pillows I slept so lightly to make sure she was okay all night. Slowly though, I did get her laying flat and I got maybe 3 hours of good sleep.

Sunday she seemed fine during the day. And slowly she is getting better. But I caught the bug and have been miserable. bleah.

This has been our first big "illness" with D. But she is such a wonderful sport. If you had met her during the day you would never have suspected that she was sick!! Even when she was miserable, she still laughed and babbled away looking out the windows!
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December 22 – Travel How did you travel in 2010? How and/or where would you like to travel next year? (Author: Tara Hunt)

2010 was a quiet front when it came to travel - compared to the previous years. At least for me. Although what does it mean to travel? To visit a selected destination in a mode of transportation for either work or pleasure. In that case, I travelled to the hospital/doc's office a few times! As the pregnancy progressed, towards the end and for the first month after delivery, the trip to the doctor was a journey in itself! I remember the first car ride to head over to Silver Spring, Maryland to visit another friend who gave birth. It seemed fine at the time but later it felt like the longest road trip ever taken! And the baby wasn't even crying!

Our first trip out of state (well, not counting Maryland & Washington DC), was over the Thanksgiving break. We flew for the first time with D. We thought for the first time in our lives we would get special treatment as we always heard in all our travels "Families with your children board first!" But to our dismay that announcement never came and we never enjoyed that little special treatment. Ah well..the trip itself was a lot of fun!

Next year, definitely not just wanting to, but also will be travelling to India. I am looking forward to heading to Mumbai, Bangalore, Pondicherry along with D. I can't wait to for D to meet her grandparents, to meet her great grandmother, to meet her aunt, and her family!
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I don't think I wrote about the adventure MIL had on her flight back on Friday! I want to write this down to remember for the future.... not that any of us here will actually ever forget!

A brief backstory: MIL went to Tucson for two weeks to attend the International Gem & Jewelry show. She has a lot of interest and practices use of healing crystals and a close family friend lives there too. So, she was there for ten days. She was supposed to return Monday, Feb 8th, which would allow a week of quality time with N and I. We both had taken the week off to spend a nice week together before she headed back to Mumbai on the 13th Feb. Well, Monday came and DC metro area was submerged in 30 inches of snow. So her flight got rescheduled to Tuesday. Well, Tuesday came and the second round of snowstorm came and so her flight was rescheduled to Wednesday and then to Thursday and then finally to Friday!

By Thursday afternoon the runways at all airports were up and running! We were wondering then why they cancelled Thursday flights. I guess they didn't think they would be cleared by then. ah well. We no longer pondered on the what-ifs! We were just happy that the runways were open and mom would make it back in time! We needed to figure out how we were going to pick up her up all the way at Dulles when our car's out of order, public transport was still not up and running and the roads were still a bit messy and wondered if cabs would take us.

Friday morning, we were woken up to hear from our friend in Tucson who had dropped MIL at the airport that all was clear and the flight has taken off on time. They (he and his brother) waited at the airport till the flight took off! They didn't want to take any chances either! We were relieved and went back to sleep. I got up at 8ish and checked the flight status again and all seemed okay.

I had the TV news running in the background. I was getting tired of the whole snow reports and wasn't paying much attention when they reported that the South was also expecting snow! I saw that it was snowing in Dallas, TX. I didn't care really. I carried on with the day. Hubby was busy packing up and had to go to office for a while. 

In the afternoon, around 2:30ish I checked her flight status again and it showed "boarding" for the second segment from Atlanta to DC. phew... I was talking to N's cousin on the phone who called worried about mom's return. She heard from grandmother that she was coming through Dallas and saw it was snowing there! I got a bit nervous at first then realised that no, she is landing in DULLES International not Dallas Texas.

As I was on the phone with her, I saw the news go to a live clip of an airport covered in a bit of snow and I couldn't believe it! It was ATLANTA airport!!!!!!! NO way! This couldn't be happening I thought! I was still on the phone while I checked the flight status and saw "awaiting takeoff"!!! We both sat there and prayed that the flight take off!! I saw that the flight before and the two flights afterwards were cancelled! Oh I prayed so hard!

The status didn't change for the longest of time. So, I hung up with the cousin and then called Delta airlines. And she said that the flight was just delayed in taking off but will be landing an hour later than scheduled! Oh, if the representative was here I would have hugged and kissed her! (Later MIL shared that they were de-icing the plane and so were waiting an hour on the runway!)

So, MIL made it! phew... I was overjoyed to see her! Husband saw such a difference in me! I guess I did miss her more than I realised I did! 

The next day, we were all busy packing up. Everything looked like it was going as planned. A friend offered to drop MIL & N to the airport (N's also travelling - the same day a little later). So, I also joined to drop them off.

Goodbyes were shared, tears shared, a quick back rub given - my back was getting really sore after sitting in the car for an hour! 

MIL landed in Mumbai late Sunday night, well Monday morning (their time). When I spoke to her later, what do I find?! Her flight from Frankfurt to Mumbai was delayed by two hours because of snow!!!!! What are the chances?! really? 

I reassured her that we both can be very sure that snow will not follow her in Mumbai!! ;) 
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28th May 2009

N had a horrible night with throwing up and all the yucky stuff. No fun. But the morning he was feeling bit better. We checked out and headed back to Miami as planned. It was a beautiful drive back. I filled up gas for the first time in the US!! hehehe

P5280172 P5280175 P5280180

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26th May 2009

And then we hit the road on a 150 mile road trip to Key West, Florida!

Key West

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24th May 2009
I remembered what we did on the 24th night! Oh how could I forget! It rained! But we had reservations at a Haitian restaurant - Tap Tap restaurant (the website has some pics of the place)! It was a beautifully done up place - the artwork is just fabulous (we went there also because they had more than one vegetarian option!!) and the food was delicious!! yum yum! We had some aged rum straight up and in some cocktails. The service was fantastic! Great find! A bit away from the beach, but worth a trip!!

25th May 2009

The second day we were to spend "sightseeing" with a change... Me driving and husband navigating. Funny. really. But first we went to the Holocaust Memorial in Miami beach - we got there easy enough. It was though a very moving place to be. The artists who sculpted the statue did an amazing job. From the outside you see the arm rising up and as you walk through the walls, you get an opportunity to see it closer and the horror in their faces sent me off in tears. I couldn't stand there long. What added to it was also a reminder that for every horror that has been recognized with a memorial there are thousands of voices that go unheard. It's a sad world we live in.


some pics )
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oh it just feels like yesterday I was wishing for the rains to go away and already the week has passed us by! D.C. has welcomed us back with severe thunderstorms! At least it gave us a break while we were in air! phew!

We had a fabulous time in Miami/Miami Beach & Key West! So much so I forgot all about the poor astronauts that were stuck up in space because of poor weather in South Florida. Well, the storms kept threatening but they never really came in full force. The sun shone upon us while we were at Miami Beach and Key West! So, did the astronauts make it back?!

So much has happened! Obama has picked a judge, North Korea is on a testing spree, the world is still a mess and sadly Jay Leno is wishing the late night show viewers a farewell (only to be moving to primetime)! I am staying up to watch! Leno has kept me entertained through my college years while I was dragging through certain subjects! I wasn't a big fan of Conan O'Brian but recently he seemed a bit funny!

The highlight of course was that I DROVE!!! It felt so wonderful! I didn't hit anyone or anything. I did hug the right quite a bit and might have run a few cars off the streets, but seems that's a Miami thing as well, so I fit right in. I ran up a curb in the parking lot at the entrance - my first in four years of driving! My hands occasionally did reach for the gear stick with my left hand (only when I had to reverse, park or put it into Drive gear - as it was an automatic transmission), and once I did drive on the left side of the road and wondered why that moron was heading towards me! But all in all I drove 400 miles - amidst hundreds of tourists who make very inconsiderate pedestrians, half-buzzed drivers, narrow lanes, wide highways/freeways, small towns and big city!

I was not so keen on seeing Miami. The image that it portrays was not something that attracted me! But after going this once, it's definitely a place I would go back to! I also do want to make it out to the Everglades!

Miami Intn'l airport has that new x-ray type scanning gadget thing that the TSA is testing out. Of course, for those who don't want to try it out can go through the regular metal detector. It was a bit creepy to step in but didn't feel violated or anything as some opponents claimed. Of course, I chose a beautiful top with a whole bunch of steel decorative pieces around my chest area that needed a padding down in front of everyone! fun times! 

Anyhow, after nearly a week in the sun, am enjoying the cool weather that the rain is bringing now! Hope everyone is well! Catch up with you in the next few days!
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We stayed on the Brazil side at the Hostelling International hostel. They have two; one in the town of Foz de Iguazu and the second that's closer to the park, in the middle of nowhere really. But we chose this also to get away from the city life for a few nights. Good choice for us. The first two night we were there, I shared the girls dorm room with one other girl from Denmark. She was cool. She was in Sao Paolo visiting her friend who lives there. And she came down with her cousin brother to see the falls for a few days also. She went to the Brazil side the day we went to the Argentina side.

Anyhow, when we were in the room we just talked about ourselves, where we were from, etc. She shared that before coming on this trip, she had a choice between going to New Delhi, where another friend of hers is living or coming to Brazil. She chose to come to Brazil as she was told not to travel around in India alone and since her friend is working, she won't feel comfortable getting about on her own. So, she came to Brazil and is saving up the trip to India when her sis is also able to go. Sad really. Plus, when everyone thinks of visiting India, they almost always stick to North Indian destinations. We met so many backpackers who have gone about backpacking in India for a month or two, if not more, who have all stuck to the Northern part of the country. South is cool too!!! I wonder what draws them more to the North. Okay, Taj Mahal is in the North. Jaipur is another big attraction. What in the world is South India tourism board doing?!?

Ah well, good she didn't go to India at this time as it would be summertime and much too hot for her to handle. I can't take the heat no longer. My sis is grumbling away as the temperatures are wavering about 37C (99F) and it only gets hotter.

29 March 2009
Anyhow, back to the beauty. We took our second trip with the hostel transport (where we got BR$10 off as we were going second consecutive day) to the Argentina side. The driver was the same and he cracked the same jokes on his love for women and disgust for men. He has been learning how to say "Hi pretty lady!" & "hi ugly man!" in different languages. He added hindi to the list. Although, we couldn't figure out the quivalent word for "ugly" in Hindi. ANyone know? We told him "Ganda" which just means dirty/bad.

We were also toying with the idea to go on the speedboat ride that they offered. But we weren't sure. It was like $150 local currency for like a 12 minute ride and you get wet under the smaller falls. The others on the bus were going to try it. Anyhow, we went up to the walkway that went up to the Devil's Throat - the main big waterfall that we saw from the Brazil side and the day before. But this time we got right on top of it!

not as many pics as the last time )
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27 March 2009

To go to the Argentina side of the falls we took the transportation arranged by the hostel. I am sure there's a public bus and all that but out of convenience we took it for Brazilian Real 25 (round trip). Not bad. The driver was an entertaining Paraguayan who handled all the transactions at the borders (Brazilian and Argentinan) and got us the park entry tickets. Made it all pleasant. The river separates the two countries and once you cross it, you are in the other country. So, we stopped (and we were not supposed to I think, when everyone passing us were honking and shaking their heads at us) at the point where the two countries meet. How would you know? Look for the flag colours! We had one foot in Brazil and the other in Argentina! ;)

at the border

There's a lot more to do on the Argentinian side. They marked out three different trails that gives you all angles of the falls and you come close to it too. We had planned to spend two whole days on this side and so unlike others who fit everything in one day (which is possible comfortably), we took it really easy.

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26th - 29th March 2009

We caught the final sunrise on the 26th in Rio. It was beautiful.

sunrise sunrise

We caught a Rio Shuttle to the airport to get to Foz de Iguazu, Brazil to see the Iguazu Falls.

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Apr. 6th, 2009 11:04 am
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After living in Hawai'i, the word "exotic" kind of lost its luster. Yes, I got spoiled being surrounded by paradise for 20% of my life. There are beautiful places, there are exciting places, there are breathtaking places but the feeling of "exotic" doesn't hit me, until the idea of heading to Brazil came about. The excitement, the anticipation was too much really! Our trip took us to Rio de Janeiro (I am still getting tingles of excitement as I write it out!!)!

I can't believe that we were actually there! But we have a few hundred photos to prove our footprint there! We were warned many times by everyone to whom we mentioned of our trip, to be careful. Rio is a very dangerous place with a lot of muggings, and stuff. I actually left behind my earrings and dawned on some slippers for earrings (I found these small steel earrings in the shape of beach slippers with flower designs - appropriate no?)! I think what they failed to remember was this often is found in the favelas (shanty-towns) and we were not planning to be anywhere by it.

22 - 26 March 2009
We took a Delta-Northwest flight that would get us into Rio on Sunday morning. The flight was okay but the service sucked. The flight attendants were so robotic and so "fake". They treated everyone like they were school children or something. ah well, they weren't about to spoil our mood. On the flight, N and I got to watch Slumdog Millionaire. It was good cinematography and music but I didn't see what the big fuss was all about. After about an hour into the movie I got bored - will I be beaten up for saying that in public?? What did dampen our moods when we got to Rio was the gloomy cloudy weather. sigh. We stayed at a hotel right off the beach at Ipanema. And were greeted with Christ the Redeemer on our left (he's up there in the couds) and the beachfront on the right.
P3220015 P3230049

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We got back from our trip to Brazil this morning!! Can't believe that we were actually there! We truly enjoyed the trip and have a nice tan to prove it. If we were there for another week I think we would have picked up Portuguese! Everyone loves speaking to you in Portuguese even when you inform them that you don't really understand what they are saying! But it was a lot of fun and entertaining. We did however pick up some amazing samba music and local Cachaça to mix up and enjoy once we start missing the city of Rio.

But for now we are happy to be back and looking forward to sleeping in our own bed together after a week long stint in hostel bunkbeds!

on the side: I miss my laptop! sigh..this week will be getting a monitor to hook it up and all!


Mar. 2nd, 2009 12:55 pm
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in Mumbai...

I somehow managed to get off that train!

I thought NY subway can get packed and crazy..until I stepped afoot the local Mumbai train. Mumbai local train (subway equivalent, just above ground) tracks are not as extensive as NYC's, but carry about the same number of passengers in a day...inside, above, and on the side.

N got me to take the local trains several times during our stay. The first time was on a Sunday and it was relatively quiet and empty. That was it. The next few times were not during the rush hours but they did get filled at times. Ladies get their own compartments and I tell you it's worse; they push, shove and trample over each other without a care if you are with a child or old or young. It was quite scary and maddening really. And what's weirder is that this madness occurs only at the moment of getting on and getting off the train. As we would prepare to get off, it seems like we were preparing for some battle! Once people are on the train, they are the best of friends and the most helpful. just wow. and then you can do your shopping for many knickknacks while you are riding the train, be it hair clips, snacks, earrings. Locals play on this so much and make it all so charming but I just couldn't get over the whole madness that ensues boarding and disembarking the trains. My apologies if I just don't understand.

There were moments that were fun and some moments that I absolutely abhorred the city. It also reminded me of how romanticized the city back in 2007; I wanted to get back online and take it all back! I think I was just glazed over then cause I was meeting N for the first time then! Riding the trains made me such an ugly side of people in the city. ughh....But the trains are a lifeline of the city and get so many people around.
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