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In Washington DC, the weather can be unpredictable through April. Mother Nature plays a lot of April's fool jokes on us. Like how Sunday we might wake up to snow - most likely won't happen but the temperatures are predicted to go to 30F after today and tomorrow reaching a high of 80F. Or maybe it's the weather channel playing a joke on us! Whatever! Que Sera, sera! hums through my head...

So, of course, we have the usual signs, rabbits, birds, flowers, and natural signs of spring that show up. But the guaranteed signs of spring? The tourists. And they are from around the world - Cherry Blossoms. In addition there's the world Nuclear Summit. So, we have even more people. And Monday was the White House Easter Egg Hunt so even more people.

And I absolutely love it!! I love just going for a walk and getting lost amidst the people speaking the many languages of the world.

And we know, mother nature might be playing with us but the visitors arrive and Spring is officially here! 
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Did I forget to welcome in spring officially?

2016-03-09_09-30-35Well, it has arrived!

Monday metro ride was filled with so many sneezing and looking miserable. And so we knew spring has sprung upon us! The buds have budded all over. Many have already blossomed and spring is upon us, way before any of us anticipated and hence delayed getting drugged and medicated to tackle the pollen.

And just like that it appears summer is also making an appearance this week! So, complaining of the cold is left behind and we bring in the complaining about heat and sweat!

The birds are chirping, the frogs are croaking, the first rabbit spotted for the season! And rains are coming!


(the picture was taken in a hurry...and the focus seemed to go to the building behind the flowers... uggh)
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D shared this morning, "Winter is fighting with spring! It wants to stay forever and Spring is telling it, it's time to go!!! Silly winter! It has to go to Africa!" (She remembered that when N went to South Africa last time, the seasons were opposite)

And sure is a battle out there! It was nice and balmy last week and we woke up to an inch of snow this morning! Well, it didn't stick to the roads since the earth warmed up so much in a week! So, it looks stunning outside! The contrasts of white, wet wood, brick...I guess I am enjoying even more because it's the end of season! :)
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Day 23: Entrance
Day 23: entrance
When I was pregnant a friend advised me to say goodbye to my small purses. Tonight as I go out without kid, I make an entrance with a small purse!

Wednesday the ladies got together for a night out at a new local restaurant, Republic Kitchen & Bar. It just opened a few weeks ago. Vegetarians aren't so welcome it seems, which is strange for the Metro DC area. I wouldn't make this complaint anywhere else in the country. Even South American restaurants here whose culture is so meat-centric has delicious vegetarian options. The French restaurant in DC has only pomme frites (fries) on their menu but the chef cooks up a delicious concoction (an adult meal) if you mention your requirements. At this place, sure they had some steamed spinach & macaroni and cheese. But I was trying to get away from my kid and there I was eating a kids meal! Heck even Brazil is vegetarian friendly now*!! However, the service was excellent and the company wonderful! So, all in all had a wonderful time. there were three moms, one single gal, one newlywed! Can't wait for the next one!

* we lived in Brazil for a year back in the early 80s. The only vegetarian option we had was red beans. Getting vegetables was such a challenge! It was the only time in our lives that mom had non-vegetarian food! Hubby and I went there back in 2009 and had absolutely no trouble eating delicious yummy food!!

Day 24: Pop of color
Day 24: burst of color
With the flower blooms mostly gone the first sprouts/leaves sprout. The green is just refreshing!

Day 25: Remember
Day 25: remember
D has been helping me remember days of yesteryears when she clung to me all day and night! Enjoying the cuddles, which are so rare these days, but not the crying. Sigh.

Day 26: Little things in life
Day 26: enjoy little things in life
Anytime of the day, read a book together.
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Day 6: Taste of Spring

photo day 6: taste of springI couldn't figure out what foods reminded me of spring. I grew up with two seasons hot & very hot season (in Hyderabad). Rome was the first city where I experienced spring and its signature was the colourful flowers everywhere - overflowing from flower pots from the tiniest of balconies to the all out presentation on the Spanish Steps.

Just unbelievably spectacular it was! Then we headed to Singapore and later Malaysia where it was either rainy or very rainy season year round. Hawai'i, well, was just perfect weather year round with rain once in a while - has to be to be called a rainbow state!

So, for me spring is all about flowers. The colours of it flowing everywhere. I do miss the colours overflowing through every balcony bit but hey, there are so many trees lined up on streets everywhere it's just as wonderful! After a long drawn out winter, seeing flowers is so refreshing on one's eyes! It also feels well-earned!

And out of all the colours that we see, somehow white flowers just stand out!

I did have a pic of D covered in sand, head-to-toe from last week as the sandbox at preschool is officially open! But it came to blurred to see anything! That has become our official opening of spring post-childbirth! :)

But nothing beats the flowers!


Mar. 22nd, 2014 03:14 pm
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Happy Spring!We think Spring is here! Well, it's March 22nd. Technically, the second day of spring. Beautiful weather outside and feels just like spring. And there's a forecast for snow on Tuesday. It's likely to miss us but those north of us will be hit. bleah.

Somehow though, I don't mind. As long as there's bursts of warmth in between, it's awesome! I think we locals forget that spring usually entails a ton of rain. See, we just never quit complaining!

So, in honor of spring, we finally brought down our Christmas/winter decoration from our door front and made a spring themed one! Look how crafty I am getting!! :) D of course, did the painting. She did the gluing too! I did the stems.

First day of spring also brought a cold for D. Not good. She had a horrible night of broken sleep. The nose kept on running. I am thinking it's allergy related. When we cut up the egg carton the "dust" got in her as that's when she peaked with the sneezing, runny eyes, and all. sigh.

Hope she won't catch a pollen allergy. No fun! Speaking of pollen, because of the funny winter, they are predicting that the flowers will all bloom at the same time! The magnolias alongside the cherry blossoms!

grassOh and D's interpretation of what spring means to her… GRASS! She shared how now that the snow is all melted, we can see grass and it will grow tall!

Next weekend is the kite festival! And we are ready this time! yay!
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  • Cherry blossoms are in full bloom! It was beautiful! Went yesterday to meet a few other moms and kids! There were 15 moms and 15 kids spread out on 6 blankets at the FDR not only were the cherry blossoms focus of many of cameras but so were the kids as they ranged from a few months to under 3 years! We even recruited some new moms to the group!

  • Tourists..I have lived amongst them for the last 20 odd years. One would think I would be used to it by now. But by golly! The most common thing going through my mind: if you are going to jaywalk, pick up your pace so people behind you don't get stuck in the middle of the road, with speeding beeping cars coming up! many more things! ah well... we all have been tourists at some point.

  • MIL had crochet this dress two years ago! It finally fits! D loves it and wears it to bed too!

  • D helped make pizza and she loved it!

  • D's new sunglasses with her "I am so cool!" smirk/smile! We went for a picnic at the park by the airport. She is waving hello/bye to the planes overhead. I drove! It was great! Oh..avoided a multi-car collision..not my fault! But glad all are ok!

  • Went to Roosevelt Island for a nice walk around the trails on it. D loved singing and going at her own pace! Any thought of a peaceful quiet walk for any romantic couples on the trails were put out! She was just happy singing little girl!

It's funny how quickly the weather changed. Sunday we were wearing sweaters/windbreakers because of the cold wind and Monday we were sweating buckets! yeeks...spring can be so wishy-washy sometimes! 
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The last snowstorm that we thought would be the last for the season shut the whole city down. Well, this was it! By afternoon it all disappeared!


We were ready for spring. We were so disappointed. bah. On Friday I saw the forecast of snow/rain for Monday. Many of us did and didn't even bother about it. We didn't want to get our hopes up. Most of us didn't actually. We thought if we ignored the forecast, closed our eyes and ears it would just go away.

But come Sunday evening we began to have flurries! And woke up to 2 inches of snow (at least)! It snowed till noon and now is just cloudy! Schools are anyway closed for spring break. City didn't close offices. Life moved on.


We are now ready for spring to really show up. Cherry blossoms are supposed to peak in ten days. I don't know. Spring was just budding as the snow came.

BUT D & I got to play in the snow!! We helped another girl build her snowman. I had no clue as to how to build one as I never did before!! hahaha! And then we built our own! (Plus the girl kind of wanted to do her own thing and was slowly physically pushing D aside whenever her mom looked away or was attending to her big sister a few feet away!) We built two big ones and a small one. D made a family. She seemed to want to make more but I convinced her it was time to come home!


She enjoyed all of it, except for the snow falling on her face. She kept wiping it off!
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Spring is here! The skies are clear, the temperatures are just nice... it's beautiful weather! It was on such a day that I headed over to the Smithsonian museum for my usual volunteer shift of four hours. I was however a bit late as I waddled over to my area. Amazing how the weather has improved and the numbers of visitors has nearly doubled!! 

As usual I enjoyed the shift very much! But my body didn't so much. It was hard to be on my feet for so long. The other lady I was sharing the shift with made sure I got plenty of breaks. She has had two kids and sympathised.

The numbers will only increase from now till labour day weekend in September. sigh. so I believe that was my last shift till baby arrives! ah well... am glad I at least got to do it for as long as I possibly could!

I did however get a chance to see so many people with so many different strollers with car seats on and a handful with slings/baby carriers on. I don't think I have ever paid this much attention! We did decide on a car seat and stroller for the baby. The biggest deciding factor (after safety concerns being addressed and stuff) was weight. It can't weigh over 15 pounds - as I can't lift anything heavier. For home and small trips I will be using a wrap carrier but I can see how the infant car seat as a carrier also has its benefits. We are still wondering though if we can hold off on buying the stroller till when the baby is 5-6 months old and just stick to the wrap till then. We might just do that.


Apr. 21st, 2008 11:32 am
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I ran jogged 1.5 miles (2.25km) today with just one 3 minute break (brisk walk) in the middle! yay! Alright, this also shows I haven't been too regular at the gym. :X But it's still feels good to be able to do that. I need to work on the pace though. My goal is to keep up with hubby when we go jogging out in the park when the weather gets better.

I am hungry.

The weather is getting warmer and some evenings just before the night cools down, it gets unbearably warm. So we bought a fan last week! It was just in time! We have air-con unit that's just the heater emitting cold air. Neither of us is a fan of AC anyhow! And I saw the amount of dust that has collected in the unit when the maintenance guys came to change filters, I am now afraid to use it!

Yesterday was Earth Day at the National Mall. But it poured so heavily, I did not go. Tomorrow is the actual day celebrating the Earth or mourning its slow demise*, whichever way you look at it.

The trees are even more abundant with leaves this week. It's amazing to see the change each day!

I am hungry.

There is so much to do. I must get on with things!

* I don't actually think it's dying, but it's changing, which is perfectly fine for the planet. It has seen drastic changes for many millions of years. It's human survival with the changes that's the issue at hand.


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