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D shared this morning, "Winter is fighting with spring! It wants to stay forever and Spring is telling it, it's time to go!!! Silly winter! It has to go to Africa!" (She remembered that when N went to South Africa last time, the seasons were opposite)

And sure is a battle out there! It was nice and balmy last week and we woke up to an inch of snow this morning! Well, it didn't stick to the roads since the earth warmed up so much in a week! So, it looks stunning outside! The contrasts of white, wet wood, brick...I guess I am enjoying even more because it's the end of season! :)
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Our area's Mardi Gras parade seems to be completely out of luck! Or maybe not. It was rescheduled last year due to snow. And it looks it might happen yet again!

We might be walking home from our school/work in snow! woo hoo... But there's like a 50% chance of it actually happening. We won't know till tomorrow 1pm! Maybe a better prediction when we get up in the morning.

But we are prepared. My snow pant (well, it's more a rain pant - since I am going to use that more than a snow pant) and D's oversized snow pant+gloves arrived in the mail (sorry - am not going to buy a brand new one just for one season, that might be next year!!)! I don't know people complained their mail was interrupted. Ours seem to have come sooner than expected.

Did you know Amazon now has its own deliver van/trucks?! It's cool and annoying. You never know how you going to get your stuff - USPS, UPS/FedEx, or a van with just the amazon logo on it. The first two have our buzzer code to enter - well the USPS & UPS and not the FedEx and amazon delivery guy/gal doesn't - clearly you can tell who delivers here more with the same delivery people.

Anyway, I hope for some snow so we could try out our gear! And yet, February has a lot of school days off as it is. sigh.

ETA: looks like it will just be mostly rain with a teeny bit of snow when we are sleeping. Temperatures seem they will stay warm enough to keep ice away. bah. And I am also oh so grateful that we only had to buy snow suits for the pleasure of playing in the snow longer.
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It was such a beautiful day out today! The snow banks now look like crushed ice! It was beautiful! DC has a stadium parking lot to dump all their plowed streets. Arlington doesn't know where to put all the snow! They are having to drive further out and all our garbage is piling up as they have recruited all the garbage trucks to transport snow!! But it's all good! Did you know when the weather is dry, the garbage doesn't stink, you need humidity to add/worsen the stench!? ;) Things you learn after couple of years of diapers.

Glad D's camp spent most of the day outside. She however is done with the snow. It's colder she said and they make for terrible snow creatures! So, any patch of green she sees amidst the snow, she declares, "it's SPRING!"

March, my dear girl, March. Maybe even April or May (like it was two years ago when we celebrated her birthday in winter coats!!) before spring arrives!!

So, yes there are folks complaining. But somehow today, I was feeling very grateful. For all that I have. For the work that's piled up, for the girl who drives us crazy, for the hubby who took care of the home (laundry, meals, and child pickup/drop-off) today, for the jackets that keep us warm, for the people we are surrounded with. Am just thankful!

I am also thankful for the metro, as I believe as I type they are predicting a terrible commute home. The temperatures have dropped and the melted snow is turning icy and everyone in this region loves driving bumper to bumper!
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Well, it snowed!! woo hoo! Our first snow!! For all but maybe 15 minutes?? The roads are dry and no one would even guess we had snow or even rain or sleet, or any form of precipitation.

It is however FREEZING cold and oh so windy! My daughter is absolutely loving it! And my credibility that it is in fact WINTER has been redeemed in her eyes! Mommy's no longer lying! And to humour me, she wore TWO jackets! But wai, no hat and no gloves. But that's good too, her hands were warm to touch, she demonstrated by sticking her hand up my arm since I was all bundled up in every winter attire appropriate for the weather! ;)

Stay warm people!
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Every morning D wakes up and asks why there is no snow?! It's all the picture books' fault. You see to show winter, there's always snow. So, without snow it's either still Fall or it's already spring.

And I realised some family members back home also feel the same way and have begun to share with us words of caution now that winter has set of going about in snow. I didn't get it at first until one of them was wishing and hoping that Asha won't have trouble getting here on Friday. I first attributed to Friday traffic. She will be coming here on the beltway and it's always a mess. But no, they were attributing possible trouble to the snow we are having since winter has arrived.

I guess the snow's arrival up north made news in India? I don't know. And these are family members who have been here and realise how big the country is.

ah well. It's cute and it's amusing! :) We are though forecasted for possible freezing rain on Friday. Now, I don't know what that even means. I kind of took it as a given that rain falling during temps in the 40s (fareinheit) would be freezing cold! But I figure that would make icy roads/sidewalks? uggh.. so maybe they are on to something!

Dang it.
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So, this is my annual obligatory post about whining about the cold/snow, when it really is not necessary because well, it really isn't cold compared to lets say Canada or even last week. But I have to remind myself of my roots, on the deccan plateau in India, where all I knew was heat and scorching heat. But I promise this post shows improvement and a possible conversion.

I guess, I should finally unpack my winter clothes. I knew I had at least one turtle neck somewhere. And a thought came to mind. Maybe I could trick Murphy's Law! Get my winter gear out, pack my summer clothes in, organise my whole closet for the season and voila, it will end up being the shortest winter known to the region! Voila! It will be spring! (although reality is it would take me two months to do it and well, yeah winter would naturally end! :P)

I am sure there is some reason God has given winter a purpose. There must be some sound reasoning behind us needing 10 feet of snow in one snowfall or even an inch of it. Aside from the need to crazily ski down the slopes. Maybe it's to give people a break from constantly cooking. I mean, that's what women seem to do back on the plateau. We have the luxury of year round crops. Every festival signifies harvest season for some vegetable or fruit or nut. So, we cook year round. I guess I appreciate winter for that?! But dang it for globalisation and the ability for us to ship stuff from everywhere! D is craving watermelon in the middle of winter, and look we get that! I somehow find that SO wrong!! The only exception I make is to mangoes! :D

It must be some sick joke for someone to sit and watch the near panic a snow forecast does for the region. One mistake the school board makes and they pay for it for the rest of the season! Today, we got an inch of snow. No, less than an inch. There was a chance of ice accumulating, hundreths of an inch (according to the national weather service) and so that entailed ensuring that even squirrels don't slip and slide, causing the VA transport department to pretreat the roads yesterday night and again at 4am this morning. They had trucks ready too! All for an inch of snow. It seemed they were a week late. Arlington delayed by two hours, which was just as silly. Fairfax closed schools. Maybe they got more snow & ice. (N did say the bridges were icy last night). Who knows?! All I know is, it must suck to be on that deciding board!! phew!

So, why!? And then I imagine myself visiting during the summer in Hyderabad, where it's already 30C. And then I find myself grateful that my whole family has migrated to Bangalore. Then I remember why winters are wonderful. Then I remember the purpose of snow. It's not there to fulfil someone's sadistic nature. It's there to give us water. It's the source of water. Which you will find none of on the deccan plateau as they prepare for summer.

So, I will get my thermals out - which I have to thankfully use only when I get brave and take D to a whole day at the park. I have been uprooted a couple of times, in my life. As every year passes it seems I am placing roots here in this coldish-town. And however much I might deny, I am starting to like it. Just a little.

But no, I will not be moving anywhere further north any time soon! I am not THAT in love with the cold! No sirree... I will always love the sun. Which thankfully shows its face every few days! Or I get sad.
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So, last year everyone was up in arms about how overly cautious the region was over snowfall. My goodness they were! And over the night and now, our first snow fall came and well, it seems any bit of caution was blown off by the strong winds we had the last few days!

We have two inches of snow in Arlington, so the suburbs must have gotten another two inches more than us. This time we show the country how tough we are. Schools stayed open, oh yes they did! We will ignore the weather forecasters because they are wrong most of the time anyway! Opened on time! No one's closing for anybody! Not even the tiny bit of fluffy snow.

But wait, someone,*cough* Virginia Dept of Transport,*cough* forgot to pretreat the snow the night before. Or even to get up and plow some of the roads. Maybe plowing the highway would be a good place to start and maybe a few main arteries here and there. So that school buses and any of the public transit can actually use the roads and not go slipping and sliding, with umm with kids in it! Oh and while we so bravely keep schools open, the kids are busy building snowpeople/animals or just standing at their stops for over an hour!!

Right, great job DC-metro area! Great start to the season!

So, a point for us to stay where we are! N walked to work. D & I walked to preschool. I went to the gym and came back! If the car has a ton of snow on it freezing over, meh. We can walk to the store. And the next few days are going to be below zero. I assume, if my science is right, everything will just freeze over. So, likely tomorrow we will get a snow day. And that's ok for us!

ETA: County site has requested all to stay off roads so they can clear them. Apparently the snowfall was heavier than expected. Am not sure though. Even yesterday afternoon the forecast was 2-3 inches for us and they did nothing. Not even keep trucks ready for the morning. I know using of salt for everything is also not good for the rivers.
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This morning as we were brushing our teeth, D noted her toothpaste was over. So, she reminded me to call the postman and to tell him to bring some more (we do most of our shopping via Prime!)! I shared with her that the postman will no longer be bringing us stuff, we will need to go to the store. Goodbye Amazon Prime and hello Target, here we come with CASH! Our last ten days with prime and I am coming up with all lists to make full use of it before we say goodbye! lol.. I really don't like going to stores/shopping!

It snowed about 2-3 inches and stopped. It was beautiful day! Maybe because schools didn't close! ha ha ha! And that Spring is around the corner! woot! And it's not really sticking, more rain than anything and no ice yet! The temperatures aren't expected to go below zero! I even drove in snow!

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All this talk on cold weather is a big deal for me. 2007 was my first winter! Ok, we did 3 winters in Rome. But Rome is surrounded by hills. It snows like once in 20 years and we missed that phenomenon because we moved a year after it snowed. Cold often means anything between 5-6C. And we were young and immune to it. But otherwise, it was 10 years in hot & dry year round (27-36C) weather, another ten years by the equator with year round (32C weather with high humidity) and 7 years in paradise - Hawai'i! So, yes, surviving winters was a big thing!!

I am glad I put in money to get snow boots, snow suit for D (at the thrift store)! People laughed why?! Well, good thinking! I just had my doubts. We had the hottest summer and lot of predictions about having the coldest winter. Last winter was also the oddest and lasted well over into April. It was also a suggestion a friend made that you can spend more time at the playground (if we were to have a regular winter) with the snowsuits on. I was determined to also "enjoy" the cold. So, I prepared myself too. I got myself some boots too! We got woolen hats from NEPAL that were made with actual wool!

It was 2010 Jan, when we got a ton of snow in one season. I had no boots and neither did my MIL. So, what we did to go play in the snow? We used PLASTIC bags for "socks" and wore our sneakers! Oh what fun that was!! But yeah, not exactly a long-term solution.

My resolution that came in fall was to live the credo of "no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing!" And I got an A+ for that! I even drove with snow on the ground. I didn't when there was ice. Because I have no idea how to handle the road if I did drive on a patch of ice and neither do majority of the locals.

I wish we had some training like folks in good ol' Sweden. Apparently they are taken onto icy roads as part of their driver training. When I took driver ed here last year (I just needed their car but taking a few classes with them was cheaper deal), the teacher who was excellent in every other way, couldn't even explain how to handle bicyclists on the road! Horrible, and to think she is training the next generation of drivers!

Anyway, the only thing with all this preparedness is that we are often the only ones at the playground and D feels very sad. sigh. So, we did go to some hikes. We took up some nature programs at the nature center, that remained opened during snow days (well, they had to cancel their programs but they stayed open). And they still take you out on hikes through some of the trails (staying off the ones going by streams as we did get flooding). And I don't complain about all the snow. We will know that we won't be back to drought days as we were at the edge of a few years ago.

I am also glad to be living in urban jungle. The metro still runs (the overground trains stop when we get 8+ inches), life goes on. Arlington county utmost delays opening when we get 1-2 inches (unless it's ice). I just wish I wasn't sick through most of December and January! bleah….

What worries me is the warm winters in CA & the west coast! Scary to think how their summers will be and the fires! :(
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It's becoming a trend now. Every year around this time, I have the same rant/ramble/whatever-you-want-to-call it. I just wanted to look it up, copy & paste it here…But dang it I don't know if I even tagged it and if I did what I tagged it as. ah well.

With the recent snow days, there has been a lot of laughs at us locals for being so very weak handling snow. And you thought mommy wars were bad. oh wait, this is but an extension of it, as the wars are fought on school county FB pages, where you can detect who is from which region by their anger or support at closing of school days! ;)

oh wait! I found it!! lol… Uppity People..

And two snow days ago, we had barely an inch of snow and we closed. Again a lot of snickers but they were the ones slipping and falling because it wasn't an inch of snow, it was ICE. bleah.

Ah well, when the temps hit 90F and they all are running for the AC, and dying (not literally, I wouldn't wish that on people) of blistering heat, we will see who will be laughing! Not me, because I will be also running along to get into the AC room! Dang it..I have become a wimp even with extreme heat!

In fact, today at 30F, I was finding it pleasant!! OMG, I even took my muffler off and wore just my glove liner to give my daughter company (who must have been from the Arctic region in her past life, but humors me and wears all her layers!!). My family was in complete shock to hear that, a girl who never can/could tolerate cold is calling 30F pleasant! just waiting for winter to be over. Our whole household is down with a virus. N lost his voice today. They are getting his chest x-ray done tomorrow just in case, to rule out pneumonia. sigh. Bring on the summer and spray parks!
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The last snowstorm that we thought would be the last for the season shut the whole city down. Well, this was it! By afternoon it all disappeared!


We were ready for spring. We were so disappointed. bah. On Friday I saw the forecast of snow/rain for Monday. Many of us did and didn't even bother about it. We didn't want to get our hopes up. Most of us didn't actually. We thought if we ignored the forecast, closed our eyes and ears it would just go away.

But come Sunday evening we began to have flurries! And woke up to 2 inches of snow (at least)! It snowed till noon and now is just cloudy! Schools are anyway closed for spring break. City didn't close offices. Life moved on.


We are now ready for spring to really show up. Cherry blossoms are supposed to peak in ten days. I don't know. Spring was just budding as the snow came.

BUT D & I got to play in the snow!! We helped another girl build her snowman. I had no clue as to how to build one as I never did before!! hahaha! And then we built our own! (Plus the girl kind of wanted to do her own thing and was slowly physically pushing D aside whenever her mom looked away or was attending to her big sister a few feet away!) We built two big ones and a small one. D made a family. She seemed to want to make more but I convinced her it was time to come home!


She enjoyed all of it, except for the snow falling on her face. She kept wiping it off!
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I don't think I wrote about the adventure MIL had on her flight back on Friday! I want to write this down to remember for the future.... not that any of us here will actually ever forget!

A brief backstory: MIL went to Tucson for two weeks to attend the International Gem & Jewelry show. She has a lot of interest and practices use of healing crystals and a close family friend lives there too. So, she was there for ten days. She was supposed to return Monday, Feb 8th, which would allow a week of quality time with N and I. We both had taken the week off to spend a nice week together before she headed back to Mumbai on the 13th Feb. Well, Monday came and DC metro area was submerged in 30 inches of snow. So her flight got rescheduled to Tuesday. Well, Tuesday came and the second round of snowstorm came and so her flight was rescheduled to Wednesday and then to Thursday and then finally to Friday!

By Thursday afternoon the runways at all airports were up and running! We were wondering then why they cancelled Thursday flights. I guess they didn't think they would be cleared by then. ah well. We no longer pondered on the what-ifs! We were just happy that the runways were open and mom would make it back in time! We needed to figure out how we were going to pick up her up all the way at Dulles when our car's out of order, public transport was still not up and running and the roads were still a bit messy and wondered if cabs would take us.

Friday morning, we were woken up to hear from our friend in Tucson who had dropped MIL at the airport that all was clear and the flight has taken off on time. They (he and his brother) waited at the airport till the flight took off! They didn't want to take any chances either! We were relieved and went back to sleep. I got up at 8ish and checked the flight status again and all seemed okay.

I had the TV news running in the background. I was getting tired of the whole snow reports and wasn't paying much attention when they reported that the South was also expecting snow! I saw that it was snowing in Dallas, TX. I didn't care really. I carried on with the day. Hubby was busy packing up and had to go to office for a while. 

In the afternoon, around 2:30ish I checked her flight status again and it showed "boarding" for the second segment from Atlanta to DC. phew... I was talking to N's cousin on the phone who called worried about mom's return. She heard from grandmother that she was coming through Dallas and saw it was snowing there! I got a bit nervous at first then realised that no, she is landing in DULLES International not Dallas Texas.

As I was on the phone with her, I saw the news go to a live clip of an airport covered in a bit of snow and I couldn't believe it! It was ATLANTA airport!!!!!!! NO way! This couldn't be happening I thought! I was still on the phone while I checked the flight status and saw "awaiting takeoff"!!! We both sat there and prayed that the flight take off!! I saw that the flight before and the two flights afterwards were cancelled! Oh I prayed so hard!

The status didn't change for the longest of time. So, I hung up with the cousin and then called Delta airlines. And she said that the flight was just delayed in taking off but will be landing an hour later than scheduled! Oh, if the representative was here I would have hugged and kissed her! (Later MIL shared that they were de-icing the plane and so were waiting an hour on the runway!)

So, MIL made it! phew... I was overjoyed to see her! Husband saw such a difference in me! I guess I did miss her more than I realised I did! 

The next day, we were all busy packing up. Everything looked like it was going as planned. A friend offered to drop MIL & N to the airport (N's also travelling - the same day a little later). So, I also joined to drop them off.

Goodbyes were shared, tears shared, a quick back rub given - my back was getting really sore after sitting in the car for an hour! 

MIL landed in Mumbai late Sunday night, well Monday morning (their time). When I spoke to her later, what do I find?! Her flight from Frankfurt to Mumbai was delayed by two hours because of snow!!!!! What are the chances?! really? 

I reassured her that we both can be very sure that snow will not follow her in Mumbai!! ;) 
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If I hear one more Northerner snickering at the locals here for their "wimpiness" towards the "little bit of snow" we got, it will make me mad. It's not a little bit of snow. We have 2ft of snow on the ground another 16 inches expected with this second round of blizzard conditions. People don't have shovels at home nor do they have cars equipped for the road conditions nor do they have proper clothes.

But most importantly, our budgets for snow removal are not as big as Chicago or New York City. Baltimore actually ran out of salt over the weekend! They had budgeted $6 million for the whole season. The December storm cost them $4 million and that was for 20inches of snow. We got another 30 inches (at least) in the last two rounds! So, you do the rest of the math.

We averaged 8 inches in the whole winter season in the last two winters I have been here. This season so far has dumped 40inches of snow and it's still falling. So, no this is not a little bit of snow. Not for us. Not for me who has lived in countries where the temperature averaged 90F and the worst mother nature threw at us were tropical rain storms. You didn't find me snickering when Europe had a heat wave and it was barely wavering around 32-34C (90F) a few years ago! 

Ah to tease among friends is different but we see this in the language used in Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, and we have seen this amidst national news broadcasters. Even President Obama joked about this when he came down for the inauguration last year. Then give us a bit more funds... we will keep running no problem.
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oh my goodness... we woke up...well, husband is still sleeping in. Who wouldn't on this cold snowy morning. Me however had to get up as my stomach was growling and needed a bathroom run and a few glasses of water. Dude, the kid has already become the boss!

I woke up with great inspiration that we should buy a sewing machine. I think it's much more realistic for me to use that than actually knitting something! I have learnt how to use a machine before and how to measure and sew clothes. Although, the one pair of shorts I had set out to make in high school extra-curricular activity lessons was never actually finished (I only took sewing class for one semester. The teacher never wore a bra and I got tired of trying to avert my eyes everytime she came over to help! You can imagine the fun the boys had, but she really didn't have much to show, and hence the no-bra policy probably, but really someone should tell her not to bend over so much!!!!).

So, I have many dreams of sewing up blankets (which I have experience doing with as well), small tops and bottoms for the baby and already can visualise the dollars saved! Of course, to actually save, I would need to commit doing it for a few years. And I was thinking the alterations I could do like hemming up pants I buy that fit right but are too long! Small stuff. So, I am eagerly awaiting the awakening of my husband to share this big news and watch his face turn in utter bemusement!

Blame it on the snow. There's so much of it! I think we have collected about 8 inches overnight! And it's still snowing!! Maybe later this afternoon we will bundle up and go out! We really are stuck at home this weekend and I am so happy it's with my husband. We haven't had this much time together in months! 

I am hungry again.. that banana was only going to give me so much time! I made batter for dosas and it fermented! yay!!! Off to make some coconut chutney and enjoy hot hot dosas in this cold dreary weather!
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We are still blanketed with a lot of snow everywhere. Mostly because it's the added on snow ploughed from the roads and the pavements. So, as I walk onto the pavement there are two walls sandwiching me! Although - hang on, I haven't been walking about on the pavements. I have been on house arrest in fear of ice on pavements. Every morning MIL starts off with a "good morning and will there be ice on the road" question. I explain to her that as the temperatures fall below zero overnight, whatever snow that has melted will most likely evaporate during the day or freeze up overnight. Stupid me, gets myself in trouble - as it follows with, "well, in that case you shouldn't go out!"

So, I have been sitting at home the last three days. Monday of course, I myself dared not venture out as there was just too much ice and the roads/pavements were not really cleared yet. Our office was closed anyhow. And mostly hubby was back and I was ever so excited to have him back. So, even otherwise I was planning to take the day off! 

Tuesday, I was ready to go and the above conversation occured. This morning,  I spoke with my director (who now is in Luxembourg) and found that no one else would be at office. So, I need not go if I wished. So, I am at home doing some work and then have the day free! 

And oh my God, Tuesday I was so emotionally strung up, I was crying over everything. I was getting upset over everything. N was so surprised! Yesterday, I did go out to help him shovel off the snow off the car. I had to get the clothes out of the dryer and so went down a bit later. By then he had already finished. But after all our squabbles, it was a nice "reunion"! We took a short walk together and then headed back home! He is a sweatheart, did I mention?!

So, there are a lot of things to do before our trip comes up on Friday and I'd better get started!
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Snow storm Dec19 2009 345pm-5

It's still snowing away! It seems to have picked up more now - well, the wind has! In the afternoon we ventured out. MIL was not so keen. She was really worried that I will trip and fall somewhere. I kept insisting that as long as it snows it will be okay and if we find it even one bit slippery then we will turn back.

So with that promise, we bundled up!  MIL had no boots to wear. Well, she had gotten one two years ago before their trip to Montana & Wyoming. But we couldn't find them. I think they are packed up and in the storage room that's locked up in the building basement! So, all she had were sandals and sneakers that were porous. So, I got the idea for her to wear socks, and then put a plastic cover (the ones we get at supermarkets to put veggies/fruits in) on each foot and using rubber bands to hold it up before putting the feet in the shoes! See, watching MacGyver really paid up! 

Oh and I inaugurated my new boots today and they kept me warm and snug the whole time! yay!

It was really nice to walkabout in the snow. We couldn't see where the pavement ended and where the road began. Our street not being a main artery was not cleared up (although we did see a snow plough go up as we were heading back home)!  So the pedestrians took over the road! It was such fun! We tried making snowballs but the snow was too powdery to do that. ah well. We just enjoyed watching our feet sink in and walking up and down the street!

a few more pics )


Dec. 18th, 2009 09:48 pm
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It's started to snow! The flakes look more like dust particles at the moment! Started earlier than forecasted! But if it snows as forecasted we will get a foot of snow by tomorrow night and that will be my first "big" snow! The last time I saw snow was 8 inches in Tulsa, Oklahoma (where the userpic was taken).

It was a US Jaycees national convention. It was February 2002. My first time to Tulsa, where they were holding the national convention. Apparently we brought in the cold front. The temperatures were somewhere in the 60s (around 16C)  the week before! The convention brought delegates from every corner of the country. As we walked into the hotel lobby where the conference was to be held, everyone knew the Hawai'i delegation was in the house! I guess the Asian ethnicity and the tans gave it all away (for some reason at the national level, Asians were somewhat a minority nationwide). Well, anyway so we thought. But what really gave it away was that in 60F weather we were all bundled up in jackets, gloves, and mufflers!! 

The following morning we woke up to nearly 8 inches of snow - apparently a record high for Tulsa as well! So, we ditched the morning sessions and the whole Hawai'i delegation was out in the snow playing! We were kids again! I remember fondly a delegate from Kansas who just looked at us so baffled enjoying the snow. She didn't like snow much. She feels it's nothing but trouble! hmmm... we played and we played for nearly two hours - maybe more. By then our gloves were drenched and we were beginning to feel the chill.

We also remembered that some of us had shopping plans - going to Bath & Body Works (a store Hawai'i didn't have then)! Important things. By evening we all hated the cold and couldn't wait to get on the plane home! Luckily we were leaving the following morning. It was freezing. We all rushed into the van that took us to the airport. I always looked forward to returning to Hawai'i. I always missed it and always felt it calling me when away. But this time, it was felt even much more!

We landed in Hawai'i that was also hit with a cold front with highs of 73F (23C)!! For us we were in heaven. We nearly fell to the ground and kissed it! But we figured that would look too strange. For the rest of the week, we truly enjoyed 73F "cold"!! Other local friends thought we were mad.

Oh yeah, that following week, University of Hawaii was in Tulsa playing, I think basketball (or maybe Football?). The sportscaster was in his Aloha shirt enjoying a nice 75F weather in Tulsa OK!! Go figure!

And yes, we are spoiled in Hawai'i! It's truly a paradise that I miss so very much! 
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Yesterday evening we were warned of a snowstorm. It had started snowing late afternoon yesterday. Snow were just small flakes and looked harmless. N's Boston office had declared the office to be closed on Monday in preparation of the snowstorm expected. DC office made no declaration.

It was well into the morning as we awoke. But it still it looked bleak and dark outside. Maybe we woke up too early. But the clock did show 7:40am. And we were late! N quickly got ready and I got to the kitchen to get breakfast and things ready. Our steps though stopped midway as we looked out the window. It was snowing still. A surprise winter storm passed through the Northeast region of the country since yesterday late afternoon! The cars were covered with a thick layer of snow on top. People in the Monday morning rush struggled to scrape off the snow. Those using the public transport struggled to walk through the snow. We just watched for a while as we sipped on our hot cup of mango tea the flakes flying in all directions as the wind gusted at whopping speeds.

Lucky for me, it's my day off. But not so lucky N had to head to office. But we were lucky in one big way and that is he didn't need to drive anywhere in this inclement weather! We were envisioning our lives if we were to be living in a house elsewhere in town and again thanked our lucky stars. Instead of sipping hot tea and enjoying the view, we would be shoveling the snow away!

The skies are clearing up as I type this. But it's still snowing. The snow is picking up off rooftops and also the roads as the winds continue to be gusty! What a sight! Tomorrow morning if the sun doesn't do it's job well today, will be a tougher struggle as the semi-melted snow will turn to ice!

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On a completely different note.. just used this for my 2008 year... and thought to share in case someone stumbling across hasn't known about this! Neat idea!


Turns your journal into a PDF Book.

LJBook (gads_ljbook)

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In middle school & high school I was in the choir (on and off). Yes, I was. Our choir specialised singing out of key. We drove our music coordinator mad. We usually performed carols at the winter performance show held in December. We often sang songs of snow, cold, and having a white Christmas. But they were just songs. The last few weeks the malls have begun playing carols of snow, jingle bells, roasting chestnuts, and Santa. I began humming and kept saying, let it not snow, let it not snow. Because in the past I could be confident that I was not going to be freezing anywhere (it snows once in twenty years in Rome and in Singapore we had no likelihood of snow)!

Now the songs have a more real meaning..... and yes, it's the first snowfall!! I have been sitting by my window staring at it mesmerized and catching myself hum, "let it snow, let it snow let it snow" and adding, "just for a little while"!

So am pondering on my way to the gym (which is just in the building next door) will I slip and fall and hurt my little behind?! And do you use an umbrella when it snows??


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