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Yesterday afternoon, D comes over to the kitchen to ask me, "mommy, why do you always ask me to stop singing, "let it go" loudly? She hasn't sung it in weeks, so this question was so out of the blue!!

Me: Because it's loud and it disturbs me and possibly our neighbors. And when you sing it multiple times it gets tiring.
D: But Elsa in the movie sings it so loudly.
Me: Well, does Elsa have any friends/family in the whole big castle?
D, reflecting over it, says: No, she is all alone and so she can sing it loudly. But no one wants to be with her. They tell her to go away. And she is afraid Anna will hurt her.
Me: Not really. She thought no one wanted to be with her. She thought she might hurt others, especially her sister whom she loves, if she stayed, so Elsa ran away from everyone. Anna got worried for her sister and went to look for her.
D: Elsa was rude. She didn't use her words and share her problem. She didn't tell anyone where she was going. She was being very rude! And with great assertiveness & strong emphasis, she says, Mommy, I am never going to watch the movie again. She was not nice. But I will ONLY see the video of the song, let it go!

lol....sigh... I swear, she saw the movie twice on our flight back from India back in AUGUST 2014 and saw the music video twice since then months ago! 


Jan. 17th, 2015 09:38 pm
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Franchises, you love them and you hate them. Someone in the school gym was asking other moms/nannies what franchises their kids are following. She obviously meant cartoons-disney stuff.

We haven't really directly introduced D to any movie-related-franchises. We are cheap like that and can't afford to really go buy her one movie-themed-paraphanolia after the other. Even if it's cheap at Target. Which also means D doesn't have access to tablets. She believes tablets are medicine - the pills you swallow. We ourselves don't own any. We did update ourselves with one recent technological advancement and that is a smartphone, which only I have and is not attached to any data plans. So, it's mostly a camera & phone (in India). We did follow the no-screen time till 2 years old strictly - mostly because it fit our budget.

During our travels since D was 6 months old, before we went on a road trip, well, mostly flying, N would grab straws from a popular-coffee chain - they have green straws (it just so happened it was a franchise). And she absolutely loved them! She was completely immeresed when N connected more than one together! Summers in DC, I would often panic when D was under 2 especially, that she would suffer from dehydration!! The only way I could get her to drink water was to stop at this popular coffee chain and get her water in their see through cups with a green straw.

It became kind of a habit. This past year, we can't walk past this coffee-chain without collecting some straws and have to quench a sudden thirst that she has and her water bottle (even when full) has some apparent problem that she can't decipher. It keeps us going through short & long road trips. Each and every bag of mine has at least 3-4 straws, that SHE collects.

She has also learnt its name. She had been calling it the baker-shop (because it has croissants) that has green straws. So, now that she knows the name, we got our daughter hooked to a franchise, Starbox. 
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These past few days, D has been building some forts/buildings/schools with her lego blocks. And then she will request me to tell her a story about it! I tell her I would love to do that but would love to hear her story about it since she built it.

D: I don't know how to tell a story. You need to send me to a story-telling school so I can learn a LOT of stories.

Me: Where is this school?

D: It's in Africa [It changes location everyday] and my friends go there too and said that they have learnt a LOT of stories.

And she goes on to describe the friends and what they learnt! She will go on for a good twenty minutes. Then turn around and get annoyed,

D: Mommy, I don't know any stories. Can you come now and tell me a story about this building?

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This morning while getting dressed,

D: Mommy, when will I be 4.5 years old?
Me: in two months.
D: And then when will I be 5, and after that how old will I be?

So, we counted till we got to 30, when she stops and asks,

D: so, then I will have to be in a different house! I will be too big for this apartment!
Me: Yes, you will likely be in your own home and with a job doing whatever you wish!
D: And when I am 20, I will go to college?
Me: Yes

To which she says, "where I will learn how to be an astronaut? I can't wait!"
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As we were saying goodbyes, my aunt asked D if she could come to her school. D promptly refused saying it's only for children and you have to be 4 years old. She then asked if her friend, her grandson could come to Arlington and go to her school. She thought about and said no! She thought some more and told her, "no, he can't come! Because my mom only likes having one children!"

She obviously thought it would mean he would be adopted by us! ;) But all were amused!
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N and I pack our lunches everyday in plastic Tupperware. We heat up our food in the microwave at work before consuming lunch. One day when N was about to do that at his office pantry microwave one of his colleagues came running across the room saying, "don't do that!" She stopped him from putting the Tupperware into the microwave, showed that the office pantry also has ceramic plates in which he can heat up food. "Don't you know that heating up food in plastic causes some leakage of toxic materials that are cancerous?!" Husband was just a bit shocked at the sudden outrage in an otherwise quiet colleague and went along with her advice.

Later on in the afternoon when he stepped out of the building for something he sees the same colleague out with others smoking! He wanted to run and say, "stop! don't do that! Don't you know smoking causes cancer?!" But refrained and went on to whatever he was going to do!

One is still under investigation on the claims and the other is proven fact. Go figure!
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But before I go.... a funny incident...

Yesterday when the weather was pleasant for a brief day, I took a walk around the block during lunch hour. As I was walking past the Treasury Department (which is by the White House), I saw young group of teenagers intently reading the map. One of them seemed the easier way would be just to ask someone. So, she asked to no one in particular, "Where is the White House?" Two young gentlemen who heard her as they were walking in the same direction behind me responded pointing to the building next door, "It's right there!" in same tone of voice as the teenager.

The teenager looked even more vexed and looked at the map again and went, "but how do we get in?" The two men responded, "you don't!"

And as we kept walking the girl by now was exasperated and yelled, "But we came all the way and want to meet the President!"

Don't we all... heheheheh


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