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OK.. I do have the flu. It's not allergies. misery. It took me a whole 5 hours to work on a document that would have otherwise taken 1 hour.

D so sweetly said she will watch TV - so I can rest! ;) [Mondays are her TV days - speaking of which we should donate to PBS. It's what she watches and I heard it's on the chopping block.]

Completely missed doing something for Chinese New Year this year. It will be ten years since I left Malaysia this year. And that attachment is slowly waning. The other day, at school, while I was helping the school library get their books in place, the three custodians helping as well were speaking in Cantonese. I don't understand a word. But I always feel so much at home around it.

Going to go crawl back into bed.  
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D is on her third day of a fever over 100F. sigh. But it seems to be coming down. I actually enjoyed the two days with her. She gets so talkative with a fever! It's hilariously adorable! I got to know so much about her school life, and her thoughts and every thing else under the sun! Mom and dad laugh, as apparently I was the same! But this behavior has been around since birth. Her teething episodes entailed giggling sessions at 3am!! We were completely baffled! It makes sense now!!

And she makes a great patient! She's so independent in self-care. She announced on the phone to her pinni (it's a telugu term for mom's younger sister, literal translation - younger mom) that since she has a fever she has to rest, play, rest, play, rest, eat and play. And she has been doing exactly that! Her playing though has involved some TV, books read (even though she is exhausted with this too), her blocks and zingo with us.

And I am a sneaky mom. I made her a ragi drink without the cardamom though (sweet version with honey). She tasted the first few sips and made a face, of course. I don't really like the drink either growing up. It's an aquired taste and took me decades to like it. I asked her how it tastes like for her. Her response, chocolate & injera - two of her favourite foods! So, score! Not sure if she will try it again though. She is not a fan of chocolate milk either.

By the way buttermilk, Indian way would be chaas. N once got "buttermilk" here from safeway and made a sour face! lol... that's usually how we make paneer and I think we discard the watery part from the paneeer! Never knew.... hmm...wait, mom says we do use the whey for other stuff and can drink it too! hmmm... never remember doing either! But then I never spent time in the kitchen growing up, so who knows! She didn't mention what she uses it for! It has been decades since she made paneer at home! I have made it at home when the milk is in abundance and I think we might not finish before it goes bad, so usually I discard the whey anyway. hmmm... should try it for other things...

Yes, this post took all morning to type up!
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So, D & I had a bout of flu. The mild version. No fever but fatigue, body aches, cold, cough. They all took turns coming. Poor D, unsympathetic mother, realized late that she had it. No wonder she has been so upset. I gets bursts of energy and then I sink into fatigue and sleep as if I haven't slept in days.

And dang it, we gave D her flu shots the first time since birth! WTF?! Of course, they say it takes a few rounds before the effectiveness shows up. But really. ah well. This is her second flu in her 3.5 years too. At least, it wasn't full fledged, and maybe the flu shot helped with that. Who knows?!

So, one strain down. Hope there aren't any more coming. Growing up I caught the flu once, in high school and it was bad! I was out 3 weeks! It happened during finals week! I was fortunate that our school trusted mom to be the examiner and do it at home! I was a nerd and teacher's pet! :D They wouldn't do that with any other student!! And my mom trusted me that I took my test in my room while she went on her business. I was quarantined pretty much! Nope, didn't cheat. I wouldn't have been able to forgive myself for that. She did have me bring out all my course material from the room. I remember losing 5kg!! And I was already underweight! bleah.

But since then, once in college (was also bad, I had lost my voice for days) and twice in the last 3 years (counting this round)!! bleah… so have been skimming LJs but too exhausted to comment!

Our Thanksgiving weekend has been nice. Thursday we stayed home and enjoyed family time. Friday, Saturday & Sunday we have had friends over or visited friends! Nice and exhausting.   
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We drove to Philly on Saturday to meet a friend who's come to Philly for a week long conference from Malaysia! As we were driving, D's sneezing increased. We attributed it to maybe a dusty carseat, which hasn't been cleaned recently. We let it be. She was slightly feverish and we attributed that to the shots she got on Thursday. She was in a great mood! So, we went along. On the way to Philly we drove through Amish country. D just loved it! She must have been a country girl in her previous birth because she was singing away at the top of her lungs - so another reason we ignored her symptoms. Looking at her no one would have thought she was sick!

We went out for dinner with friend and all was well. When we got back around 9ish, she got changed into her night clothes and nursed was when the trouble began. Well, she fell asleep and she laid next to me. As I was dozing off I heard her smack her lips and swallow something and she began tossing and turning. I just patted her tummy. Then I felt something wet. I thought her diaper leaked. But it was her hair. She had puked everything she drank.

We cleaned her up. By now she was hysterical. Pissed she was woken up. She was in such deep slumber. She nursed again to sleep off and again she threw up everything. She was hysterical. Poor thing. We made a call to our doc's office, although we knew we just had to put up with it. The nurse suggested not to give any solids or liquids for three hours till the tummy muscles relaxed.

D thought that was cruel and she cried in such horror! The only solace she found was when we showed her things outside the window. She actually laughed, smiled, and kept saying "ka" "ka" as the cars drove by. She wouldn't go to anyone else. So, I sat on the couch, facing the window and slowly she dozed off. I could feel her stomach muscles twisting and wanting to throw up. By 2am she seemed to have stopped having that sensation and she woke up screaming and crying for boobies and I really couldn't bear hearing her cry like that. So, I let her nurse and she slept off blissfully! Because we had her propped up on pillows I slept so lightly to make sure she was okay all night. Slowly though, I did get her laying flat and I got maybe 3 hours of good sleep.

Sunday she seemed fine during the day. And slowly she is getting better. But I caught the bug and have been miserable. bleah.

This has been our first big "illness" with D. But she is such a wonderful sport. If you had met her during the day you would never have suspected that she was sick!! Even when she was miserable, she still laughed and babbled away looking out the windows!


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