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Did all our shopping for the holiday cooking and the coming week(s)! Come rain, snow, or sleet however unhappy that would make us! We are ready! Come friends/family, we are ready and overly excited!

Of course, all the groceries are sitting by the main door (inside of course, not that lazy) and waiting for me to put them away! sigh. And here I have ten minutes before going to pick D up.

It's so sad that some of the stores are staying open Thursday! Why?! They were wishing me a happy thanksgiving and it didn't make me happy because I couldn't really wish them back! They would be at work! Why can't we have one holiday when we all get a break and enjoy it with family/friends! Thanksgiving could be that holiday for us. It's not religious, it's just a nice time and be grateful!

I am now thinking with our firends over on Friday/Saturday we could decorate a tree. hmmm.... no I don't want to go to a store on Wednesday. And today the weather is just too beautiful to shop again. Meh. We can decorate the window sill! The outdoors wins! It's a balmy 70F!!!!
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oh dear me! I went and spent $120 at the thrift store!!! The whole point is to be thrifty and I have no idea how I spent that much! But you can imagine how much stuff I got too!! Way too much!!!

I love shopping for D. If you see my cart it will look like I have twins...a boy & a girl! :P D & I are completely ready for snow this winter! To play in the snow!! She has snow boots & pants and a beautiful woolen (actually woolen, not polyester) jacket! I have boots too that will (should anyway) keep me warm, with nice woolen (yes, actual wool and not acrylic or polyester) sweaters! I already have a woolen jacket.

My sensitivity to cold got worse last winter. None of the fancy gloves have helped. This year I will have to fork out and get ski gloves that have wool in them! Hope I never lose them and should last me ten years! That's usually how my clothes go too. I have stuff I have worn for a decade! It embarrasses my dad to a point who sends me shopping, but heck it still looks nice, then I still wear it! My hubby is just like me. A pair made in heaven! ;)

So, it usually gives me a reason to be unthrifty and so you can imagine what a thrift store is! It's like I found the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow! They actually had boots that I liked in a size 5! (It still was a little big for me, but that's how life is)!! Yes, my feet are small!

oh yay! My first shopping trip in a shop in months too! I don't like shopping actually. Now I need to get a new pair of jeans too...the ones I got last year in India are tad bit too tight. I could get back on the treadmill and exercise, which I really need to, as my knee is acting up too. But yeah....

But I did enjoy the shopping, which I finished in 45 minutes!! That's a long time for me!! hah haha...
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When some friends/family found out that we had a girl, they often shared how exciting it will be for me to go shopping for a girl! It appears that many of the friends/family were talking more about themselves enjoying the shopping for my daughter  or they knew my lack of interest in shopping or they were afraid I would dress up D in only shirts and shorts/pants. Because I have yet to step inside a store to shop for any piece of clothing for my daughter!

We have enough beautiful dresses to last her the summer and beyond. We have enough gorgeous ethnic wear to last her till she is at least 4 years of age. We have enough jewelry to last her a few years as well.

So, what’s left is a piece of item, I myself dread shopping for. S-H-O-E-S. Many men grumble about the numerous shoes their girlfriends/wives have collected over time. Many women spend time trying to find a perfect pair to match either in their wardrobe or at the store. I don’t. I have one pair (ok now two pairs) that go with everything. oh I know the fashionable are aghast as they read this!

So, this must be some sort of irony or karma or something. I have to go shopping for shoes for my daughter. I will try and enjoy it! I have vowed to stay away from and actually go to a store for this purchase. I will also try and not cheat and get my husband or mother-in-law to buy it either!


Jul. 27th, 2010 03:53 pm
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I am tired of wearing a t-shirt and pants/shorts everyday. Everyone is out wearing summery clothes and there I was walking up and down the sidewalk in a volunteer-t-shirt from 5 years ago, lightly covered with spit-up and pants. I felt so drab. I want to go shopping but then I hate shopping for clothes. I can never find my size in the clothes I do like. sigh. And at the same time I wonder why do I need new clothes just now... not that I am going back to work or doing much outside the house.

Maybe wait another month or two....

In the meantime..there's my little one sleeping on the couch... i will go snuggle up next to her... just love this...she won't care what I am wearing for some time to come!


Feb. 16th, 2010 07:08 pm
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  • I am just feeling oh so happy! My back aches after 15 minutes of sitting down and I have been making up my own version of downward dog and child's pose on the couch with a bunch of pillows to relieve and taking "walks" around the apartment and at times nearly crying... but a little kick from the baby sends me out into these burst of joy and smiles from ear to ear! 
  • I have been reading up on cloth diapers today and am still confused as to how you wash them?! I really don't want to be using disposables unless we are traveling. I should go visit one of the stores to check them out in person. I learn better that way than just reading about it. MIL was rather amused to learn how cloth diapering in the US is a growing business with so many different options!!! Also as mom is coming from Bangalore, she could get a stash of inserts and stuff from India. That would also help with the cost. But yeah, what is the process of actually washing them? I was thinking to use disposables for the first two-three months and then maybe make the switch. Just to make it more convenient as this is the first kid and am not sure how hubby and I will be handling it. Or maybe use disposables for night time in the first three months. But again.... I need to know how do you wash them?! :) 
  • Then I read that some change all their detergents, shampoos and everything else in the house to more baby friendly products.... umm do people really do this? Or is it done when the baby shows adverse skin reactions?
  • Some friends have been asking if we have started our registry yet. We haven't. We kind of feel strange doing it. Anyhow, while N is traveling my job is to research out all basic items needed and some of them we will put on the registry.
Somehow studying for my MBA seemed "easier'!!
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So they predicted snow over the weekend! Possibly a whole foot of it! And I have no boots for it. The only boots I had were these and I probably need something with smaller heels anyhow for later on. I went to the usual store where I find many different options. I love the boots i had gotten there before and they are still in excellent condition!

Well, I spent nearly an hour looking at the few options I liked. I really liked these. I wasn't up for the knee high boots mostly because I have never walked in them and I feel shorter than I already feel! :P These allowed me to fold them up for normal wear and pull them up when necessary.

The showpiece was a size 7 and the lady went in to find a smaller size. Yes, I am a size 5. Well, they looked and looked; they even looked for any boot my size that was waterproof in the store. But alas they couldn't find it anywhere in their store nor in the other stores in the whole state of Virginia/Washington DC/Maryland area!! They recommended next season I come in early!

For now, I settled for a boot that was the next most comfortable one. And for being extra patient with the staff, for the whole store they only had two staff!! It was crazy; they looked up boots and all while they were also serving others in the store (if anything they were awesome!!) and I was quite laid back about the whole thing, they gave me an additional discount than shown in the discounted price. It might be the member price or a staff discount! yay!  So, am not going to complain!

So, until next season, I can't be running about too much snow for too long! Until then I will be wearing these boots made in India! ;)
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It's been 4 years now since I have worn shorts out in public. The shortest it's been are capri pants. So, how do you shop for them? I have given up on buying a good pair of jeans that fit and now am on to shorts. Why is it that the shopping experience here in the States leaves me depressed every time without fail?! Is it the mirrors, the lighting, the clothes, all of the above?! Either the sizes are too small or they are too big. Or when the waist fits right the part at the thighs has too much material so I look like a balloon. Then what's left are the super-low rise shorts, which I find pointless to wear as your intention is to cover something up and leave something to the imagination. bleah.... plus I am too short for this country. The capris come up just above my ankle. sigh. The "petites" never have my size. Oh i hate being in the in-betweens.

So I guess the quest continues.......


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