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In fun news, that I actually got giddy and excited about is that an amazing Ethiopian restaurant that's ALL the way in DC, is opening up another branch in Courthouse area, which is about a mile and half from us. And that means I don't have to drive ALL the way to the three good options that are found in a 5 mile radius anymore! Because OMG driving is such a pain!! :P

Now, when it opens I can walk there, build an appetite, pig out and then walk back without feeling guilt of feeling stuffed!! And if I get even lazier, I can ride the metro!!

woo hoo!

We got some injera last week and made some dishes at home. But nothing like having someone else actually from the place cook it! :) 
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Day 23: Entrance
Day 23: entrance
When I was pregnant a friend advised me to say goodbye to my small purses. Tonight as I go out without kid, I make an entrance with a small purse!

Wednesday the ladies got together for a night out at a new local restaurant, Republic Kitchen & Bar. It just opened a few weeks ago. Vegetarians aren't so welcome it seems, which is strange for the Metro DC area. I wouldn't make this complaint anywhere else in the country. Even South American restaurants here whose culture is so meat-centric has delicious vegetarian options. The French restaurant in DC has only pomme frites (fries) on their menu but the chef cooks up a delicious concoction (an adult meal) if you mention your requirements. At this place, sure they had some steamed spinach & macaroni and cheese. But I was trying to get away from my kid and there I was eating a kids meal! Heck even Brazil is vegetarian friendly now*!! However, the service was excellent and the company wonderful! So, all in all had a wonderful time. there were three moms, one single gal, one newlywed! Can't wait for the next one!

* we lived in Brazil for a year back in the early 80s. The only vegetarian option we had was red beans. Getting vegetables was such a challenge! It was the only time in our lives that mom had non-vegetarian food! Hubby and I went there back in 2009 and had absolutely no trouble eating delicious yummy food!!

Day 24: Pop of color
Day 24: burst of color
With the flower blooms mostly gone the first sprouts/leaves sprout. The green is just refreshing!

Day 25: Remember
Day 25: remember
D has been helping me remember days of yesteryears when she clung to me all day and night! Enjoying the cuddles, which are so rare these days, but not the crying. Sigh.

Day 26: Little things in life
Day 26: enjoy little things in life
Anytime of the day, read a book together.


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