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Photo Day prompts are here.
Top Row, L-R:
19. Orange - The good gal and guy saving the day!
20. A Wall(MLK, Jr. Memorial)
21. Here's a button daughter's very proud of!

Middle Row, L-R
22. stripes
23. Anything Weatherman promised today will be last day of freezing cold weather. So, in its honor, wearing a turtleneck. Here's hoping he's not wrong!

Bottom Row, L-R
24. Starts with N - At our Neighbourhood school cheering on our teachers!
25. Half
26. The aroma of tomato chutney, hot dosa, and chai is most inviting.
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13. It's a city. That's the horizon behind the building somewhere.

(skipped day 14)

15. Going over and under over again to make a bag.

16. Each key opens the door to survive.

17. Off center

18. Must eat daily!
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March photo prompts are here at this link. Previous days are here.

6. With so much pollen already in the air, precautions are necessary for some!

7&8. On and favourite time of day - When daughter clears the home and puts on a fabulous tea party!

9. Miniature car on our kitchen counter.

10. My daughter is forever drawing. Her love notes are my favourite. It appears she's teaching herself cursive.

11. Two tone - White+blue on cotton are my favourites combo.

12. It's not the glass so much but what's inside that is amazing!
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March photo prompts and details of the challenge are here and in bold below.

1. Something blue - A fork that helps nourish the body

2. breakfast - Especially that I ate it in peace after the morning rush!

BONUS PICTURE of tulips at home!

3. Upside down - Trying out new goggles

4 & 5. Contrast & a picture of me - when I had long hair.
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The photo prompts for February & about the challenge is here.

25. Grass
26. Artsy chair
27. New buds bringing in spring
28. Evening sky with rain and wind
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13. Flat lay - Preparation for Valentine's day at school. Writing cards and sticking hearts.
14. Hearts - My little heart drew me one big heart.
15. A bright little free library amidst all the brown.
16. From where I stand - The old and the new pass each other.
(Metro has new trains and the new one is on right and older model on left)
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9-12 days

9. Having Sun+70F weather in February is an absolute treat!!
10. The view from here - a sink full of dishes. At least hubby 's here to keep company.
11. Words
12. Simple pattern and lots of fun!

Photo day

Dec. 19th, 2016 09:17 pm
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14. Story time at library is always fun!
15. We try to build our own. This is from last year's since this year we're out of town. A paper sheet, painted handprint leaves, tripod, glitter and lights and voila a tree for the season!
16. Breakfast followed with filtered coffee
17. Our fruit stand needs replenishment.
18. Something green in our shopping cart. (American Girl doll is spending the week with us thanks to Arlington Public Library.)
19. When nature freezes
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Previous days are here. Prompts are here.

7. With the sun shining so bright, it was deceiving us of how cold it actually was outside!
8. They say don't air out your dirty laundry for all to see. But there's so much red in my wardrobe!
9 & 10. Joy is.... simple things in life .. daughter reading a book to me so I feel better..
11. There's been a lot of jumping going on in the house.
12. Decoration - Made by my great grandaunt that now adorns my daughter's room doorway.
13. I hear the Metro escalators chirping like birds, roaring like dinosaurs, screeching like eagles.
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Previous days are here...


13. Blooms - My little flower always brightens my day!
14. Freedom of Press seems at stake
15. Toy Reading buddies. Toys are never alone in this household.
16. Sipping hot tea is a treat, while figuring out what to do with useless cash living continents away is not.
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November photo-a-day prompts

Missed a few. Life happened. More shit happened.

7. it's a kathakali dancer bobblehead. and when it bobbles it makes me smile!
8. Views from Key bridge from oppositesides
11. On the horizonis the US Capitol Building atop the Capitol hill.

12. Direction the country is taking is on my mind.

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So am doing this again. I missed the last week of October. oh well. Here's November prompt descriptions.
Clockwise from top left:
1/ Tiny rubber bands make many things
2/ Half a spicy pizza and half a margherita pizza
Fall is what comes before wintry adventures!
Metro delays have become an ordinary affair. Sigh
Fave cuisine and that's what we ate at one o'clock. (Ethiopian)
Clouds - not a single one to be found.
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24/ When we draw a blank on what to do, the library is where we go!


25/ Together we can do more!
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22/ Beautiful chocolate coloured and metal.

23/ Wish my kid continues to enjoy clearing the clutter at home!
(Her classmate and brother were coming over with their mom. And D helped to clean up the house and so she lined up all the things she found on the kitchen counter! :D)

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21/ You see chipped sidewalk, I see a heart. Stuff like this makes me smile

Since most of our team at work is traveling, we cancelled our conference call this morning. So, especially since it was a gorgeous day, I walked to my yoga class (a mile or so away) and walked home after. The yoga class was tough though. My cold seems to have turned into something else. I just couldn't lift myself up. But I went through the class and it was as always good to be there.

On the way home, I saw the above heart on the ground. It somehow seems like it was purposefully done? But if it was natural - what a wonder! Little stuff that make me smile!
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IMG_20161019_143957 IMG_20161020_105032

19/ Enchilladas - comfort food
20/ Right now, I finished up likely the last frappucino for the season - before the cold weather arrives!
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18. Good vibes
No positive vibes today! Someone visiting our office wearing perfume triggered my allergies and misery is keeping me company!

It was funny though. I didn't even smell the perfume on her. I have like a much delayed or non-existent sense of smell!

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14/ How she rolled in this silver ball(oon)!!

15/ My favourite people wearing my favourite colours!
two more... )

Days 11-13

Oct. 13th, 2016 02:45 pm
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11/ Aqua - at the animal park. "Fell into a can of paint!" piece.

12/ Brown - pumpkins from the farm.

13. Gold - D's clock emits a golden radiance that I can't sleep in her room!!
The clock light is more orange than in the picture...found camera doesn't capture the oranges as eyes see it!
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IMG_20161008_211535 IMG_20161009_175146

8. Orange - Just a bottle that triggers a fun memory from recent trip to India
9. Fava and black Bean soup, orange juice with a pink plate of invisible pasta! My dinner served!

10. Black - it was Columbus Day and we picked up some Indian corn in his honor for all the confusion and pain he caused. Of course, D was excited she got corn from India and was wondering what American corn looked like! So, we call it native corn.


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