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First, in this past week, it was the attack in Turkey. I refused to read it. Maybe it will then be like it never happened. Then David Bowie dies. And then the attack in Jakarta happens. And now goes Alan Rickman. ugggh... I just want to cry. Cancer + idiotic men with guns doing horrific things are both forms of terrorism.

Two men taken away contributed so much good to this world. Then the idiotic men with guns deserve wrath of hell. And then there are the idiotic men with guns still in that Fed building in OR where the locals don't want them either asking for help with food+clothing. Shouldn't they quietly leave in the dead of night without becoming the butt of all jokes. oh right. they already are.

Just sad.
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This afternoon I saw posts from cousins and friends here in Bangalore about something horrible happening at a school. They were all expressing anger and disgust. I knew to stay away as it would only further depress me. I could make a guess to what the news was. Evening my friend came over who is a teacher at the school involved in the controversy but at another branch. Horrific news. A 6 year old girl was raped by (allegedly) two teachers during school hours! How is that even thinkable?! Who does that?!

My thoughts and prayers go out to the girl who will carry this for the rest of her life. Wish her all the strength and courage to not let them power her and define her life ahead of her!

As I put D to bed, I promised her I would do my best to keep her safe. She happily agreed and said, "yes, mommy! You have to keep me safe from all the dinosaurs that might eat me up!" Oh how I wish that was the problem!

The news left me very numb the rest of the evening.

Then get the news that a Malaysian Airlines plane crashed at the Ukraine/Russia border. I have been completely off from keeping up with news. But this was posted by a friend who also calls Malaysia home! How sad!

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no words can describe the thoughts going through my mind. Just sad. No one wins.

Then you read about cases like this. It doesn't make sense. Gray actually justifies that she shouldn't have shot because they were leaving? How about Zimmerman who should have stayed in his car? He didn't have to use his gun that night.

At the end, a young boy is dead and parents have to live through this everyday! 
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Felt horrible and once again, must change. Today's challenge was to capture a good habit. I had none!! I guess I could have gotten my healthy lunch but that was about all. I am drinking a can of coke had pizza and waffle fries, albeit from a gourmet place made of whole wheat flour. Their stuff is good though! But really, no exercise. Sleeping late, have dark circles around my eyes and it's no longer my daughter's doing. It's mine.

So, I took a pic of reading newspaper, which honestly I have not done in the last month with in-laws here, traveling, etc. I have been completely out of the newsworld. As I am slowly getting back into it, I am just disgusted at all the news and actions of so called "leaders". So, I stopped again reading the paper.

Day 16: good habit

The scariest article in the paper was Sarah Palin speaking at some Conservative Faith conference here in DC. People actually believe and say the things she and the others who spoke there does?? Really? So they want everyone in the US to convert to Christianity, take the Lord into their lives or leave? If you do that, how are you any different from the Islamic nations? Where is the religious freedom that you so cherish?! The irony....

I am starting to think reading the paper might not be good for health after all...
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Science has given us so many things we use today. Research has helped solve so many of our issues today. In 2010, one of the biggest changes my dad saw in the US since his last visit here 30 years ago is the slow decline in research in the US. He would remember the wealth of ideas that would flow. The creativity that was nurtured in this country. The excitement of experimenting, the freedom to try things out. Now you are left with labs in the private sector. Nothing wrong with that, of course, but it narrows down the scope so much. 

Congress has slowly been cutting funding of research organizations. They see it as a waste. The latest target, well, it's been a target for some years/decades - the East West Center in Hawai'i. And yet science is encouraged by so many entities as a positive thing. We have several friends who have graduated with their PhD's stuck without a job. They feel let down. They were promised such glory of great work. 

It';s sad to read such articles in the paper - U.S. pushes for more scientists, but the jobs aren't there. There is so much more to find out about the world. The biggest area being finding solutions to the energy crisis.

I probably am biased. I grew up with scientists all around me and my background is environmental studies. But it feels like it's such common sense - something that Congress keeps declaring they are trying to bring to the table. Fine if you don't believe in climate change, whatever. But you are the one who preaches "personal responsibility". Well, take it up. Stop cutting funding at least! 
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So Osama bin Laden was caught and killed. Some people actually celebrated. It was sickening actually. Yeah, catch the guy but to celebrate the way some people did? wow... oh well. After all these years though, I doubt Bin Laden had as much power as he did back in the days. But I guess since WMD's were never found, this was the next in the list to do! Some people say he should have been caught alive and brought to face the court...whom are we kidding?!

Obama did a great jab/speech at the correspondents' dinner last week. Had a great laugh. Funny how Donald Trump was the only one not laughing in the crowd.

But the biggest and the happiest news of the moment, D could care less about the events going on around the world. She is now using any item to play peekaboo!! She unwinds this sunshade I had gotten for her stroller and hides under it and peeks through with a big smile! 

Her smiles are so big these days that they just melt my heart. I just want to hold her all day and forget about the whole messed up world. It's so easy to do!
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[ profile] aliki  had posted a link to this article - Breastfeeding Women Viewed as Less Competent. I will of course make no comment on this. My opinions are obvious on this.

Then as I was browsing the site, I came accross this - An Anti-Science Mania Takes Over GOP. Aren't they still debating about teaching/not-teaching Darwin's Theory of Evolution? I should stay away from these kind of articles because it makes my toes curl, my blood boil, pulling my hair out and wanting throw the comp out the window.

So, my husband, who thinks it's hilarious turns on the Fox News Network, especially when Glen Beck is on to watch the whole show - my response! ugghhh.. I am surprised we don't have a new TV yet.

I think I often surprise people, being so soft-spoken and yet ever so opinionated about things.

Anyhow, so is it any surprise that there is The Real Science Gap? (Ok, I am still reading the article....)
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My dad came to the US (continental US) after 20 years... He used to travel here (the US) in the late 70s & early 80s. He was here in DC for both work and pleasure.  So, we asked him what differences he has seen since then. He felt that things have changed as places usually do. He landed in a whole new airport as opposed to the National Reagan Airport but the biggest thing he has seen over the years is the loss of creative ideas that would come from the US (relating to his work). It was a place where people looked to for solving problems. Now, it's not so much. Some reason mediocrity is accepted and they are just living in past glory.


Today N brought home this article (great article to read to your baby if she/he is having trouble napping - D is fast asleep!!) - The Creativity Crisis.

And now I understand my dad better. All those years he would drive us mad by turning the question around and asking us to figure out the answers.
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During the week, I have had the news running during the day. CNN is great for mothers I think. In case you missed one bit of news because your baby calls, wait an hour it will run again, occasionally you will have another newscaster saying the same thing.

The devastation seen in Pakistan is just heart wrenching and so is the coverage of it. It hardly gets time or exposure. I remember when Haiti happened, that's all you ever heard, I remember the tsunami occurred - that's all you ever heard about. Everyone's hearts and purses opened up. Somehow things are different this time around.

Our building manager is from Pakistan. The other day when I went down and someone else was around I asked if the BM's family back home was okay. The staff looked at me puzzled and said yes. Her mom and brother are here for vacation so she is happy! I figured maybe she didn't connect the dots of why I was asking and mentioned if she knew if any of BM's family was affected by the floods. She looked even more puzzled. I just shrugged and figured if she didn't mention anything then maybe everything is okay and walked away thinking wonder if she just crawled out of the caves.

It seems quite obvious why  the exposure is so little. I had a whole post dreamed up in my mind but time is of essence and a friend posted a link to this author who said it perfectly!

Why Doesn't the World Care About Pakistanis?
by Mosharraf Zaidi (Foreign Policy, Argument, August 19, 2010)
For the link-phobes )


the news

Apr. 2nd, 2009 12:51 pm
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Over the last 10 days, we were completely disconnected from the outside world. We had no idea of what was happening. Everywhere we saw news (obviously) was in Portuguese be it on paper or TV. The only English based news on TV was CNN Asia - and all they talked about was news in the US. This would be fine if it was actually news. The news was more in-depth (in a sense that they spent 10 minutes on a story) but I still walked out not knowing anything new. I am unable to even give an example. I did get though to watch a half hour interview with Aamir Khan (my favourite Bollywood actor during my teens) four times over the week I was there!
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Yesterday I walked on ice for the first time in my life. Well, more like slid on it. The weather was horrible here with freezing rain! There was such a thick layer of ice covering our car that the door was frozen shut! Hubby took over half hour to get the ice off the windows! But the weather also showed us what a wonderful neighborhood we live in! A nice gentleman (lives in the same building) who happened to park next to us helped with the scraping off the ice! If not it would have taken an hour!

We discussed politics, as the people of Virginia, Maryland & DC went to the polls yesterday! We also talked about Bangalore a bit. As the gentleman had gone to Bangalore back in 1980! I shared with him that a lot has changed since then. When he asked was it for good or bad, and I couldn't really answer!

Overnight it snowed like quarter of an inch. So the flakes are covering the trees just enough to paint them a shade of white. It's a cool sight. Of course, people further north are getting weather much harsher. But don't forget I am an equator girl! When is summer coming?! sigh...

I kept mumbling why people live in the cold. hehehehe... But this weather has an effect on me. It makes me feel so dreary. sigh. But I guess it's not as bad as I was expecting it to be.

It's funny that the folks at CNBC just concluded that Congress is wasting its time on holding the Clemens hearings now and yet they will air the trial for the next hour. I guess it's not them that are choosing what plays. So all the news channel are airing it now. I find though even after an hour of watching the "NEWS" I hardly get any information I can take away.

I am hooked on scrabulous. I just love the game scrabble! Should play it at home with hubby! We have the board at home!


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