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I am not the biggest fan nor a big follower but I was saddened nonetheless. Carrie Fisher came into my life like for many others through Star Wars. I remember watching the movie with dad as a teenager. He made the observation, and of course, being a teenager, I rolled my eyes - but it stuck.

"the whole movie has one woman. One strong woman. And they put her naked in shackles for all to see."

Dad of course, was a big, avid, star trek follower and was dismayed that we fell for a cheap popular thrill that was Star Wars as opposed to the more intellectual brilliant star trek!

Time has not been kind to her. I remember when she came back in her role, older, she got flak for looking old!! She was strong, beautiful, and brilliant!

I thought of her when I took D to her first movie to at a theater and watched Moana - it was a day after the news of the cardiac arrest? Thank you, Disney for not killing off the parents and not having Moana chase after some prince or something. Maybe times will change. Slowly and surely.

But thank you, Carrie Fisher.
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Back in college, when we were too broke to go out, we would stay in and play games. Scenario games filled with silliness and good crazy fun.

And one popular question that would come up often was, "if a movie was made about your life, which famous actor would play you?"

Since I knew several Bollywood and Hollywood actors, I named an Indian actress- my name sake, Smita Patel (hey it's a dream so I can include the dead!!!!) Or Rekha or Sridevi. I was all excited imagining them as me! Ha!

And when I got back to reality and back to the land we call America, I got blank stares. Oh right! But if I had to choose, it was for the longest time, Sandra Bullock!!! I totally imagined she (her personality) was like me. Don't ask me how, never met her. But when she got on that Oscars stage long time ago and was taking pictures of the stars in the audience from stage, that is so ME!! Or Julia Roberts...hey, I was in college at the peak of my biggest ego and confidence...and the curls, we had that in common!!

Oh right. Back to my post. Clearly we look different! Ahem.

So, now there's Mindy!!!!! Now, I need to do something great to have her play me!! :P

But this memory triggered with Hari Kondabolu's tweet:

Hari Kondabolu (@harikondabolu) tweeted at 7:03 pm on Wed, Feb 10, 2016:
At the bare minimum, I hope I accomplish enough in my life where an actor of color can get a job playing me in a movie.

So anyway, your turn- who would you like to play your role if they made a movie about you?
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Yesterday afternoon, D comes over to the kitchen to ask me, "mommy, why do you always ask me to stop singing, "let it go" loudly? She hasn't sung it in weeks, so this question was so out of the blue!!

Me: Because it's loud and it disturbs me and possibly our neighbors. And when you sing it multiple times it gets tiring.
D: But Elsa in the movie sings it so loudly.
Me: Well, does Elsa have any friends/family in the whole big castle?
D, reflecting over it, says: No, she is all alone and so she can sing it loudly. But no one wants to be with her. They tell her to go away. And she is afraid Anna will hurt her.
Me: Not really. She thought no one wanted to be with her. She thought she might hurt others, especially her sister whom she loves, if she stayed, so Elsa ran away from everyone. Anna got worried for her sister and went to look for her.
D: Elsa was rude. She didn't use her words and share her problem. She didn't tell anyone where she was going. She was being very rude! And with great assertiveness & strong emphasis, she says, Mommy, I am never going to watch the movie again. She was not nice. But I will ONLY see the video of the song, let it go!

lol....sigh... I swear, she saw the movie twice on our flight back from India back in AUGUST 2014 and saw the music video twice since then months ago! 
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So, I went to the store to get yogurt and bought a bagful of groceries, while N & D went to the library. I come home and this is what I see. No hello, not even a glance. Eyes glued on to the TV screen and hanging on to N tightly!


So, we got to watch The Snow Queen. Later N shared how it all came about. They were at the library, where D sat on the kids' table and "read" her books and N sat on the couch and read his books. There are a row of three computers where it turned out there was a parent and daughter watching Frozen. Well, D's eyes were there. Who can resist Elsa!?

N then read her some books. She wanted to show him something and took him to the audiobooks (for kids) section and picked one out. The DVD section is also right next to it. D has never ventured there. But she apparently walked down the aisle, looked at some of them and picked this movie out and brought it home to watch.

I guess an ice palace, a young girl, and the word "snow" fit the criteria for Frozen! Never knew that Frozen was based on the story, the Snow Queen. Anyway, we loved the movie. I liked this version a lot more as it seemed to focus more on the morals of being loving etc. with no distractions about the dating/marriage subject. Nothing fancy, but I liked the simplicity of it.

And these days this is how we are at 4pm. Absolutely love it! She drinks her sometimes cocoa/sometimes plain milk and snack, while I have tea/hot cocoa and my snack!
Tea time
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I know I will forget. So before I run off or skate away on frozen sidewalks to pick up D from preschool, wanted to note down this movie we watched last night, Instructions Not Included. N discovered this recommendation looking at the article that showed PK as the highest grossing foreign film. Apparently Instructions Not Included was on the list in 2013. Anyway, glad he found this! A beautiful movie that just tugs at your heart in all the right places! And keeps you laughing throughout. 
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I can't think of any other celebrity leaving such a mark as he has. I heard the news Monday morning and yet I am still feeling numb about it. How very sad! I loved each and every movie. I have seen almost all of them! And I see them multiple times. I always read about his non-movie work and he seems to have touched so many people!

What a terrible and big loss! I have seen his movies in Singapore, Malaysia, USA, India. And you know, he's one of the very few comedians who made people all over the world laugh, regardless of their culture, religion or whatever else. I did always want to give him the biggest hug, to say thanks! Wish his family finds peace. Very sad and shocking!

To pick a favorite is so hard. My favorite movie that I have watched over 20 times, and still would love to see again and again has been Dead Poet's Society. I saw it in Singapore as a teenager for the first time and absolutely loved it! I was also fortunate to have wonderful teachers but the movie helped me appreciate them so much more. He made teachers seem real human beings with their own problems! :)

Thank you for the laughs!  
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So, hubby & I watched this movie. We were wondering if we should watch it after D went to bed or let her sit along. Supposed to cater to strong young girls. And as you watch you have to keep reminding yourself that it's still a Disney movie. The whole thing was beautiful and yet I kind of felt now the whole marriage thing is out right and center? At least previous fairy tales it was kind of an ending. bleah. I am going to be scrooge on this. But enjoyed thoroughly the following way the movie should have ended! ;)

No, my daughter hasn't watched it and we are not singing, Let it Go at the top of our lungs!


Apr. 15th, 2014 01:27 pm
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In the last two months we watched the following three movies.

The first two we watched just around the time the Sheryl Sandberg Ban Bossy Campaign was getting all the press. I haven't read her ever popular book, Lean In, but on this subject, I couldn't agree with her more on this! Brilliant idea. Have a story to tell but that's for another day. It just so happened the three watched centered around strong female characters.

1) The Heat - I had placed this on hold at the library sometime last year and forgot about it. Finally my turn came and watched it. Hilarious. Hubby walked off after the first half hour as he found it a little over the top. But then I thought, no one found Jackie Chan & Chris Tucker in Rush Hour over the top when they did the same thing. (I enjoyed that one too!) It showcased the issues brought up in the campaign with such humor!

2) The Iron Lady - might not like her policies but she was just an amazing woman!

3) Kahaani - this has to be the best thriller I have seen ever made by Bollywood, and maybe even Hollywood. It's one of the first anyway to see a woman in the main lead. There was such good work done in building the characters. I left wanting more after the movie was over and felt like they were real people. It was a thriller that wasn't filled with violence for the sake of effect but had so much of story to tell! A must watch for anyone! The cinematography was also wonderful! Simple and realistic.
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We watched Well Done Abba! last night. Oh what a wonderfully sad movie! This is how movies on social commentary should be done! You laugh through it and at the end realize how sad it all is! sigh… India comes up with great ideas for fighting poverty and yet it ends up getting ruined with so much corruption. This movie shows exactly how! Brilliant!
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Yesterday night after a long rough day with D, I wanted to have a TV dinner. Well, N had picked up A Peck on the Cheek from the library. Not really the kind of genre that would have helped me unwind. I bawled even more than my daughter did! sigh. But a nicely done movie.

Have liked several of Mani Ratnam's work. He has some great movies and so is the actor Madhavan (in 3 Idiots (kind of like the Dead Poets Society, Rang de Basanti). Love his stuff.

Sri Lanka is such a beautiful country. I am not a tea drinker and it was a country that helped me enjoy it. had the best cup of tea on one of their hillsides. It's so sad to see such turmoil its going through. When we went we weren't allowed to go anywhere in the north-east, where most of the war is taking place. I hope I never live in a country where fear fills even the security's eyes. They have security checking the cars a mile or so OUTSIDE the airport and the policemen & women looked so petrified doing their jobs! (They had just introduced the check point because of a bomb going of the previous year.)

And this movie showed just the situation, the way it is. It doesn't get into the depth of each side's story but just how people get through during the turmoil. 
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Polar vortex has left us and we are back to our usual winter saga. A balmy muggy 35F with lots of rain. Of course, yesterday there was a lot of excitement about 2-4 inches but it was also 50F the last two days so you don't need a degree to predict that it would be just rain. Sure enough. Nice to have the humidity back! Wednesday again it's to hit 50F and back to 32-40F for the rest of the week! Love our winters! Doesn't mean we will stop complaining about it or panic at the next big makes our lives exciting!

So, we were outside the whole weekend. Who cares if we are still nursing colds and coughs. Never take warmth for granted! Apparently we will have winter for another 6 weeks. I don't get the whole groundhog thing. If he didn't see his shadow it will suddenly be spring in February?

Still can't believe about the death of Philip Seymour Hoffman. How very sad and what a waste of talent.

Watched Gangs of Wasseypur II. We didn't see the first part. And my goodness makes the Godfather seem like a friendly guy. I never knew how gun happy North India is. wow..the film is based on true incidents in the poorest of poor state in India, Jharkhand. And everyone really kills everyone the whole time of the movie. It really was too much. All it showed was violence and didn't really give much depth into the story of the people. And yet it is how it is and leaves more depressed and hopeless for the people living in the state! And then of course you are reminded it's a movie and they have changed the reality a little bit to make it more dramatic.
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I thought it was already cold. Alas, haven't seen anything yet!! This morning it was cold, freezing, 35F with winds going up to 20mph! Not fun! I spent an arm and a leg to get thick ski gloves. I think I even wrote about it. And now I just can't find it!! I have turned the house and car upside down. I know it's in some bag since I carry around a bag for D & my gloves, caps, and other small stuff. All her caps and gloves are accounted for. So, just can't figure out where it could be! I don't remember when I last used it either. Feel horrible. Terrible. And really need it tomorrow when they are expecting day time high of 17F.

Surprisingly though, today I did fine without gloves. My fingers didn't freeze off. Strange.

Anyway, did enough grocery shopping so don't need to bother till end of Jan I think. So, all ready to hibernate. But then I remembered I do have to pick up D from school!

I am grateful that we do have the clothes that will keep us warm and shelter to do so too! Thank you!

Last night I sat down with N who was watching Prometheus. uggh.. it was interesting to explore the idea of our creation. It started out great and had me watching. And it just turned into a horror movie. I am not such a big fan of horror and it was so predictable.

Maybe we felt a little disappointed because did finally watched 2001: Space Odyssey two nights ago. They could achieve that in 1968? wow…

Speaking of which, maybe should go to the library later today to get some movies in case our internet/cable goes off. Better keep our cellphones charged as without internet we have no phone access (we have an internet phone as a "land line". 
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Here's the new meme for the month… if you have any questions please do ask it here.

[ profile] musicpsych asked, "do you keep up with Bollywood films? If so, what have been some of your favorites?"

oh, hubby and I keep thinking we should be watching some Hindi/Telugu movies more often. But we haven't in many months. We have averaged maybe 2 a year!! We are not short of recommendations! Just the hassle of going to the Indian store to rent it and going back to return it! Yes, there's Netflix and many other modern IT stuff that makes it more convenient but we don't subscribe to any of them. We have picked up a few that the library has.

Some have been good and some are just atrociously horrible and wonder why the library is carrying it!!

There were a few recent movies that I liked but fail to remember their names. Anything with Aamir Khan is usually a hit with me! :) After a long break and threat of never acting again (oh, how I cried!!) he has done some really wonderful roles. Earlier he was just a cute face we girls drooled over in ok movies. But he has really come out to bring up many social issues too, through his talk show (which sadly had to stop because he touched on some very sensitive subjects that didn't make some politicians look good) and movies! So, all his moves since 2005 are strongly recommended!

I wish I remembered names of some other movies to share here! Bollywood & I split when we moved to Rome in 1989. In all of Rome there were 200 families. One or two movies would be brought over by a family and that would make its rounds. We would religiously watch them.Then we moved to Singapore where Tamil movies were a big hit, I don't understand/speak Tamil. Once a week they did play Bollywood movies, but we were never TV kids and were completely engulfed in Hollywood & any American TV. And really, Bollywood's worst decade was 1990's. The plots were all the same, the stories all the same. They pretty much followed Romeo & Juliet storyline, each and every one of them! And in Hawai'i, well, they were so hard to come by.

Malaysia introduced me to Shah Rukh Khan! The country is completely infatuated with his movies!! He is a heartthrob but that's all he is. An "actor" for the masses! Not a big fan. Always a fan of Amitabh Bhachchan's movies though! 
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Yesterday I spent the afternoon at friend So & Su's place. So is a mother of two young children, Ad (8 years) & Dh (6 years) and she takes care of them full time while hubby goes to office. I made it in time to have lunch with the three of them and spent the afternoon being entertained. Followed along with mom and son, while daughter went for a arts and crafts class, for the son's haircut and mom's pedicure. And then we headed out to another of their friend's place where three other mothers and a houseful of kids were congregated for a public-speaking session. Oh how cute it was. Each kid between the age of 5-10 went up in front of everyone and spoke about a topic of their choice and then one mother gave feedback on presentation skills. Just listening to them we got lost in the world of constellations, dinosaurs, komodo dragons, and summer vacations. And listened along to the mothers' struggle to instill their mother tongue (Tamil) in their kids. They could send them to a tutor but they also want to keep it amongst these kids as they live in the same neighborhood and also will hopefully come up with a sense of some local community like we experienced growing up at home.

As we were all saying bye, the kids were wondering if they should address me as "didi"(elder sister in Hindi) or "aunty". I was afterall the only one in the room without a kid! The mothers smiled and said I can qualify as "didi" (mind you the mothers are maybe just 6-8 years older to me). The one who asked (10 year old) said, they will stick with didi but still was unsure and asked my age. I played along and asked him to guess. He guessed, 16 or 17. I chuckled and go alright I will take 16. He still had his doubts and said maybe 15. Ad right away exclaimed, "but no. She is married. She must be older!" Alas, we had to head on out and so couldn't finish the conversation. But it's always amusing to see the kids perspectives on things and life!

Ad spends every spare moment reading. She is a sponge and she reads anything and everything.Dh is the quiet entertainer. Well, quiet as a 6 year old can be. He reads and plays. He was even helping mom and I at scrabble. Oh what fun it was! Of course, I was at moments as their father later put it, "bewildered" at the chaos in the house. I must admit. They are such well behaved kids and yet wow.... I think I postponed our kids plan by another 3 years!! :P

But really they say the darnest things... If only I could write it all down... I would have a few volumes by now. The two managed to get me to spend the night with them as well! So and I stayed up and watched Rebecca. We didn't realise till half way through that it was a 3 hour long saga! But a well-done movie indeed! I also remembered there was a recent Bollywood movie that went almost along the same ways, but halfway through it took a different storyline.

We awoke and spent the morning again at the breakfast table. Had such a wonderful time and maybe won't mind replicating such a life. I have already picked two friends' home where we can drop off our kids to get "trained" at being such well behaved and fun intelligent kids! So easy, no?! :P
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I went to a doctor this morning for a checkup and I just loved the assistant who takes your weight and blood pressure. Alice was her name. She was awesome. Okay, she complimented me that I don't look a day over 20 and remarked how little I am as I weighed in their old-fashioned scale where she had to shift the weight (what is this type of machine called, anyone know?)! In a world obsessed with image and weight I do forget that I am little albeit out of shape (literally). But I am little. :D I like reminders like that...

I watched Bride Wars yesterday. A movie I know N won't like and I just wanted to watch a mindless movie. Well, it was excellent for a mindless movie alright. I guess I am not a big fan of extravagant weddings and so didn't really get attached to the characters much and just thought the whole thing was silly. Did laugh here and there but yeah. The friend who suggested this also suggested the Confessions of a Shopaholic - I think I will pass on that too. RedBox is just so cool. Of course, that comes in after the public library that has all the recent releases... you just have to wait in a virtual queue for quite some time if the movie was a huge hit!

I have been making yummy salads for lunches the last two days. Hubby has been rather amusing. Before his trip, I warned him to stay away from salads as one can't be too sure of the water. His answer, "why would I have salads outside when you make the best ones?!" cute and smart.
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We have been meaning to go catch a dollar movie at the local theater & drafthouse for the last year and half. We drive past it nearly every time we go out of the house thinking next week, next week. Something or the other had come up and we never went until yesterday evening! It was a first time for me. Comfy enough chairs and food being served as you catch the movie. We got to see what I thought was a horrible movie, Watchmen. Maybe if I read the comics it might have made more sense. But there was just too much violence for my taste, too many bones being broken, etc. than dialogue spoken. eeks.

The theater experience itself was cool! We will definitely go again another time. On Fridays they have wine-tasting as you catch a movie! And the prices are reasonable as well to go once in a while! Only grumble is that smoking is allowed indoors. Yesterday the theater was almost full and only 2-3 of 80 people were smoking. I think the ventilation is good but still it takes only one wiff to send me off with twitchy nose.

We did though enjoy a yummy brownie fudge sundae, which we needed to cool our stomachs down after having spicy vada pav at home for dinner! Tonight for dinner I am planning to make Chinese food Indian style with Malaysian/Singaporean style bok choy! My mouth is already watering!

War Dance

Jun. 20th, 2008 05:48 pm
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I don't know where to start this or how to write this. It's been an hour or so since my return and I am still numb, saddened, shocked, disgusted, inspired, guilty, and yet hopeful. We promised we would never let atrocities happen at the end of the second world war. But we came up with excuses and let it happen again. It's disgusting what humans are capable of. Our wars, our fights, our battles ultimately have an impact not on our adult life but the future, the young, the children. And yet it is amazing the strength, the courage, the spirit that still permeates through the young ones when faced with atrocities that they really should not face in their quest for survival.

Dominic will be flying for the first time in a month's time to share his story and get a few music lessons from a prominent music school in the US. Rose and Nancy have seen their lives changed as music and dance brought them some freedom from the things they have witnessed, just as 200,000 other children have witnessed. These three young kids have taken over my heart. They have entered the hundred or so who also shared the room. Hearing the updates bring a glimmer of hope for the thousands others who share similar situations. And yet there is so much baggage that these young ones carry with them that will take a long time to heal, if that is even possible.

Today is summer solstice. I was happy. The first day of summer, my favorite season. It's also World Refugee Day. N and I went to National Geographic Museum to commemorate this occasion as a few refugees from Uganda, Afghanistan, Myanmar shared their stories. UNHCR also recognised its Humanitarian of the Year to the Chicago Bulls player, Luol Deng, a refugee himself, for his work.

And what followed further opened me up to the experiences of a refugee. N had to head back to office and I stayed on to watch the screening of War Dance. It pulled on each and every person's emotions. Our hearts cried. It is truly the best and the saddest movie I have ever seen. It is a movie that each and everyone of us must see. As the filmmakers shared after the movie, it truly put "faces behind the headlines" we see and often get immune to.

write later when I have gotten out of this mode.
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Tuesday, March 11 was the launch of the 16th Annual Environmental Film Festival at the Nation's Capital. We went to watch the world premier of Scarred Lands and Wounded Lives: Environmental Footprint of War.

When we make war, we destroy not only the enemy, we destroy our earth as well. In all its stages - from the production of weapons through combat to clean up - war entails actions that pollute land, air and water, destroy biodiversity and drain natural resources. Yet the environmental damage caused by war (and preparations for war) is underreported, even ignored. The environment is war's silent casualty. Using specialist and eyewitness accounts from Vietnam and Afghanistan to Australia and the Pacific Islands and supported by on-site and archival footage, Scarred Lands and Wounded Lives shows how war and preparations for war further compromise the environmental health of a planet already under stress from massive population increases, unsustainable demands on natural resources, and ruinous environmental practices. In the context of today's growing awareness and alarm about global climate change, the film shows that natural security (the protection and preservation of ecosystems) is an essential component of any realistic approach to national security. Directed and produced by Alice and Lincoln Day and VideoTakes, Inc.
Scarred Lands and Wounded Lives: Environmental Footprint of War"

The movie was made by two of the board members of the Film Festival who have been members for a bit over 15 years now. This was due to the lack of adequate coverage on the subject not only by the film festival but also by media in general. They couldn't be further from the truth. We have witnessed the burning oil fields during the Gulf War, the intentional oil spills in Lebanon, the nuclear testing in the Bikini islands in the Pacific, the deforestation of Vietnam during the Vietnam war, and the list continues for pages and pages. The destruction might be at as large a scale as the dropping of the nuclear bomb to a "small" bombing on the streets of Baghdad or NYC. The environment is always the silent victim as portrayed so well in the movie. Ultimately it's the people's lives & health that is deeply affected.

The movie also focuses on the military spending! It's outrageous! It's beyond outrageous. The world spends $1.5 trillion on military (and the US makes up 48% of the spending) and the spending continues to rise (one source). It's beyond baffling. This is of course nothing new. We know this. But what adds to the bafflement & bewilderment is Lester Brown's comment on how much it could potentially cost us to clean up the environment, address the poverty issues (healthcare, education, food, shelter) would be a whopping $160 billion! If I remember correctly, Bush's budget is asking for $900 billion in military spending with an amazing $70 billion in funds for alternative fuels & other environmental related issues.

Another point the movie made, was as each one of us has begun to feel the pinch due to oil prices, we must start looking at not the oil producers but also our own government's military oil consumption. An F-16 jet in 1 hour consumes oil, what an average American consumes in a year! So, increased spending in military also means further increase in oil consumption by the military and higher gas prices for us. On the side, US alternative to petrol is the addition of ethanol. ethanol's source is corn. Farmers earn more from sending their corn to this use than to food source. And we wonder why our food prices are going up. On a side note, there's another documentary (King Corn - You are What You Eat) coming up that looks at the abundant use of corn in our everyday foods. Foods that often are cheap and eaten by many who aren't well off and can't afford the healthier foods. Increases in food prices will further hurt the poor man/woman's pocket.

The film's solution to change is for us to be more active in politics. As it's the government that makes these decisions that affect us. The governments can afford to make the changes we need. Help to get their priorities straight. We should make better use of our rights of living in a democratic nations. We have the right to make sure candidates who make promises are held accountable after elections.

This movie specifically focuses on the US, but it's applicable to any country that has military budget.
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Last night hubby & I made butternut squash kofta using the recipe from here. It came out absolutely delicious! We had it with Singaporean/Malaysian rendition of paratha - roti prata (bought frozen).

We then watched Shivaji The Boss. If you ever want to teach anyone the meaning of hyperbole, this fits the bill. We watched the movie dubbed into Telugu. Oh dear lord! It was hilariously ridiculously entertaining. I mean who wouldn't love to see Rajnikanth eradicate poverty & corruption in India! Not just the storyline was extremely exaggerated, but so were the songs, the fights, and the mega-star himself. He's nearing 60 and he looks no older than 30 in the movie!! I admire him for his metabolism stamina!! whoa... this was my first Rajnikanth movie!!
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Before coming to the States, I had dreamt of the day N and I would go to the movies and have some popcorn that was salted & buttered unlike the sweet popcorn we got in Malaysia that I just couldn't understand! :P I had thought that it didn't even matter what that movie was. With that last wednesday, N asked me to get dressed and took me out on a drive through Georgetown and then to a small mall with a movie theater in it. 

We had two free passes to the advance screening of Lars and the Real Girl. So, with salted & buttered popcorn in hand (albeit it was prepacked and not so hot), we enjoyed what turned out to be a beautiful movie! The cast, everyone of them did an amazing job to make the movie what it was!! It was just amazing to see how a whole town nurtured, loved, and cared to bring the delusional lars work through his issues. 

So, I was a happy girl. 

On Friday evening, we had planned to stay home for the first time that week. But as N came home slightly earlier than usual, he asked me to get dressed and had a surprise for me. We headed down to DC in the metro and exited at the Smithsonian and there it was, the US Capitol on one end and the national monument on the other. It was quite an impressive scene. Just close to the station was the Freer Museum of Arts. It was a screening of a movie, but he wouldn't tell me what. It seems the organisers were also conspiring and there were no posters up anywhere nor did it show on the tickets he passed to me. He wouldn't let me close the ticket booth nor the programme books handed out. 

I looked around the crowd and I spotted a mix of different ethnicities. The front row had a mixture of Chinese (Americans or other citizens) and what I felt as Malays, Indians........ and somehow I guessed it was something to do with Malaysia. And I was right. He of course thought the movie was about a girl who moves cities (from Penang to Kuala Lumpur) and finds the place new & a boy who she gets to know. That is what the synopsis said. 

The movie (Love Conquers All) turned out to be more than that. It was a very low-budget movie that received some international awards. It showed in its subtlety the way women enter the world of human trafficking. And yet it leaves the audience pondering and guessing. The dialogue was kept to a bare minimum; to a point where I can recite all of it again! And I am often bad at remembering dialogue! 

What did I think of the movie? I nearly fell asleep. It captivated me in the begining and then it just lost me. Maybe it wasn't the right time to watch it. Maybe it requires a certain mood. Lot of the audience got up leaving confused and asking for explanations from the organisers in case they had missed something. If I could get a bit more of the thoughts of the main character I would feel some relation with her. Otherwise it just felt so distant.


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