Aug. 13th, 2015 10:49 am
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So, yay we are all excited. Kindergarten is here around the corner waving it's wonderful head! D is excited and she can't believe that day is finally going to come! She is so ready to show that she is a big girl and of course she deserves to be there like so yesterday!

But wait. It means, that I get to walk to her to the bus stop and knowing her I won't even get a hug and she will run off to get a seat and won't know a thing till I pick her up in the afternoon? And somehow I am supposed to function between that time? The number of what-ifs just swarm my mind. Of course, the school has reassured us about the system, etc. And of course, we even have a mentor whose child is in first grade to settle our fears. But wait, what?!

My favourite part of her being in preschool has been dropping her off, meeting the teacher, seeing the kids interact.... But even if we drove her, it would be drop off at the curb. sigh. Part of growing up, I guess. sigh. 
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I drove in rain, snow and sleet today. Or was it also freezing rain? Friend and I couldn't figure out what the difference between freezing rain and sleet were? She is from Mumbai and I am from Hyderabad where average temperature year round wavers around 80-90F, daily. So, this is like the story about Alaskan Inuit people having like 50+ variations of describing snow.

Well, whatever the difference, I know I am petrified and afraid of driving in it. But there I was, at my friend's home after a sleepover and snow was coming down. They weren't anticipating much snow. But they were anticipating sleet & freezing rain. And I had 22 miles facing us before getting home through the beltway and I66. The beltway is horribly unpredictable. Although, I shouldn't complain. I think I get more nervous, because I don't drive on it frequently enough. Ok, I don't drive frequently period.

Anyway, as I was heading back, the snow turned to sleet or freezing rain or whatever. And there on the highway I saw the postal service golf cart truck chugging along, faster than me (mind you, I was going the speed limit)! It was strange to see one on the highway and stranger still to see it on the beltway on a Sunday. Suddenly I was wondering if my calendar was all wrong.

But that truck gave me the confidence boost I needed and I relaxed my arms and chugged along home. We did leave before the "storm" moved south towards us. But got home just in time. The highways were fine. Our driveway was like an ice skating rink. D of course, thought it was great fun!

But hey, this season, I drove in snow, sleet & freezing rain! ;)
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This morning, N & I didn't know to laugh or to cry. So we did both.

She was annoyed with both of us at the same time for some reason. Me because I am her mom and with dad because he was going abroad and leaving her alone with her mom. So, she was dilly-dallying about getting ready. I sat down with her and shared it's a school day and she needs to get started. She, "urmmpphed", stood up, and announced, "I am going to get ready all by myself. I am going to brush my teeth, use the potty, get my clothes, have a bath (bucket bath), get my clothes on and get ready without any of your help."

And she went. We have no idea what she did in the bathroom. We heard bucket filled, some splashing, singing, and then her running out with the towel dragged on the floor, her dripping wet, butt naked, announcing, "mommy, I took a bath all by myself!"  oh I could just hug her and never let her go. But that would only remind her that she was actually annoyed with me. So, I refrained, casually acknowledged her great achievement! And off she went, got ready, combed her hair, put it up in a pony tail, two hair clips and put on her salwar kameez (it was Diwali) and sat down for breakfast!

She was ready in 20 minutes! She has of course, done all the things on her own...but not the whole routine on her own in this time! I do hope she continues, well into her future.

We then get to school and her asking, "mommy can you put the date label on the lunch box? I need your help!"
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This morning was my turn, and afternoon was D's. We got our flu vaccines done. I held on to dear life and dreaded the whole thing, my daughter cooly took her stuffed toy, sat there and didn't flinch and got her shot. She did tell me she was scared, but it was more to copy what she read recently in Berenstein Bears book. Sometimes I feel reading books sets her back in her boldness! ;)

This evening she noticed her band aid was coming off. And she was getting nervous about it as she found that dreadfully painful. Taking a bandaid off even morning after and after bucket bath, she would scream in "pain"! So, I casually said, "if it comes off that means it's ready to come off!" And she, oh so carefully, peeled it off and ran all around the house looking for dad to show off before putting it in the trash herself!

She was so proud that she didn't cry or get scared and that was the happiest moment of the day!

I have a lot to learn from my kid, because I dread taking bandaids off too!  Really, I have no tolerance for pain! It's a wonder I delivered my kid naturally! ;)
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D picked up the book, Gingerbread Man from the library. I hesitate a bit as she was always left a little sad that he gets eaten. She had also refused to eat the gingerbread house made at school. The three times we have read it after bringing it home, she smiles  and says with so much relief and happiness, "Fox can eat him because gingerbread man is a food!"

Last year we had gotten a book (she randomly picked it at the library) that showed about the circle of life, how the fish is eaten by another animal and then the frog eats a bug, the snake eats the frog and the fox eats the snake. It upset her so much. She insisted all of them eat grass.  These days she seems to be more accepting of animals eating other animals but she somehow things those non-animals. sigh. Last month I had mentioned that some people eat cows and they call it beef. She looked so puzzled. She tried to tell me that beef is different not these cows (in the book we were reading).

Her empathy shows for others when it's food related! Otherwise she has no qualms!
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My baby's a big girl! She continuously reminded me as we walked to her preschool together! She in fact didn't want me walking her to school either. She wanted to go by herself. When I asked her if she knew where her preschool was, she pointed out the window to the church where it's located saying, "it's there in the church!" (We can see the preschool from our window!)

She carried her heavy bag happily. I was so unnecessarily worried. We ran into her close friend (who's attending just the summer camp there but in a different class) too and so both were happy. Once we reached into the classrom, our relationship came to an end. She seemed so annoyed I was still there. She refused to hear me out and realised maybe if she gave me a kiss or two and a hug I would leave. So, I left. I turned around and cried! My girl has grown into such an independent child. Sure, not in every sense of the word.

It helps to remind me that she IS getting bigger and is capable of doing so much more on her own. Letting go. And yet, I keep thinking she is too young. What if they change her, institutionalize her personality, mechanize her. oh but it's silly. It's a good school. It's a safe school. Good teachers. And so close by!

With that, comes today's part of photo challenge. I was going to show the cool nifty feature of opening the car without unlocking doors. As long as I have my car keys in my purse, or pocket, I just need to open the car handle and it unlocks the door!! Technology, how cool!

But I realised, within minutes of coming home, I could share the whole excitement of first day of school by sending photos, video clips, on the phone with parents, parents-in-law, and N even though they are continents away!! Now that is just amazing!

Day 17: technology

Thank you to the engineers of this world!!!!! Amazing! You don't know how much this means and how much it helps to cope with the fact that family is far away.

And mom leaves this message, which I never knew on facebook (photo challenge is shared there too). Let me go cry some more. Motherhood is hard.

"chitti, the day you left for Honolulu alone, i too cried in happiness. i could not believe that the timid young girl, smitha, would become so courageous one day. You were going alone, with two huge suitcases. You had to stop at Osaka or some where on the way. You were 18year old then. ma."
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D waits for her turn!! She even gives the person in front space to move about. At the park if she happens to get too close to the person in front and sees they are trying to get on the slide, or the tunnel, she will say in Telugu, "Girl's turn. in the way, D move aside." It's wonderful! She picked it up so easily. The only problem is with kids who cut in front of her because there's room! She looks so puzzled but lets it be. I guess it's good practice for her future India trips. 

At the same time, once she determines the girl/boy in front is going to have her/his turn, they better not change their mind! If they do, she gets very upset and screams, "boy/girl turn!"

D shares. Anytime I tell her someone is coming home she runs to her toys and says happily,  "D share!" And she does. I hope it continues and is not just a temporary gig!

It's funny though I get so many comments, "oh how did she learn that? She doesn't go to daycare!" As if it's a skill only picked up if you do? 
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D at an young age has learnt that an apple a day keeps the doctor away. In hopes that she will take a bite, I eat fruits within her reach. The last few days I have been eating apples cut into slices. She comes over, picks up the slices and promptly reaches out and puts it in my mouth! As bed time reaches, she brings out her play kitchen set and "feeds" me! You can see how I spend a lot of my time with her!

She also helps me hang clothes! She picks one item out at a time and hands it to me to hang them up. If I am too slow, she uses the time to mop the floor with the washed item! :X

She wants to do what we do. It's absolutely adorable until of course she throws a fit when we don't hand over the scissors to her! sigh...

And she has begun to take steps on her own these past few days. She walked across the room yesterday holding on to items in each hand to give to me. I of course, was not looking! At least her grandma and greatgrandma got to witness it!! :)  

3 months

Aug. 24th, 2010 08:13 am
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Our baby is 3 months old! Where does time fly?! As a friend said these are days that are long and time that flies! In the photo she is wearing the same outfit she came home in and how she has filled it in! My little one is growing so fast!

She is ever the active one, curious one, and filled with smiles and giggles. She has been screaming out in glee recently! It's ear piercing but oh much prefer over the screaming cries!

Getting her to nap is just as hard as getting her to feed as she her vision is getting better and she is all so excited to explore everything! She talks and she talks. She smiles whenever she sees me walk by. oh the joy of parenthood... you forget that you didn't get a good night sleep the night before!
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The last few days HungryLion has been insisting to stay awake during the day and not sleep - even though she obviously is. This makes for a very cranky baby - if I don't feed her every 50 minutes. In between somewhere she has discovered her hands and has been fighting to get it in her mouth. She has managed to get her fist in, three fingers in, etc. Today was no different from other days. Suddenly the living room got completely quiet. Wondered why. And there she was happily sucking away at her THUMB! She had her thumb tucked away in her wrist and obviously the struggle.. she figured it out! 

And she has fallen asleep on her own and not needing my boob to help her sleep! Lets see if she can get her thumb in her mouth again! ;)


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