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Dec. 19th, 2016 09:17 pm
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14. Story time at library is always fun!
15. We try to build our own. This is from last year's since this year we're out of town. A paper sheet, painted handprint leaves, tripod, glitter and lights and voila a tree for the season!
16. Breakfast followed with filtered coffee
17. Our fruit stand needs replenishment.
18. Something green in our shopping cart. (American Girl doll is spending the week with us thanks to Arlington Public Library.)
19. When nature freezes
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24/ When we draw a blank on what to do, the library is where we go!


25/ Together we can do more!
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I completely forgot LJ land and the internet world (OK, except FB) for the last three days. It went so quickly, I didn't even realise. I was catching up on all of you and wondered how there was a big explosion of posts, only to realise that it HAS been three days! In the meantime, another book read!

Fall of Giants by Ken Follett - I read the Pillars of the Earth some time ago ( a few years, I believe) and absolutely loved it! And so, decided to read this too! And sure enough, loved it. It took me a month to read it! But the depth, the details, the history embedded in it was fabulous! And so many times it reminded me of my high school history teacher as that's how he taught us the time period history! A story woven through lives of many around the continents. I really had to go back to check when the book was written because I did wonder if my teacher took the idea of him! ha! But a definitely must read book!

He's an author introduced me to by my MIL. And he is the one who made me further fall in love with historic fiction! Now am on to something I randomly picked up at the library. I decided to pick up an actual book as for the last few ones they have been eBooks. Before the library decides to reconsider their funding of print-books vs. digital versions, better diversify! Surely though, D is helping out supporting print books! We have clearly surpassed a thousand books before kindergarten program the library has. Just never filled in the sheets though. oh well! 
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Day 8: something blue
Day 8: something blue
It was such a busy day somehow. Didn't really get a chance to look about! So, our humble blue carrier that D tries to stuff as many library books as it can handle!

Day 9: favorite

Day 9: favorite
Our all time favorite activity is to spend it with friends, read a book at the playground and just hang loose!

(they are D's good friends... the girl on extreme left is just 1.5yrs old - D treats her very special and she somehow is very attached to us too! And I just love her cheeks. Layla is 3yrs old in June and her mom).
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Of course, my daughter's favorite book is a story about a girl who doesn't listen to her mom! le sigh… hope she also gets the moral of the story… bad things happen! :P he he he….

Thanks Robert Munsch….It is a nice story though with beautiful illustrations!

Other recent delights have been:

  • Strega Nona - she loves all the books!

  • Many Moons by James Thurber (illustrated by Marc Simont). I think we read this book by another illustrator, too.

  • The Girl Who Loved Wild Horses by Paul Goble

And there are 10 other books… but of this batch these have been her favorite picks. A Promise is Promise however she has been asking to renew the last three months!
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I went to a doctor this morning for a checkup and I just loved the assistant who takes your weight and blood pressure. Alice was her name. She was awesome. Okay, she complimented me that I don't look a day over 20 and remarked how little I am as I weighed in their old-fashioned scale where she had to shift the weight (what is this type of machine called, anyone know?)! In a world obsessed with image and weight I do forget that I am little albeit out of shape (literally). But I am little. :D I like reminders like that...

I watched Bride Wars yesterday. A movie I know N won't like and I just wanted to watch a mindless movie. Well, it was excellent for a mindless movie alright. I guess I am not a big fan of extravagant weddings and so didn't really get attached to the characters much and just thought the whole thing was silly. Did laugh here and there but yeah. The friend who suggested this also suggested the Confessions of a Shopaholic - I think I will pass on that too. RedBox is just so cool. Of course, that comes in after the public library that has all the recent releases... you just have to wait in a virtual queue for quite some time if the movie was a huge hit!

I have been making yummy salads for lunches the last two days. Hubby has been rather amusing. Before his trip, I warned him to stay away from salads as one can't be too sure of the water. His answer, "why would I have salads outside when you make the best ones?!" cute and smart.
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I finished work early yesterday and so could leave office much earlier than usual. So, I decided to head to the library and see what I can find. I got two books to consider and was browsing about when suddenly a loud siren goes off. Everyone looks about to one another wondering if it's the real deal or a false alarm. Slowly, reluctantly, everyone started slowly putting their things away and ever so slowly moving. None of us could see the fire. The library's layout is in such a way you can see the whole floor from wherever you are. Ok..maybe not the shelves but you can get the aerial view. There was no smoke being emitted from anywhere. So our dragging feet.

I got out of the building to find every fire truck that the county has parked in every nook and corner around the library. Even the firemen were moving at a slow pace (they were like the 4th batch going in or something, as we could see quite a few already inside). As soon as that batch went in, they came out saying there was a  small fire in the bathroom which was put out in time. We just had to wait for them to clear up and take in whatever reports they needed for further investigations. So, I spent half hour waiting outside the library. sigh.

And late last night N smelled something burning. When we opened our apartment door we found the corridor to be a bit smoky. And I could smell it too. But no fire alarm went off or anything. It was nearing midnight. I guess whoever started it was able to put it out cause in half hour the smoke cleared up. Or maybe they were bbq-ing inside their apartment - cause it was smelling of BBQ! It was just weird that we were the only ones to come out of our apartments to check it out. Maybe others were sleeping or not at home. The smoke though got us sneezing and coughing away.

So, am still wondering what to read. I did get two books based on people's recommendations. Lets see..still have time to look...


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