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Those who know me find it amusing how little things amuse me to no end. I get all happy and giddy. And the reason for the current giddiness/happiness is we are not running wires along the living room floor to connect to the internet. We have upgraded and become high tech and got ourselves a wireless router!

I was supposed to go into work but I really couldn't get myself to leave the house this morning. I think I was having braxton hicks contractions when it was time to leave home and was just all around uncomfortable standing and walking. Laying down seemed like the only solution. So, I worked from home! 

I had collected the wireless router that came in the mail when we weren't home from the management office this morning and it sat there staring at me while I was working and thought why not and set it up. Everyone says how easy it's become to set it up nowadays.

Well, nothing comes easy with my darling HP. I could connect with the router and it just wouldn't connect wireless-ly. I got frustrated. I called a friend but he couldn't figure out either why it wasn't connecting. All the settings were right. Then I called Linksys and the lady nicely walked through, got remote access to make sure my settings were right and she was also confused as to why it wouldn't connect.

Then the very obvious thing came up, "have you enabled your wireless connection to be on? You know there's a button with an antennae on your keyboard that you can use to turn it on and off!" Duh! Well, the thing is all those quick keys stopped working after I had gotten back my laptop from two years ago drama with HP and I never bothered with it since I never used wireless and the volume controls. I was done having to deal with their so called customer care that gave me such a run-around. So, I figured there must be a manual override. Well, she suggested something I dreaded - call HP!

I was so hesitant. My husband became the cheerleader. Plus we spent a fair bit on the wireless router and it's pointless if I still have to connect via wire and he can connect via wireless. Being able to connect both our laptops at the same time was not the only reason we were planning to get this, as he will be at home more often. So, I called HP - and let me tell you although they did transfer me once, they were quite nice and fixed the problem! 

My buttons are all working and am running my internet connection on the laptop via wireless network and while my hubby is working away on his laptop!!! I had forgotten that long ago, I had turned off the bluetooth on my laptop. Well, HP's wireless thing comes "with Bluetooth". So, in effect it was off all this time. go figure.

But what's the amusing part? We no longer have to watch out for the wire running across the living room as we walk around the living/dining area! yay! It just brings a smile everytime I walk across!

BTW, this purchase was also indirectly baby-related. We can't have the baby tripping all over the place! ;) 
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I noticed it yesterday... as the laptop turns on the monitor was working. huh....but since the external monitor was hooked up once the windows loaded it automatically switched to the external monitor. I didn't bother checking. As I type this, I type it looking at the laptop monitor screen. why suddenly did the HP laptop decide that the monitor is fine-and-dandy! ugggh.... I think we just missed the 7-day return policy or something. Plus am sure if we did return the Dell monitor, the laptop monitor surely will go kapoots. sigh.

ah well... we are enjoying the new wide screen monitor. Especially when we are going through the pictures! Hubby uses it too with his laptop. So, guess it's fine ...moody HP...
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We got back from our trip to Brazil this morning!! Can't believe that we were actually there! We truly enjoyed the trip and have a nice tan to prove it. If we were there for another week I think we would have picked up Portuguese! Everyone loves speaking to you in Portuguese even when you inform them that you don't really understand what they are saying! But it was a lot of fun and entertaining. We did however pick up some amazing samba music and local Cachaça to mix up and enjoy once we start missing the city of Rio.

But for now we are happy to be back and looking forward to sleeping in our own bed together after a week long stint in hostel bunkbeds!

on the side: I miss my laptop! sigh..this week will be getting a monitor to hook it up and all!
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N thinks I have an unlucky touch with computers. I have begun to agree with him. I am shopping around for LCD monitors for my HP laptop. In the meantime, been using hubby's old laptop that runs so slow but hey it allows me internet access and so am a happy camper. Well, until Saturday. We noticed that everything was running even slower. So instead of a window opening up in 2 minutes, it was taking 3.5. sigh. It got horribly worse day before yesterday on. The scan didn't show anything. We then got spybot to do a scan and found some trojanhorse that wouldn't get deleted. So, through their forums got rid of it. Now it's up and running much faster actually! yay! Hubby will be happy!

Now am wondering if this Symantec Endpoint is actually good to keep and if I should keep the Spybot running as well. sigh.
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ok... am not all that creative with words. But really. Last year it was some other issue - first they claimed motherboard problem then all they did was replaced the DVD/CD Drive. (they = HP people). I think my HP monitor is screwed. It turns on but the whole screen gave off this greyish hue. Maybe that's the replacement of the blue screen? I don't know. But it's tiring really. I thought maybe if I threw it out the window ti might work? Really I did. Luckily at that very moment N came over and gave a more sensible solution - ask his IT colleague for help at the office. Laptop is just two years old and so many problems already. I am now using hubby's 4.5 year old Sony Vaio! sigh.. they just don't make them like they used to before!
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Another thing I forgot...

Why would one leave laptops on overnight? I somehow remember that's okay to do for desktops but not laptops? Plus it annoys me to see such a waste in electricity! We work 8 hours and then we keep it idle/on for over 14 hours. wow... 

p.s. we don't do this at home; just at another location.
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Last week I had called up HP again to see what they could do. The guy this time sounded Mexican or maybe African was surprised to hear what the service place told me and had to pass on the case to the "higher up" and promised someone would call me back within 24-48 hours. Well, Guru from probably Bangalore did call within 4 hours to follow up! He went on to explain that each provider has his/her network of places they get the parts from. It's hard to understand how they couldn't get hold of one motherboard. If anything they would need to backorder it and would take longer. hmmm.. he kept asking me to repeat what I was told. 

sigh... globalisation is wonderful. really. It's wonderful that we don't have to pack spices and other stuff when we move now like we had to 15 years ago! It's wonderful to get things of home. It makes things easier a bit at least. I thought I would miss Ice Kacang and stuffed myself with it in the last few weeks in KL. But now you could go down to the Malaysian restaurant and have some! yum...ok I would wait for summer first. But really, if HP was all in one place, one guy could walk over and check what is really going on. But with a call that goes to India, the guy is just guessing what could possibly happening in Tennessee.  A customer might like tennis for exercise or a hobby, but not be the tennis ball between customer service, tech support, and third party provider. 

sigh... i just want my darned laptop fixed. I still don't know what's wrong with it!   Now it's somewhere in Tennessee having a vacation!
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I am sad. Just sad. I understand laptops get obsolete quite fast. But six months??? The HP provider called today to say HP no longer makes this model motherboard anymore and that I have to directly ship it to HP to get it fixed. The guy kept asking me if I have three years warranty. I kept replying no I have 1 year international. I guess he assumes I got it here and standard would be 3 year local warranty. 

Is he hinting that it might take a looooonnnnngg time before i get this fixed?! sigh... 

Am just very very sad. My friend is visiting day after tomorrow so will wait till after her departure to pick up this issue again. Right now, I just want to throw it out the window. But sigh.... sad...  

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Oct. 16th, 2007 04:41 pm
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So much for HP technical support. Friday afternoon the status according to the status team was that they had replaced my "systemboard" and was going through some final test and to be sent out Saturday. I received it today to find they returned it unrepaired because they couldn't contact me for some permission. wtf.  I never once received a phone call nor an email.

They claimed to have done some 22 point service evaluation. It would be nice to see a report of it to show that at least they did something and not just send my laptop back. Imagine going for a medical test and the lab just says we did the tests.

When I called and asked about my call on Friday (which was noted down, as have access to my case online), he began to explain HP has a repair department and status department. No outsider can contact the repair department. ok............ but that still doesn't solve my problem of a non-working laptop that's barely six months old. He asked me to send it over again. What am I stupid?! yeah... no cost for me. But how can he guarantee that it won't happen again! 

So even though I have an international warranty that has on-site service for one year, I walked myself to the service center and dropped the laptop off. I hope this works. Am sure somehow they will manage to squeeze some money out of me claiming non-warranty repair. 

At this point i just want to get it fixed so I can get access to my things! hrrmpphh.....

But what I am happy about is to be in a country or city, where the pedestrian has the right of way. It's amazing. Cars actually stop way before the pedestrian crossing. wow....


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