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OK.. I do have the flu. It's not allergies. misery. It took me a whole 5 hours to work on a document that would have otherwise taken 1 hour.

D so sweetly said she will watch TV - so I can rest! ;) [Mondays are her TV days - speaking of which we should donate to PBS. It's what she watches and I heard it's on the chopping block.]

Completely missed doing something for Chinese New Year this year. It will be ten years since I left Malaysia this year. And that attachment is slowly waning. The other day, at school, while I was helping the school library get their books in place, the three custodians helping as well were speaking in Cantonese. I don't understand a word. But I always feel so much at home around it.

Going to go crawl back into bed.  
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It's a question that drives me mad. For a long time I just didn't know how to answer it. Now, I just say India. And once again the question bothers me. As locals know places in India, they ask where in India. Well, I technically was born in Hyderabad, well, actually Secunderabad (its twin city). Never lived in either of them, well, my first two years I did but I don't remember any of it. If you ask me of where to eat, etc. any local stuff, I have no idea. Mr. Google will have better responses. I feel more at home in Bangalore. And yet, I can't say I am from there either. But I do.

My daughter however, has no doubts where she is from. Whenever we ask her where she came from, she responds, "I am from India & Bangalore. I came from Ajji's house and then took a plane to Arlington."

(ajji- how she calls her maternal grandmother)
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Birth of our daughter really made us feel at home in Arlington. We recognize people who live around us and have made several friends. We discovered so much about this county and truly are in love. Before we were DC-wannabes who couldn't afford it! :P

And D is 3.5 years old and she knows her neighborhood all too well! That we have to drive in complete circles as she knows where her playgrounds are as we drive by, our favorite pizza spot is! I have no idea how she knows as they are just a mom-and-pop kinda store with no big flashing signs. We have actually been there only twice in the last two years. We have always called for delivery!!! She knows across the street is the new library she gets to go every now and then (we have a library within walking distance and so makes no sense to go there!). And so now we can't go to the library either! lol...

We have found ourselves telling her we don't have money on us to buy pizza. She responds that we can go home and call for pizza. sigh. So, these past few days she reminds us before leaving home to take money with us. So, when she heads to college and finds herself at loss of enough funds, we can tell her where all her money went to! At least the pizza place sends most of its profits to care for stray dogs and the dog shelter. 


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