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October Photo a Day Challenge Prompts

IMG_20161003_131735 IMG_20161004_085046 IMG_20161005_071626

1-3/ (Yellow, Blue Purple) - Starting late and so combined the three. Happy navarathri!
4/ White - Hot idlis with mom's chutney podi!
5/ Red - Red bag from salon on which has my foot long of hair going for donation
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Somehow since return from India/Dubai trip back in August, life has just been on a roll!! It has been fantastic no matter what! N also had work travel thrown in in the last month. And the rest of the year doesn't seem like it will ease up any bit more. I love it and forever grateful. Finally, I made an appointment for me. Next Tuesday, I called up a salon found on google because it's walking distance and close by my dentist (with whom I have an appointment in the afternoon) and over 40% of gallery pictures show women with curly hair. Keep your fingers crossed.

Hopefully the only good that will come out of it is not just a donation of hair - 8 or 10 inches - but a fabulous cut that will look good wash after wash! I think this will be my last donation. Boo. ah well. I mentioned it to D and maybe she will do it and carry on.

But anyway, I always have had a terrible experience with hairdressers. I finally did find one in DC but they charge an arm and a leg which I don't want to donate along with my hair. And the other one I didn't seem to mind was at the mall and they have closed for the mall renovations. I figured if I hate my style, winter is around the corner and hats are in fashion! So, if you hear me going hat shopping on other sources and no pictures, you know what happened!

Let's see. 
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Life in a grid

Left to right:

  • Library had a book sale last week. I vowed not to go since D's bookshelf is overflowing. N keeps a fare share of books away, but D always finds them. So today and tomorrow I have to sort them and donate them to the library or have them picked up on freecycle, when she is not around! But I went and bought like 20  books from the sale! Many of them were small stories that we could also take on road trips, fit in my purse, etc. We can't leave home without a book!

  • D likes this particular smoothie from Trader Joe's that has beetroot in it. We tried making it at home but she wouldn't drink it. We now, saved the bottle and make it and refill it and seems to be working. Bad sneaky parents, I know. But we have to save money somehow! She loves the purple mustache it creates! We call her Joker (from Batman)

  • Once in a while she asks for ponytails! She had three on and yesterday it was 4!

  • She rolled chapatis! She actually rolled nice circles but she kept making them into balls and rolling again...never made it to the pan. Maybe in a few more months (years) before she makes consumable chapatis!

  • We are ready for snow! Well, I am wishing we get maybe 3-4 2-inch snowfall this winter! Yes, I am very careful what I wish for!! :P She & I got snow boots! Hers were found at a consignment sale (actually so did the sweater, & the hat! The sweater is "boys" one - it was cheaper and thicker!!

  • I dug out the patch-quilt I had started making for D 3 years ago. I realised it was actually done, needed batting and sewing the back. But now it would be too small for her and so am adding more to it. I need to buy the batting material and will be done!

  • D's first ice cream cone! She never liked ice cream! Until, a month ago!! Now we can't keep any at home as she will want it for lunch/dinner! :S


Jun. 21st, 2013 11:33 pm
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First grey hair spotted... on my head!!! It feels so strange. So weird. I am not old..I feel like a 20 year old! WTH!?

But I should thank my lucky stars. Sis and I are the only ones amongst the first cousins to have crossed 30 with no grey hair!

Also, need to get a haircut. Should I trim or get it cut short....

6 months

Dec. 2nd, 2010 04:04 pm
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ma and d

D is 6 months and a week old now! She took her first flight to Indianapolis and back without a glitch! She was the happiest baby around! She loved the attention from friends and family! She had her moments of crankiness but not much at all. She actually slept 4 hour blocks at night!! Yesterday we got back in the afternoon and she was all happy and not feeding at all - just such a waste of time!! Of course, by 4pm it was all too much and it all came crumbling down and she seems to have returned to her usual needy self.

D also experienced her first snow, while we drove to the airport from our friend's place!!

She is able to kind of sit unassisted (when we get her in a seated position) for a minute or so but usually falls over trying to get to something that catches her attention.

She rolls, and rolls around everywhere!! She rolls over to get to the toy she is interested in playing with. She can't plan her route yet and so sometimes she cries in frustration.

She is such a delight! She is starting to realise a bit that there are things beyond our hands (sometimes we block her view with our hands). She intently watches us do things around the house!

She has leaped forward like a frog... but not consistent. She does lift up her bum in the air and occasionally a leg goes up as well. Just too cute!

We will be starting solids in about a week or two... excited...

And yes, I chopped off my hair! Funny thing is people I know in real life, only my parents & in-laws have noticed it and a friend or two! I thought chopping off 10 inches would be noticeable. Ah well...another donation for locks of love!
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went to the gym again today while N came home for lunch. I just weighed myself after over a month - mostly to see D's weight. She is a healthy 15ish pounds (it doesn't show ounces). As for me, I am lighter than even my prepregnancy weight. But what is this pouch doing around my waistline? My hips feel like they are 1.5 times the size. I guess I should focus on toning exercises more as well. And also come to accept that my body will look different now.

I am not sure why i was thinking i put on weight... i sure feel like i did though...

anyhow, D loves when i do yoga poses with her and in front of her. She thinks it's hilarious!! before she starts crawling want to make it to a class just to see if i am doing things well. With one income, we really need to watch our spending. So, am splurging on an awesome haircut! I am planning to chop it all off. I am sick of the ponytail and half my hair has fallen out. looks sick really. sigh.
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Here's the before....


and after )
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oh I am so happy! After one more cancellation I finally got to my appointment with the hairstylist today. I am eagerly awaiting my husband's arrival so that he can tell me how fabulous I look! It will be a surprise! So till then you just get what was chopped off!! At the longest was 14 inches and the shortest layer about 4 inches.


So, to whom should I donate it to? I was thinking to send it to go towards hair mats to clean oil spills but since it's such a small contribution it might be more of an impact towards making of a wig.


Jul. 1st, 2008 04:18 pm
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ohhh I got my hair cut... okay a trim more like it. It's been a year and all the hairdresser could say was "it's long overdue." He repeated it at least three times! Couldn't agree with him more! What a difference a trim makes! Really! The style (if you call what I have a "style") is not different, just a trim. I want to grow my hair long again! And maybe next summer chop it off short!

Anyhow, for the second time in my life I came out happy from the hairdresser. This dude, David, did just as I asked! No fancy fancy scissors used that usually make me nervous and make me wonder how much time I would need to spend maintaining it! Will post pics some time soon.

hair hair

Jun. 27th, 2008 01:02 pm
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I still am not used to seeing my hair so long! It's a mess though. It's so tangled up all the time. This is something new for me! I think I didn't care too much about it over winter and it kind of is on strike! sigh. And I hate spending so much time thinking about it. But I have an appointment with a hairdresser coming upon Tuesday! There was an option to go today but I got nervous. I have an "interview" meeting on Monday.... and I really wouldn't feel great if the cut got all botched up! Oh yes, the ever-optimist has deeply been hidden away in this situation!
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In Kuala Lumpur (KL) one couldn't do without fork and spoon. One could eat anything with those two utensils and of course the chopsticks and the every handy fingers. In the States, regardless of which restaurant you are in (I am not talking about the fine dining places), you find them equipped with a fork and knife. In Italy, in the cafes, you would find all three (fork, spoon, and knife). I was eating curry and wondered how to savor up the gravy with a knife and a fork? sigh. Yes, with the rice is one way, but they give so much rice that I don't usually finish it. Little things amuse me.

On the train today I was reading, Playing for Pizza by John Grisham (I have waited for it since Nov '07! When I booked it at the library I was #97 in line!!). After reading and still reading several serious, heavy books, this came to me at the right time! I can also see the reason Grisham wrote this book. After reading his last book The Innocent Man, anyone would need a break. It still lingers in you! Anyway, this is besides the point. I am still in the beginning part of the book, where the player first moves to Italy and experiences the many changes in Italian culture. It reminded me so much of the people's love of food in their culture. I believe the Malaysians follow suit after them! I remember our first Italian meal back in 1989, a five course dinner at our small humble hotel. The food just came and came. The varieties of breads, of cheeses were filling enough. We quickly learned to pace ourselves after that. And the laughter, the emotions that run high make a meal in Italy ever so memorable. The dinner often lasted well into the evening and you would be eating for hours. The pride people took in their food. No matter which part of Italy you went to, the local people would claim their recipe is the best. And how could one argue when the cook made it with so much love and passion?! One would very often drown in the flavors of the food. I miss that.

And today we were having food court Thai food. My veggie green curry was was bland, even though I had gotten the "spicy" version. I wonder what the mild tasted like! And there was another patron who was praising it so much. It was a quick meal and off we went. Of course, people needed to get back to work. But the love for food, the flavors, the time is not given in this place even if we didn't need to go to work. If we did give time, we would have a book in hand, or a laptop, or some music, or the TV, or some other distraction, as it was needed to distract us from the food in front of us. Even Maria & Matilde, our cooks in school prepared that one dish for lunch with so much love and care, and it filled with so much flavor & aromas. I loved cafeteria food!

My hair has been its longest since I chopped it off back in 2000! And I love the haircut the hairdresser in KL gave me a year ago! I guess he figured I would only come once a year or something and gave me nice long layers and it's growing out beautifully! Those who have followed my journal for quite some time now, and my experiences with hairdresser, would know this is an amazing compliment to the hairdresser. Eventually I would need a trim at least and once again the hunt begins. But it can wait for now, while I enjoy long hair again!
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Some said it would be humid here. So I thought oh no back to humid weather and frizzy hair. This girl occasionally does worry about the looks you know. So I came to find humidity at a whopping 38% on average and occasionally going up bringing rain. Even with the rain the air feels dry. 

So humidity is relative. Or maybe they were talking about it being humid during summer. Time will only tell. But my hair has surely changed. My curls have disappeared and I have straight hair!! ok... a bit wavy hair. Only the days I wash it does it have curls.  

This just totally feels strange. Yet at the same time it feels good to wake up and not have a head where hair goes in all directions and only a wash or a pony tail would tame it down. 

But I miss my curls. It's me. Some sites suggest to moisturise everyday and to airdry. Do they realise it's cold outside and a wet head is not such a brilliant idea? Or is it ok? hmmmm..... winter... yes, it's new to me!


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