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22/ Beautiful chocolate coloured and metal.

23/ Wish my kid continues to enjoy clearing the clutter at home!
(Her classmate and brother were coming over with their mom. And D helped to clean up the house and so she lined up all the things she found on the kitchen counter! :D)

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It's only been 3 full days. My ears are ringing. My head is aching. My mind is going. I need a vacation! I can't imagine what D is going through! She has so much to share, so much to talk about. From morning to night! And all she has is me! Oh my! I called up my mom and gave my full sympathies because, well, yours truly here was also a big talker, even while sitting on the throne doing big business!

It wouldn't be a big deal if I hadn't had to get some work done. And so she has spent her time calling friends and catching up! And I end up being listening into her conversation completely enamored. Because OMG she is so darned cute! Since 6am this morning till two minutes ago, there has been no peace! Fair enough her best friend came by to spend the afternoon/evening. So, there was a lot of noise and laughter! lol...Silence is so precious!

She has also made plans for our weekend! Very excited! She was our social secretary. Monday through Friday she will do half day camp at gymnastics - something she has been asking for forever! Can't wait. It's a small group of 6 that have signed up. I hope they don't cancel because of the size or I am going to go mad! And she will cry!

School starts in a month! The countdown has begun. She tells everyone she will start school on Tuesday! Yes, it's on A Tuesday in September. But she is eagerly awaiting. She much prefers "Tuesday" than 4 weeks!! We are all waiting!
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Oh it was such fun adventure yesterday! It all started Wednesday night! I was clearing the sink of dishes - either to dishwasher and washing the pots and pans. As I was in the act of loading the dishwasher, I saw that the coffee filter lid (of the steel coffee filter) was on the move. I thought I had a few extra seconds. But nope it slid into the sink drain and got comfortable. It fit perfectly, the grooves matched the grooves of the drain. It was happy. We were not. I used a butter knife. But the water that was trying to drain helped it only get better settled.

Following morning, I tried:

  • hot water - to realise that would only expand it, right?! So, it didn't work.

  • wanted to try ice - alas our ice box was empty

  • Put some oil in the sides - didn't work.

  • Tried the plunger - but that only made it worse?

  • Got the vacuum cleaner out, didn't work.

So, I took the problem to my family circle for entertainment and posted on FB for help and got:

  • Use an ax - we umm didn't have an ax (camping ax neither) at home. We did try a drill to drill a hole but then realised, right not a mason jar top a SOLID stainless steel. And of course, the drill ran out of battery

  • Inform management and let them deal with it - perks of renting, their equipment they handle it so we don't damage it in our experiments. Well, some strange reason none of them showed up!

  • magnet - we didn't have a strong enough magnet at home.

  • Super Glue multiple twines/wires to the inner lid surface and yank them all together - very creative and would love to give it a try but we didn't know where we hid the super glue safely from our 6 year old!

  • Unscrew the pipe and push it out - we didn't want to do that and figured that's what the management/maintenance staff would have to do.

  • Use Jedi powers - well. yes. of course.

  • Apple cider - all I had was apple cider vinegar

Problem solved

So, guess which one did the trick?
answer behind the cut )
But there it is. It felt good and we had such fun! A little relief from the work piled up!
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Day 24: Animal

I am constantly surrounded by animals, in children's books, stuffed toys, plastic toys, TV. I am hoping that we can get a few more books with actual kids/people in them. And read this article on NPR the other day: As Demographics Shift, Kids' Books Stay Stubbornly White

Then I realise, people like us depend so much on books from libraries we never actually buy new children's books. If we buy books they are used books and so, guess are part of the problem!

Day 24: animal

Day 25: Strangers

D loves company of children. I think most kids do. She however, screams in joy if she sees other children at the park. She goes up to them and gives them the biggest smile and the loudest laugh and a hello all combined! Sometimes the other kid plays along and returns the hello, and many times they freak out and look all puzzled but most times she is just ignored. She is not discouraged, she will follow them around, watch them, play alongside them whether they are bothered or not. She craves and yearns for friendships. In her mind, if you are a kid you are a friend, not a stranger.

She sometimes comes back so dejected that no one reciprocates.

Day 25: strangers
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D was very upset today. Since yesterday evening. She wouldn't eat. She threw a fit so much more often. The last three days she has been surrounded with people, especially her aunt (my sis) - her best pal! She went home yesterday as this is a working week. D woke up to an empty house and she was just soooo upset!

This evening we went out for a walk. Just before we did she threw a big tantrum. She bawled and she cried inconsolably. She professed she was having tooth pain, which she has been saying whenever she throws a tantrum and wants to "save face"! This time I ignored the peace offering and let her cry while I held her.

And then she changed to crying for her dad. She wanted to go home to see dad (N). That broke me and went to comforting her. We made it out of the house and she asked me in Telugu, "we go see new friends?" with such hope and desire!

She is such a people person. She is shy around them but she needs people around her all the time. She is so very happy to be with people. She is always ready to meet new "friends"! I feel for her as only in the evenings do we get to meet the neighbourhood's kids.

Yesterday, two of my uncles and aunts had come over. One cousin and her 6 year old daughter also joined. D spent the whole morning with her and happily fought her nap time (1.5 hours) to be with her. When I went to just watch them play she physically pushed me out of the area and screamed at me to go away. She didn't need my supervision apparently.

I didn't think this form of rejection came so early! I thought I had till teenage years for that to happen. sigh.

Planning to go see some friends over the week in the evenings and that should keep her engaged enough! Weekends are filling up with family and friends!

And countdown has begun to N's arrival!
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December 16 – Friendship How has a friend changed you or your perspective on the world this year? Was this change gradual, or a sudden burst? (Author: Martha Mihalick)

This made me think for a bit. 2010 went by so quickly that a lot of things have been a blur. But without doubt the biggest change in perspective came when I was contemplating cloth vs. disposable diapers. I have been to free workshops on how to do it. Read up on a few websites as well but somehow I was just feeling all "ewww" - "I have to handle the poop in cloth?!" Then came in [ profile] voyageofdreams  in the picture. This is a friend whom I have never met, but have followed her journal through the years trotting around the globe. I wish we had met when we were living in KL but then we were still new to each other. But she took some time out of her busy schedule (she's a mom of two) and shared (online chat) with me the lowdown on Cloth 101. Each and every step involved, what I would need, etc.

After that, it seemed like such an easy thing to do. As I now am into 6.5 months of using cloth & occasional disposables, I am just amazed how easy it was. I still find using cloth easier than disposables - the disposing is so much easier (we use a diapering service since our laundry is shared and it saves time and not much more expensive). I feel less guilty as I throw the used cloth in the bin for washing and reuse than when I take out that full disposable diaper that just goes in the trash.

Lets see my endurance through it once the little one starts on solids... ;) Maybe another chat with Kirsteen for the motivation is in place. But I owe her a big thanks for the talk!
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December 9 – Party Prompt: Party. What social gathering rocked your socks off in 2010? Describe the people, music, food, drink, clothes, shenanigans. (Author: Shauna Reid)

I don't like socks. I don't wear them unless absolutely necessary, which means it must be absolutely freezing and I really need to go out and oh yeah when I do decide to exercise. I am a slippers kind of girl. So the party that knocked my slippers off was the big party before baby's arrival. Some might label it a "baby shower" but we didn't do a baby shower. We didn't do any funny games that measure my huge waist at the time, nor did we do games of figuring out what is in the smelly diaper. It was a party where we invited many good friends to come and hang out with us in leisure before our lives become consumed with baby and her interests.

N took care of everything! All I did was create the invitation e-card & show up all dressed up! I was all dressed in a salwar kameez that mom had picked out and got it tailored for maternity wear and sent it along with N when he was in India in Dec before (pic below). Mom and I have very different fashion tastes and it was one of the first times where I really loved what she picked out! That weekend we had an out-of-town visitor and thanks to her N had help decorating the place up and getting things done! We owe her one! We actually relearned how to make colourful streamers! I think the last time I did was at high school dance party!!


I forget what food we had. As you see it was all gobbled up and no evidence was left behind for me to decipher (photo was taken after the party). Maybe someone who came remembers! I think some samosas were involved.

Our home was filled with so many positive vibes that night with so many fun people! Maybe one of these days we will have another knocking-slippers-off-party again!
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Yesterday, N and I were helping FIL call up his friends who reside in the USA. Every phone call he made (3-4 of them) started off with, "Hi. This is so-and-so and I was in the graduating batch of 1960-something!" followed with a small anecdote or nicknames they had for each other. whoa.

N and I wonder will we be calling up our long lost friends and talk to them after 30+ years of lost contact? On Facebook, I sometimes have a tough time remembering classmates from just 10 years ago!! But I imagine these friends he is calling were much closer in friendship than the ones I have forgotten from ten years ago.

And of course, in all the excitement, FIL wants to go see them all, failing to realise how big this country is and how long it takes to get from one place to the other! It was sad to see the disappointment in his face.

We will however be seeing one of them when we are in the Southwest! That will be nice encounter to witness.


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