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Jan. 15th, 2015 01:14 pm
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It's been ten days since I deleted FB on my smartphone. I wondered how I would do. And I don't miss it one bit. I log in twice a day and scroll through. And that's that. Life is going on fine without it! Who would have thought!? ;)

But it's also been ten days since I last exercised. Ok, 6 days. And that's not good. The weather was an excuse. And I needed the little time to catch up on work piled up from the holiday! Now that is all past us, the sun is shining and it's forecasted to be a balmy 40F (who would have thought I would think 40F is balmy!!!?! ha!), it's back to the exercise world! 
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I took a make up class a while ago with a different instructor. She finds the importance in keeping a flow and so she had us flowing through one pose to the next in three repetitions. Boy did we do many challenging ones. However, we were not really flowing but falling all over the place! She forgot I think that we were level 1! Oh we did a lot in that hour. The instructor's class I am registered with, we might get through a little over a handful in an hour and fifteen minutes (including a 10 minute meditation at start and end).

And yet, the regular instructor's class feels like my body is all the more stretched out and all the more worked out/strengthened. In a good way!

Truly reminds you the importance of focus and balance and on quality and not the quantity!  oof my body is sore! The good kine!


Mar. 11th, 2014 09:42 am
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Just a year ago, I was so much fitter. I keep wondering what changed. Two things.. A car and lack of an India trip in fall.

Up until we got a car, I walked everywhere, even in the cold. I pushed a stroller that was probably 25-30lbs and so my arms were also strong. I actually had biceps I could call biceps and not some flab pretending to be that is today. I would walk to the store to get small groceries - milk, eggs, fruit with the bob stroller and kid in tow. The store is a little less than a mile and half away. I would walk to the yoga class - which is also a mile away. We would go to DC a lot and that was always by metro and day at the museum - on the feet. So, that averaged 4 days of walking at least 2 miles.

India is a walking city, at least Mumbai is. My in-laws live on the 3rd floor without an elevator. So, just basic daily activity included at least a bit of movement.

Here, I used to climb up the 10 floors every now and then. Now I have gotten lazy.

I can't blame the car completely. After all the stroller is still around and the store hasn't moved. But what's changed is the child no longer sits in the stroller. So, a walk to the groceries is no longer a workout. I have to walk at D's pace. She loves to walk but her pace is obviously slow. And she likes to help push the stroller, which was ok. Now she wants to do it all by herself and with the bob revolution I am just afraid it will whisk her away!

So, today in a few minutes I am walking to yoga class after a long time! The weather is beautiful! Fine, it's very overcast and looks like it will rain. But heck it's 55F now and said to head up to 70F! Warmth…going to savor every moment of it! Thursday the temps are going to drop again and will enjoy the cold too. That's funny thing about spring I guess.
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Some time last week, I watched this TED talk this one given by Sandra Aamodt on Why dieting doesn't usually work. Absolutely loved it! I always feel we are too focused on our weight than looking at the bigger picture of health - our lifestyle, eating mindfully, physical movement.

And there were a string of other articles on sugar in our daily lives and our addiction to it! As I look at what we eat at home, every meal has so much of added sugar. You really have to make things from scratch or fly to Europe to get stuff without so much sugar. grrr…

But this week has been good exercise wise. Weekly yoga class has been beautiful to the body (and mind). Went to the gym 3 times last weekend. Skipped the weekend. I should have gone at least one of those days. I want to make it that I get exercise in 5 days a week at least.

Monday, was a beautiful morning and so took a hike on the trail. This morning was the class. How inflexible my body has gotten and oh so stiff. But saw such a difference in just a week! Very nice! It really has made me more conscious of my posture on a daily basis.

Hubby also brought home a flourless chocolate cake! We have it hidden from D and eating a small slice a day… oh how delicious! But have cut out any other snacking to compensate.

Haven't had a cup of tea in a week too! It wasn't intentional except once, when I decided to go with a grapefruit! Grapefruit is such a filling fruit!! It's sad that I never grew up incorporating fruit with meals. It was always at snack time. So, that kind of stuck and since D was born, it has been replaced with a cup of tea and some biscuits, crackers, or rusk.
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Found my gloves! yay! Found in the one bag I ignored that had been sitting in my own very closet! Just in time.

Outside was 10F when I headed to my yoga place. It's just a mile away and yet I took the car. It didn't feel so bad the first three minutes walking. oh dear me!

My heart and prayers go out to those who are homeless. Arlington opened up its Winter Shelter. Hope there was enough room for those who needed/need it!

D is in school. They opened two hours late.

and oh.. I have cold water rag on my chin as I scaled it as I spilt the hot water. Maybe a good thing none of it actually went in my mouth. sigh. how stupid of me!

Yoga class was wonderful! Didn't realize I had all the little muscles in me! I had found several free sites to do yoga at home. But I knew I needed more live teaching as am sure there are a ton of stuff I was doing wrong! It was really refreshing and a workout in itself! woot!
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December 13 – Action When it comes to aspirations, it’s not about ideas. It’s about making ideas happen. What’s your next step? (Author: Scott Belsky)

For exercise, currently N comes home for lunch three times a week and I go to the gym. He goes in the evenings after work since I handle evening time with baby or occasionally he gets D to bed and then goes. This however is not really sustainable even though N is just walking distance. D's schedule varies and there were days he would come home and I would still be preparing lunch. So, we got a better stroller to allow me to go for brisk walks at any time. It's all-terrain and all-weather stroller. So, that should reduce the number of excuses for not going.

& for decluttering and claiming our dining table back, we went to IKEA over the weekend and got some things to organise better! And D has forced us to be as clutter-free as possible. See, the pluses of having a baby! :P
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went to the gym again today while N came home for lunch. I just weighed myself after over a month - mostly to see D's weight. She is a healthy 15ish pounds (it doesn't show ounces). As for me, I am lighter than even my prepregnancy weight. But what is this pouch doing around my waistline? My hips feel like they are 1.5 times the size. I guess I should focus on toning exercises more as well. And also come to accept that my body will look different now.

I am not sure why i was thinking i put on weight... i sure feel like i did though...

anyhow, D loves when i do yoga poses with her and in front of her. She thinks it's hilarious!! before she starts crawling want to make it to a class just to see if i am doing things well. With one income, we really need to watch our spending. So, am splurging on an awesome haircut! I am planning to chop it all off. I am sick of the ponytail and half my hair has fallen out. looks sick really. sigh.
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Yesterday, N came home from work a little early. So, I took the opportunity (well, he pushed me out the door) to go to the gym. I got on the treadmill and did the interval training option it comes with. My "running" speed was of a very brisk walk and "jogging" speed was a slower brisk walk. After a while I got bored and so I started jogging.


It seems trivial but I didn't realise I could do it. I was feeling my weight but my heart rate was better than it was even before pregnancy and I could actually jog!!!

And I really need to jog much more frequently now as I have been putting on weight. bleah. All the ice creams and junk I have begun consuming the last month and half is definitely not helping! But need to figure out healthy snacks to take. Meals wise we are doing well. It's all the snacking. I look 6 months pregnant again!

One bad habit - well, it's not bad but it's a habit I never had before and that is tea drinking. After delivery, I would accompany mom (who is also not a regular drinker, will have a cup if there's company kind of drinker) with a cup of tea everyday!!! Our extended family surely should see this! We both were always at the butt of jokes as we don't take coffee nor tea and so most of the time we would be offered chocolate milk with a snicker...(that it's a kids' drink) and there are a few who share that it's a good habit. But now it seems I am addicted. I don't really enjoy it, it's just something to drink - something to fill time.

Of course, for whatever reason the moment I sit down with a cup of tea, D demands my attention, so until a few days ago, I have been drinking cold tea (Indian tea). ah well... maybe my daughter is trying to discourage me to making it a true habit!
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It's been forever since I have posted non-baby related thoughts! But that's been my life so far!
  • So a question - lot of people say when baby reaches 6 weeks, some routine will be formed. So, does the baby magically wake up on the 6 week mark and say, "I am done with my vacation, better start a routine!"? If that is the case, then Hungry Lion has 1 week of vacation left! And I am counting down days! ;)
  • Yesterday N so sweetly offered a back massage. I immediately laid down on my side ready for back rub. After a while I realised I could sleep on my tummy. I so hesitatingly moved to my stomach and the world didn't crumbling down. It's been forever since I laid on my stomach! wow..what a feeling!
  • I went on a walk this morning after feeding baby. My first outing on my own! And my thoughts still stayed with HL. But oh dear how my body has become stiff! Need to do this more often. What would have taken me 15 minutes took me nearly half hour to walk! ooof...

Baby calls...my time is up!

Taken from [livejournal.com profile] tulipchica 

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sugar free

Jul. 13th, 2009 10:23 am
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I just realised that it's been ten days since I have had sugar products. The only sugars I have had are that in fruits and Amul's Nutramul (for chocolate drink). Not bad. Not that I was stuffing myself with sugars before that or anything but I would have ice cream, candy, occasional soda. Am trying to make it for a month at least.... lets see how that goes.

Exercise, I have been bad. Have had some health stuff that has affected my regularity but I have been going at least on walks for minimum of half hour everyday. I started doing weights again just a few days ago and a bit sore now. I watched the TLC's 650 lb virgin (a young man who lost 400 pounds with nutrition change and exercise!!!) and got motivated! Really we have no excuse - especially me! The yoga center down the road is closing end of this month not just because of the poor economy but also because of new regulations coming into place.... yoga regulated.

Speaking of health and food, this week am going to go watch Food, Inc.. Chipotle is sponsoring free screenings on certain dates nationwide... so going to give it a try as it's here in town this week! I have read Pollan's excerpts. And now am craving for some Chipotle.... mmmm


Jun. 6th, 2009 11:31 am
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I slacked off on exercise all this past week. It was always, "tomorrow, I will go tomorrow". And that tomorrow finally arrived this morning. Finally the rains stopped and I decided to go out on the 3.5 miles trail. Beautiful weather for it! And I jogged almost all the way through!!!! I was so schocked! I remember having the need to stop every few minutes of jogging! Only the last half mile I walked it off as cooling off. But it was impressive and it felt so invigorating! I should take my watch to see how long I actually jogged. But I noticed at a nice pace I didn't have to stop to walk as much as before and I even cut the time down by 10 minutes.   Very happy! And I am also not feeling like I am going to fall over and die!

Now I have been also procrastinating on cleaning the bathroom and better go face the music and clean it up. Usually hubby does it but he wants a break and he is cleaning the kitchen instead of me. sigh. Did I say, I hate cleaning bathrooms?! sigh....


Oct. 9th, 2008 01:01 pm
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I went jogging/walking around the National Mall today, instead of sitting out under a tree in front of the White House having lunch and reading a book. It was upon the suggestion by my colleague; given when she saw me shivering in the office yesterday. So, today I came prepared and actually went. It of course turns out to be a relatively warm day! But it was a nice run anyway. I just did a 45 minute sprint up to the Lincoln Memorial and back.

There are still so many tourists out and about DC. There were other joggers/walkers as well. They ranged from casual walkers to serious runners.

As I passed a few tourists along the way at the times I was jogging, many of them were wondering if anyone works in DC. Since they notice majority running out and about! ;) One even observed that we are all government workers and we get two hour lunches! oh how I wish.

I guess it's all a matter of priority. I am having lunch as I work. Okay, as I post this as well. Multi-tasking is an amazing skill. I need to brush it up a little bit more! :) 

And I am feeling good!


Sep. 29th, 2008 11:48 am
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As predicted, exercise has taken a backseat. I went for a jog/walk today for the first time in almost 6 weeks! Something or the other came up as an excuse that has kept me away from it - health, travel, friends visiting, laziness, weather, new work schedule. And because of the above reasons, I have also been eating nicely.

sigh.. the usual saga and the usual cycle. But this has been the longest break before I caught myself. Again for the next week I won't be able to exercise. But at least the next week there will be a lot of physical running around. Something better than nothing.
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My clothes are washed and ironed for the new job. They have been packed up in a suitcase until now. Also bought a few more things, as I didn't bring all my office wear. I might be the one who's over dressed.. but hey I am excited! I also had a great day at the stores today. I know where to go once I get a paying job for shopping! ;)

I also have my walking route mapped out so I don't skip exercise the next three days (I will be getting off two stops early and walk home). Tomorrow & day after will be a 2.5 mile walk back and Wednesday will be just a mile and half jog/walk back. This will all be walking along the sidewalk. There's a nice commuter bike/hike trail as well. I need to find out the entrance to it.

I hope I do well, learn well, adjust well, and enjoy the work!
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I jogged today 2 miles (3.2km) in 30 minutes! Last time I jotted it down I barely made 1.5mi in half hour. The half hour includes 5 minutes of warm up walking, about 2 two minute walks and the rest jogging. I was happy.

I need to work on keeping it regular. I was quite good the last two weeks. Hope it continues.
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I am not sure if it was the bike, or was it the lunges carrying weights, or the squats... my behind area began hurting last night and sleeping became such a pain (but it's the nice, working out soreness). It was a great excuse to lay on my stomach and throw my arm over hubby. I hope he got some sleep at least feeling loved. ;)

In the next hour or so this painful behind will be sitting in a dentist's office for a cleaning. yeeks... why do we do this to ourselves?! oh right... so we have some teeth left when we are 60. sigh.... I just hope they don't make me wait too long as has been the experience. I even got an automated reminder call with request to confirm that I am coming. So, I will do my part and be on time, if not earlier. I just don't like sitting in a dentist office. The drills give me the creeps!

I am taking with me Two Lives by Vikram Seth. A sad, inspiring, moving book so far.


Apr. 21st, 2008 11:32 am
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I ran jogged 1.5 miles (2.25km) today with just one 3 minute break (brisk walk) in the middle! yay! Alright, this also shows I haven't been too regular at the gym. :X But it's still feels good to be able to do that. I need to work on the pace though. My goal is to keep up with hubby when we go jogging out in the park when the weather gets better.

I am hungry.

The weather is getting warmer and some evenings just before the night cools down, it gets unbearably warm. So we bought a fan last week! It was just in time! We have air-con unit that's just the heater emitting cold air. Neither of us is a fan of AC anyhow! And I saw the amount of dust that has collected in the unit when the maintenance guys came to change filters, I am now afraid to use it!

Yesterday was Earth Day at the National Mall. But it poured so heavily, I did not go. Tomorrow is the actual day celebrating the Earth or mourning its slow demise*, whichever way you look at it.

The trees are even more abundant with leaves this week. It's amazing to see the change each day!

I am hungry.

There is so much to do. I must get on with things!

* I don't actually think it's dying, but it's changing, which is perfectly fine for the planet. It has seen drastic changes for many millions of years. It's human survival with the changes that's the issue at hand.


Apr. 10th, 2008 12:19 pm
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I went to the gym this morning to find it cordoned off with tape, looking like a crime scene. But no, nothing happened. They gave the door and the gym a fresh coat of paint. So, instead of feeling relieved of a day of workout I went out onto the trail! I jogged a bit, a huge improvement, but when I did, I felt like I weighed a ton! sigh... I walked the slopes though and jogged on the flat bit of the trail. At the treadmill I can do better and don't feel the "feeling-like-a-ton-of weight!" any ideas?

But I enjoyed the fresh spring air on a nice sunny day! Hope the weather continues like this..although end of the week looks cold again! sigh...


Jan. 24th, 2008 02:19 pm
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How does someone run up a flight of stairs? I imagine it takes a lot of bravery on one part to be able to ignore the fact that you could easily slip and fall. But it also takes a lot of agility, I assume. I always stand in awe as I see people run up and down the flight of stairs. Some even skipping 2 or 3 at a time.

I walk up the flight of stairs in our building instead of taking the elevator. Usually after the gym I try to run up the stairs. I can go kind of fast but not like i have seen others do. And not holding the railings?! whoa..... But am getting there. But really what is the secret?! :P
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We almost made a record - ALMOST!
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