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When we were at Chipotle yesterday, D noticed something that wasn't in our line of sight and said, "mommy, that man doesn't care. That man doesn't care that he's making his world dirty. He's littering."

The trash can was but ten feet away.

Littering is D's biggest pet peeve. She has been throwing things in the trash since she could walk - supported and independently. We never had to teach her this. She just did it. If she couldn't find trash, she put it in my bag till we got home. She has stood on a train station platform in Mumbai yelling at people to not put trash on the tracks (and not to cross to get to the other platform across the tracks).

It must be something that runs in the blood. Because it's my biggest pet peeve. It's the easiest way to care for the planet - and from young I never could let go of even banana peels outside a trash can. I would carry the trash home.

I remember N & my first over night train ride in 2007 together. He has a very romanticised notion of train travel in India. People who know me, know how much I love trains. What I never loved is all the trash you witness strewn out the train for miles and miles - people just throw stuff out the window. In all fairness, they didn't have proper trash collection back in the day and most matter thrown out the window was organic matter. Today however, a lot of it is plastic and inorganic things. Anyway, by 2007, there were trash cans in the compartments. We used one of the plastic bags we had as a collection and kept it till it filled. The other family we shared the births with  just stared at us as if we were from Mars while they lived their normal lives of throwing stuff out the window. And people complain that the trash is full and not picked up. No one pauses to think that maybe they brought too much trash with them.

But it also reminds me of my story of when I had no choice but to litter. It was 9 years ago, when sis and I moved with our parents to India to help them resettle and for me to get ready for my wedding. I still remember when it happened and so here it is for your amusement.
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While D was sitting on my lap reading a book, she randomly out of the blue told me, "ma, you should go to office!"

"And what will you do when I go to office?" I asked in return.

"I will read books at home with daddy!" she responds so matter-of-factly.

(she thinks I am going to office when I go anywhere without her, usually the gym/run outside!)

She wakes us every morning with a stern, "get up!!" Surely she thinks she has inherited lazy-bums for parents! It's so stern we immediately sit up wondering what happened!?

D doesn't like sharing so much. She likes to show things to everyone who comes! Hence, she enjoys adult company as they don't insist on playing with other toys while she is showing something! This I think she got used to doing in our recent trip to India where especially on weekday visit she would be the only young one, and all attention would be on her and we would encourage her to show things.

When I invite her friends over and ask her if she will share her toys, her response usually is, "(whine). No sharing. I want to show them all my toys!" sigh.

I have no idea where she got the idea but she has begun writing letters (well, scribbles and doodles) and asks me to mail them out! The first one she mailed out ended up being considered a parcel because of her lovely folding skills! 
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D was very upset today. Since yesterday evening. She wouldn't eat. She threw a fit so much more often. The last three days she has been surrounded with people, especially her aunt (my sis) - her best pal! She went home yesterday as this is a working week. D woke up to an empty house and she was just soooo upset!

This evening we went out for a walk. Just before we did she threw a big tantrum. She bawled and she cried inconsolably. She professed she was having tooth pain, which she has been saying whenever she throws a tantrum and wants to "save face"! This time I ignored the peace offering and let her cry while I held her.

And then she changed to crying for her dad. She wanted to go home to see dad (N). That broke me and went to comforting her. We made it out of the house and she asked me in Telugu, "we go see new friends?" with such hope and desire!

She is such a people person. She is shy around them but she needs people around her all the time. She is so very happy to be with people. She is always ready to meet new "friends"! I feel for her as only in the evenings do we get to meet the neighbourhood's kids.

Yesterday, two of my uncles and aunts had come over. One cousin and her 6 year old daughter also joined. D spent the whole morning with her and happily fought her nap time (1.5 hours) to be with her. When I went to just watch them play she physically pushed me out of the area and screamed at me to go away. She didn't need my supervision apparently.

I didn't think this form of rejection came so early! I thought I had till teenage years for that to happen. sigh.

Planning to go see some friends over the week in the evenings and that should keep her engaged enough! Weekends are filling up with family and friends!

And countdown has begun to N's arrival!
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D waits for her turn!! She even gives the person in front space to move about. At the park if she happens to get too close to the person in front and sees they are trying to get on the slide, or the tunnel, she will say in Telugu, "Girl's turn. in the way, D move aside." It's wonderful! She picked it up so easily. The only problem is with kids who cut in front of her because there's room! She looks so puzzled but lets it be. I guess it's good practice for her future India trips. 

At the same time, once she determines the girl/boy in front is going to have her/his turn, they better not change their mind! If they do, she gets very upset and screams, "boy/girl turn!"

D shares. Anytime I tell her someone is coming home she runs to her toys and says happily,  "D share!" And she does. I hope it continues and is not just a temporary gig!

It's funny though I get so many comments, "oh how did she learn that? She doesn't go to daycare!" As if it's a skill only picked up if you do? 
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I caught D walking around the apartment yesterday waving her hands around to show the living room and saying very upsettingly, "dat a hess"! (or something to that effect... she mangles up several consonants together!). I was wondering what she was doing?! She was in fact saying, "what a mess!" ROTFL.. of course, she didn't actually clean up any of the clutter she created! She did the whole holding her cheeks with both hands, going "oh no!" and repeating her babble for "what a mess!"
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Let it be known that little D behaves two different ways with myself and her daddy! She spent two hours in my lap, sleeping and nursing since her morning bath without having anything to eat since wake up time. She wouldn't let me put her down. She would wake up and scream bloody murder.

Hubby came home from work to get something for lunch ready. She woke up and slept on the couch after his arrival, woke up without a fuss, with a smile plastered on her face and ate (although just a little, but we will take what we can get) some puma N made. Making me look like a complete joke! 


So hubby thinks I am some paranoid emotional mother. grrrr...but that smile of hers. oh what to do?!
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Happy Spring! The cherry blossoms are in full blossoms! They came early as the warm weather did too! I have become great at this prediction of blossoms it seems. Won't tell my secret! ;) 

These are cherry trees right by our place! They are not the ones gifted to the US by the Japanese a hundred years ago! That we plan to see day after tomorrow! The petals are already shedding! Which sucks as the initial prediction was for end of march. It would have been nice if they came on time as this year's celebration are going on for a month and a special recognition of the tsunami that hit Japan last year. It would be a bummer for the whole thing to be over by the opening ceremonies! But that is nature, isn't it? Another reminder for us that mother nature is always ahead!

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I have been "teaching" D telugu vowels & consonants since she was born! :D It dawned on me now she repeats it after me - the vowels! Of course, getting it on video is a big challenge. So in this we skipped a few vowels as her favorite is the last one "ha" (so she waits for me to say "um" before she goes "ah-ha"!

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D has finally overcome her over-cautiousness and has begun climbing chairs. Our dining table can no longer be used to keep stuff that we don't want her to touch. She has also now mastered climbing up the swiveling computer chair to get to the keyboard and hence I no longer can be by the PC mac when she is around. Does the novelty of this fade away? 

But it's so cute to see her atop the chair with a big smile on her face that beams as if she has conquered mt everest!

At the park, she rode all the slides today. The big spiral one to the small shallow ones. She went up and down for over an hour and refused to go home. Even there she found that coming down on her belly side feet first was the safest way to go! She did try sitting and coming forward only when another kid her size was doing it!! ah heck... I'd rather he be careful and have fun as I am too much of scaredy-cat! 

How do you get a toddler to leave places where they are having fun? I always have to walk away with a screaming crying-bloody-murder of a toddler. I have carried with me hidden treats - toys that she goes gaga over and stops everything for in other situations. But nope, she is determined to stay put! yikes... 

Today the high school baseball team practicing batting and pitching came to the rescue - cut the tantrum by half as we walked home!
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D at an young age has learnt that an apple a day keeps the doctor away. In hopes that she will take a bite, I eat fruits within her reach. The last few days I have been eating apples cut into slices. She comes over, picks up the slices and promptly reaches out and puts it in my mouth! As bed time reaches, she brings out her play kitchen set and "feeds" me! You can see how I spend a lot of my time with her!

She also helps me hang clothes! She picks one item out at a time and hands it to me to hang them up. If I am too slow, she uses the time to mop the floor with the washed item! :X

She wants to do what we do. It's absolutely adorable until of course she throws a fit when we don't hand over the scissors to her! sigh...

And she has begun to take steps on her own these past few days. She walked across the room yesterday holding on to items in each hand to give to me. I of course, was not looking! At least her grandma and greatgrandma got to witness it!! :)  
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When we ask D where her head is, she pats her head. When we ask her where her nose or mouth is, she takes my/husband's hand and puts it to our nose/mouth! :)


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