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See this I don't understand. Daughter's in bed rubbing eyes, fighting sleep but stays put and not a sound is made for nearly 45 minutes. You think you can breathe again and throw some wild parties! And then the door opens, a pitter-patter is heard, eyes blasted with the bright light outside and her biggest concern of the moment, "mommy, you told me tomorrow's plan. But what are we doing day after tomorrow?"

So innocently, so sweetly she asks. And I am stumped. I want to cry. But this little darling spent the last 45 minutes of her time processing everything. I always forget not to get her excited about the next day. I know, I never can settle down. But she gets greedy and wants to know the day after. I have no plans. Day after, she goes to camp, I go to office. Maybe we'll go see M&M - I didn't tell her the last bit because she will latch on to it and call him & his mom tomorrow and confirm it!

Did I mention she calls her friends now during the day because it's night in India and in the mornings she calls her grandparents and her aunt/my sis?! She has already asked for a phone for herself - we said we will revisit when she is 12.

And just in less than a minute she was out. sigh.
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This morning while getting dressed,

D: Mommy, when will I be 4.5 years old?
Me: in two months.
D: And then when will I be 5, and after that how old will I be?

So, we counted till we got to 30, when she stops and asks,

D: so, then I will have to be in a different house! I will be too big for this apartment!
Me: Yes, you will likely be in your own home and with a job doing whatever you wish!
D: And when I am 20, I will go to college?
Me: Yes

To which she says, "where I will learn how to be an astronaut? I can't wait!"
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Oh how could I forget, the first night after school started, before bed, I just casually asked her what her favourite part of the day was. Her reply, "having you in my life, is my favourite part of my day!"

I nearly cried, feeling my heart completely melt. And then of course, she asked me, "what does life mean?"
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As we were saying goodbyes, my aunt asked D if she could come to her school. D promptly refused saying it's only for children and you have to be 4 years old. She then asked if her friend, her grandson could come to Arlington and go to her school. She thought about and said no! She thought some more and told her, "no, he can't come! Because my mom only likes having one children!"

She obviously thought it would mean he would be adopted by us! ;) But all were amused!
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N came home from office and was playing with D in the living room while I was in the kitchen. They were playing with a new animal set that she picked out at the crafts' store. One set for her and three others for her friends' birthdays! This was her own birthday present! Anyway, I think N was playing with too many or too few of her toys, lord knows. But she was unhappy with his level of cooperation or lack there of. Only another 4 year old would understand.

And then we hear it, "Daddy, you are being such a pain!" N almost laughed out while nearly scolding her, because where we come from that would be completely unacceptable and has had a few our generation folks with a nice beating. But no, N is not that way. He was just shocked. His immediate question was if I taught her that?!

Gee, yes, that's what I do with my daughter all day. Maybe I can start a no-manners/be-rude school. Any takers?

So, I came into the living room and asked where she picked that up. She so calmly got up, as if we were obvious idiots for asking, went up and picked up her favorite book, Princess & the Peanut Allergy and turned to the page and pointed to the line where the phrase was used! Of course, we are idiots to not realizing because we have read that book over a dozen times in just the last 4 days! And she has had the book several times from the library. She remembers now where the books are kept in the shelves! Which is great! So proud, and yet she also remembers where the Dora books are kept and Arthur books are kept. sigh.

Anyway, back to our story. She reenacts the scene and I ask her how the girl who was at the receiving end felt. She immediately noted, "sad". So, as she talked through, she shared with dad, "Regina didn't use nice words with Paula and that made Paula sad. I didn't use nice words with you and that made you sad. Regina should say sorry and I should say sorry too, so you can be happy!" And she moved on to playing.

oh we are in trouble! ;) 
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D has these toys of a playground and little people kids of all colors. I noticed that over time she segregates boys and girls. I found out from the teacher that they don't segregate by gender. They are open to play however and with whomever they'd like. On certain days I do notice the girls hanging out together and the boys generally all over the place. Some days I see a mixture.

Anyway, I sat down with her to play. She had me "watch" the boys while she "watched" the girls. I asked her why the boys can't play with the girls. Her response, "because boys can't handle it." And that was the end of her explanation.

Last summer when D first started preschool over the summer session, she was with 5 boys and 2 other girls (who were often not around due to summer holidays). The regular preschool session there is a general 50-50 at any given day. In the beginning half, I noticed she would play a lot with the boys, generally they seem to do their own thing. Since return from Christmas/New Year break, she has been playing a lot more with the girls. She talks a lot more. I know the two boys she has known since summer are boys with little to say. It's so much fun to watch the dynamics! I would love to just for an hour to be a fly on the wall!

As we walk home from preschool she often sees the SUVs/4WD cars that have their spare tires hanging on the back. She asks at least once every now and then why they are there. Today she said, "mom, the cars with the wheels not he back are Jeeps." One of them is a Jeep and the others are Honda whatever models.   
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Birth of our daughter really made us feel at home in Arlington. We recognize people who live around us and have made several friends. We discovered so much about this county and truly are in love. Before we were DC-wannabes who couldn't afford it! :P

And D is 3.5 years old and she knows her neighborhood all too well! That we have to drive in complete circles as she knows where her playgrounds are as we drive by, our favorite pizza spot is! I have no idea how she knows as they are just a mom-and-pop kinda store with no big flashing signs. We have actually been there only twice in the last two years. We have always called for delivery!!! She knows across the street is the new library she gets to go every now and then (we have a library within walking distance and so makes no sense to go there!). And so now we can't go to the library either! lol...

We have found ourselves telling her we don't have money on us to buy pizza. She responds that we can go home and call for pizza. sigh. So, these past few days she reminds us before leaving home to take money with us. So, when she heads to college and finds herself at loss of enough funds, we can tell her where all her money went to! At least the pizza place sends most of its profits to care for stray dogs and the dog shelter. 
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Daughter loves practicing writing her name. I have never sat down and taught her how. She learnt it all on her own! She knows how to write her name in all caps. She has always watched me with great interest when I write her name on name tags out for library story times!

In class as a filler, they get pieces of paper with their name in dotted lines that the kids can trace over. They get to do this every few months. Just for fun. This morning she refused to follow the dotted lines and wrote her name on top of it. The last letter in her name is an "a".

So, I suggested why not she learn to write in lower case too. My words, "you always write a capital A, maybe you can learn to write the lower case."

Her response, "It's not the capital. It's like A as in my Arlington, my A."

lol… the capital she knows is of course, DC. and she is very possessive of the letters that make up her name! Often we find her spotting other words and saying, "look it also has my D…"


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