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This is our first winter that we are having to use the heater in our apartment. The windows are terrible as they let in a draft. Our previous apartment faced West directly, head-on and so all we needed was the sun to show up and we were good for the night! Here, we face the East and are at an angle. And the old building they changed the window glass to something more efficient. So, even with the polar vortex upon us, we needed the heat maybe once or twice in the WHOLE winter season.

Anyway, I don't know how efficient the heating system is but we hate it when it's on. It's a dehydrator and found D can't sleep as her lips her chapped she gulps down glassful of water (sometimes twice) a night without needing a potty run.

Now, we sleep with blankets and so having the heater off is not an issue. But our darling daughter who loves the line from Let it Go! keeps telling us that "cold doesn't bother me, anyway!" with the attitude from Elsa. And never uses a blanket or even a sheet. I do layer her double (long sleeve shirt over/under short sleeve shirt. On some nights I notice that yeah, she is fine. But on other nights she is cold to touch. sigh. Her room is warmer than the rest of the apartment - so am not completely worried. It and the study have a separate heat control and so we try that, but by golly is it dry! Humidifier is on but seems to make no difference.

sigh... have to figure something out. Sometimes with D I don't know if this is the way she can control her life or if she really is not feeling all that cold. It's just me that even in the hottest days of summer need a light sheet to cover and have to accept that it's not for everyone! 
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So, this is my annual obligatory post about whining about the cold/snow, when it really is not necessary because well, it really isn't cold compared to lets say Canada or even last week. But I have to remind myself of my roots, on the deccan plateau in India, where all I knew was heat and scorching heat. But I promise this post shows improvement and a possible conversion.

I guess, I should finally unpack my winter clothes. I knew I had at least one turtle neck somewhere. And a thought came to mind. Maybe I could trick Murphy's Law! Get my winter gear out, pack my summer clothes in, organise my whole closet for the season and voila, it will end up being the shortest winter known to the region! Voila! It will be spring! (although reality is it would take me two months to do it and well, yeah winter would naturally end! :P)

I am sure there is some reason God has given winter a purpose. There must be some sound reasoning behind us needing 10 feet of snow in one snowfall or even an inch of it. Aside from the need to crazily ski down the slopes. Maybe it's to give people a break from constantly cooking. I mean, that's what women seem to do back on the plateau. We have the luxury of year round crops. Every festival signifies harvest season for some vegetable or fruit or nut. So, we cook year round. I guess I appreciate winter for that?! But dang it for globalisation and the ability for us to ship stuff from everywhere! D is craving watermelon in the middle of winter, and look we get that! I somehow find that SO wrong!! The only exception I make is to mangoes! :D

It must be some sick joke for someone to sit and watch the near panic a snow forecast does for the region. One mistake the school board makes and they pay for it for the rest of the season! Today, we got an inch of snow. No, less than an inch. There was a chance of ice accumulating, hundreths of an inch (according to the national weather service) and so that entailed ensuring that even squirrels don't slip and slide, causing the VA transport department to pretreat the roads yesterday night and again at 4am this morning. They had trucks ready too! All for an inch of snow. It seemed they were a week late. Arlington delayed by two hours, which was just as silly. Fairfax closed schools. Maybe they got more snow & ice. (N did say the bridges were icy last night). Who knows?! All I know is, it must suck to be on that deciding board!! phew!

So, why!? And then I imagine myself visiting during the summer in Hyderabad, where it's already 30C. And then I find myself grateful that my whole family has migrated to Bangalore. Then I remember why winters are wonderful. Then I remember the purpose of snow. It's not there to fulfil someone's sadistic nature. It's there to give us water. It's the source of water. Which you will find none of on the deccan plateau as they prepare for summer.

So, I will get my thermals out - which I have to thankfully use only when I get brave and take D to a whole day at the park. I have been uprooted a couple of times, in my life. As every year passes it seems I am placing roots here in this coldish-town. And however much I might deny, I am starting to like it. Just a little.

But no, I will not be moving anywhere further north any time soon! I am not THAT in love with the cold! No sirree... I will always love the sun. Which thankfully shows its face every few days! Or I get sad.
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All this talk on cold weather is a big deal for me. 2007 was my first winter! Ok, we did 3 winters in Rome. But Rome is surrounded by hills. It snows like once in 20 years and we missed that phenomenon because we moved a year after it snowed. Cold often means anything between 5-6C. And we were young and immune to it. But otherwise, it was 10 years in hot & dry year round (27-36C) weather, another ten years by the equator with year round (32C weather with high humidity) and 7 years in paradise - Hawai'i! So, yes, surviving winters was a big thing!!

I am glad I put in money to get snow boots, snow suit for D (at the thrift store)! People laughed why?! Well, good thinking! I just had my doubts. We had the hottest summer and lot of predictions about having the coldest winter. Last winter was also the oddest and lasted well over into April. It was also a suggestion a friend made that you can spend more time at the playground (if we were to have a regular winter) with the snowsuits on. I was determined to also "enjoy" the cold. So, I prepared myself too. I got myself some boots too! We got woolen hats from NEPAL that were made with actual wool!

It was 2010 Jan, when we got a ton of snow in one season. I had no boots and neither did my MIL. So, what we did to go play in the snow? We used PLASTIC bags for "socks" and wore our sneakers! Oh what fun that was!! But yeah, not exactly a long-term solution.

My resolution that came in fall was to live the credo of "no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing!" And I got an A+ for that! I even drove with snow on the ground. I didn't when there was ice. Because I have no idea how to handle the road if I did drive on a patch of ice and neither do majority of the locals.

I wish we had some training like folks in good ol' Sweden. Apparently they are taken onto icy roads as part of their driver training. When I took driver ed here last year (I just needed their car but taking a few classes with them was cheaper deal), the teacher who was excellent in every other way, couldn't even explain how to handle bicyclists on the road! Horrible, and to think she is training the next generation of drivers!

Anyway, the only thing with all this preparedness is that we are often the only ones at the playground and D feels very sad. sigh. So, we did go to some hikes. We took up some nature programs at the nature center, that remained opened during snow days (well, they had to cancel their programs but they stayed open). And they still take you out on hikes through some of the trails (staying off the ones going by streams as we did get flooding). And I don't complain about all the snow. We will know that we won't be back to drought days as we were at the edge of a few years ago.

I am also glad to be living in urban jungle. The metro still runs (the overground trains stop when we get 8+ inches), life goes on. Arlington county utmost delays opening when we get 1-2 inches (unless it's ice). I just wish I wasn't sick through most of December and January! bleah….

What worries me is the warm winters in CA & the west coast! Scary to think how their summers will be and the fires! :(
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Found my gloves! yay! Found in the one bag I ignored that had been sitting in my own very closet! Just in time.

Outside was 10F when I headed to my yoga place. It's just a mile away and yet I took the car. It didn't feel so bad the first three minutes walking. oh dear me!

My heart and prayers go out to those who are homeless. Arlington opened up its Winter Shelter. Hope there was enough room for those who needed/need it!

D is in school. They opened two hours late.

and oh.. I have cold water rag on my chin as I scaled it as I spilt the hot water. Maybe a good thing none of it actually went in my mouth. sigh. how stupid of me!

Yoga class was wonderful! Didn't realize I had all the little muscles in me! I had found several free sites to do yoga at home. But I knew I needed more live teaching as am sure there are a ton of stuff I was doing wrong! It was really refreshing and a workout in itself! woot!
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oh dear me! I went and spent $120 at the thrift store!!! The whole point is to be thrifty and I have no idea how I spent that much! But you can imagine how much stuff I got too!! Way too much!!!

I love shopping for D. If you see my cart it will look like I have twins...a boy & a girl! :P D & I are completely ready for snow this winter! To play in the snow!! She has snow boots & pants and a beautiful woolen (actually woolen, not polyester) jacket! I have boots too that will (should anyway) keep me warm, with nice woolen (yes, actual wool and not acrylic or polyester) sweaters! I already have a woolen jacket.

My sensitivity to cold got worse last winter. None of the fancy gloves have helped. This year I will have to fork out and get ski gloves that have wool in them! Hope I never lose them and should last me ten years! That's usually how my clothes go too. I have stuff I have worn for a decade! It embarrasses my dad to a point who sends me shopping, but heck it still looks nice, then I still wear it! My hubby is just like me. A pair made in heaven! ;)

So, it usually gives me a reason to be unthrifty and so you can imagine what a thrift store is! It's like I found the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow! They actually had boots that I liked in a size 5! (It still was a little big for me, but that's how life is)!! Yes, my feet are small!

oh yay! My first shopping trip in a shop in months too! I don't like shopping actually. Now I need to get a new pair of jeans too...the ones I got last year in India are tad bit too tight. I could get back on the treadmill and exercise, which I really need to, as my knee is acting up too. But yeah....

But I did enjoy the shopping, which I finished in 45 minutes!! That's a long time for me!! hah haha...
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This morning hubby and I headed out to office together. We get to the elevator and see Santiago - a building staff. He teaches N a spanish word every time they meet. So, they are now able to greet each and ask each other how they are doing in Spanish. This morning's new word was "frio". He said, "Esta e frío." and translated it for us. N was all excited to learn the new word. We got in the elevator and I got thinking and turned around and said, "Wait! He kept saying it's cold today. Maybe he sees us with no sweaters and was also informing us to go get sweaters!"

So, we got off the next floor down, got home and got our sweaters! We were ever so grateful as the temperatures had fallen drastically!!  Apparently temperatures dipped down into early 40s (fareinheit) at night and was wavering about 50F this morning as we had left!! brrrr...

And of course, now the AC is working!
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December 31, 2009

Our last day in Florida. We packed and we somberly drove up to Miami and onto South Beach to spend the day at the beach. Well, we only had three hours there. For two hours we basked in the glory and enjoyed the crystalline shallow waters of the Atlantic ocean. It was just beautiful! We had a change of clothes in the car, after all we needed to dress warmer for our return. So, we got drenched in whatever we were wearing. And truly enjoyed ourselves! 

florida 199
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I have completely forgotten that we were in Florida just a week ago! Should post up about it. This time I can't blame my husband for not sharing the photos from his camera. He already passed all of them to me! Although I can say that I need to get pics from MIL's  camera... although I think she has already uploaded them to this laptop we share! With three people on the trip I really didn't want to lug around a camera too. So, I was handsfree enjoying the vacation, while MIL captured every moment of the trip and N was in his own world clicking away!

It all feels like such a blur sitting here shivering away in the cold weather. Although it has been a bit warmer today than yesterday! Look how far I have come when I think it being 32F as opposed to 29F yesterday is "warm"!!!!


Jan. 3rd, 2008 09:17 am
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how do people get out of the house in this cold?! Why would one want to get out of the house in this cold?! Ok...the bills and the mouths to feed. Surely we must have invented something like heated jackets & pants. I must get one. Then it will feel like balmy Hawaii. I also now fully understand how looks can be deceiving. Outside my window shows clear skies with ample sunshine falling on every corner of the horizon. But open that window or walk out to find a freezing -5C! It's -2C now...

Fair enough I can't complain too much as I am at home and these walls are keeping the cold out. But the thought of stepping out to go to the gym is painful! must be brave... and oh yeah... i hear it only gets worse now... sigh... when does spring come around?


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