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Oh Brilliant!! This is brilliant - the Places You'll Feed!

Unfortunately, D was way too curious about the world for me to ever truly nurse in public the first year. She had to see the world and feed which ended up in the world seeing my boob while she saw anything that moved! sigh... But once in a while she obliged. My favorite spots are many. Four that stand out:

  1. D was 6 months old. We landed in Indianapolis. The baggage area emptied. And there I sat on a bench/seat and nursed. It was just three of us in the whole floor. Bliss

  2. D was 9 months old. We were in Tucson, visiting N's former director home that overlooked one of the valleys of cacti forest. There was a bench at the edge of the cliff in their backyard. I can still feel the calm.

  3. D was a year and half. We were in Chennai. We got our visas renewed and were at the VFS center to pick it up. N went in to pick it up. D & I waited outside in the sweltering humid heat. It was horrible. There was one fan that only gave relief if you stood right in front. People had me in front of it with the child. Then an Indian male security guard and had me sit on the chair and said, "mom's milk is the best rehydrating liquid. Feed the child!" D wasn't making any noise but she clearly looked miserable. And so I did. No one ambushed me. No one made me feel ashamed. No one asked me to go use the bathroom. Everyone gave me space and carried on with their conversations.

  4. D was just a month short of turning 2. We were in Yosemite National Park. I sat under a tree and nursed. It was the only thing that calmed that poor tired out child who just wanted to do everything.

I am sure these memories will fade away as the years go by. But I doubt I will forget the security guard's generosity and concern. I hope this country (and rest of India) moves towards that acceptance some day! 
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I have been seeing more breastfeeding moms in public these days. Or it's just my sweet little daughter points them out every time! She runs over sometimes quietly saying and sometimes loudly, "baby is having mommy milk! It's healthy!" Then she will say with a solemn look and say, "yours is over! No more!" My heart just tugs and yet I feel so proud of her. We hug and kiss and she goes back to whatever she was doing.

I have never told her mommy milk is healthy. I have told her fruits are healthy, veggies are healthy.
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This showed up when I logged out of yahoo today: 10 shallow reasons I breastfeed and I had a good laugh! So true, so true (at least the first 8).

What do I miss? The cuddles, the few moments of quiet, the calm. I find myself less patient nowadays. She is all over the place and I miss those few moments of bliss and quiet.

I miss not worrying about calorie intake! How true was that! Yeeks, in a month my waistline has expanded. Of course, am sure all the food I had in India probably didn't help as we started nearing the journey then.

I realised I don't pick my daughter up as much. She doesn't let me anymore. I get hugs only after the teddy bear, the froggy, and even the rocking doggie these days. I kind of feel used. 
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 Met some friends and their toddlers and went to see the cherry blossoms! They are in full bloom and some trees are already shedding - so it felt like it was snowing! Beautiful it was! Lots and lots of tourists and so many babies/toddlers everywhere! It's amazing how I never noticed the number of toddlers that are brought out. Plus this cherry blossom season the weather is beautiful. The last two seasons it was still chilly, very chilly. It was 75F by the time we got there but yet breezy perfect day to be out and about!

And my daughter was a complete angel! She actually sat in the stroller for nearly an hour since we took the metro to the reagan airport to go see this park where you can see the planes take off from the runway and then walk to the tidal basin from there. A good 3 miles! 

At the basin, I let her down and she still stuck around me, ever so cautious while my friend had to keep chasing her son as he wanted to take a jump in the pool of water (the tidal basin)!! She cleaned up all the food I had with me and was wanting more! Yay boobs to the rescue. For the first time in a long time she nursed during the day while we were out and about. 

Once we were done and we were just hanging around this guy approaches us, forewarning that he might come across weird but he wanted to share a photo he happened to take and he thought I would appreciate having the pic. 

It turned out of me nursing D. Plus he was so far away. Still, a nice photo. Looks like we had the place to ourselves!! :) After an hour or so, we got back into the stroller (well, LO did) without a fuss and got home without a tantrum! wow...just wow! 

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We had such a nice day. I took D out to meet other parents with kids out at the national mall. D ate so well. She actually grabbed food from my hands and ate it too! She took cheese for the first time!! That girl is a pure Andha-ite* ! She loves her food spicy. The cheese sandwich I had was with pepperjack and I avoided giving it to her. But she chomped away on it with the biggest smile. I am happy when my baby is happily eating!

And yet there were moments when it was sad.

There was so much talk about wanting their babies - 4-6 month olds - to sleep through the night. Apparently if they start solids and they sleep with a full tummy they will. I laughed and shared that it's a complete myth and it never happened with D. The mother just moved away from me not liking the answer. I guess I sympathized. Even I was seeking hopes of a restful night and you don't want to hear that these things are just myths. I heard talk about night weaning. I heard talk about giving the baby rice cereal in a bottle with the nipple top cut off. The parents were aghast that D didn't start really taking solids till she was 8 months old. She just wasn't ready. They were shocked that I didn't start on pureed food. I just shared every baby is different, to which they all nodded their heads in agreement.

When the whole Tiger Mom episode occurred, so many American parents pounced on that woman for forcing their kids to do things, etc. And yet, here they are (unknowingly probably) doing the same. Forcing their babies to sleep through the night when they are not ready. There's a difference between encouraging and forcing.

And yes, I know this is a gross generalisation. But I am venting more than thinking straight. The solace at least was all the moms were still breastfeeding. I never realized how much of a lactivist/boob nazi I have become! ;) 

A dear friend is going through such a struggle with her husband going through a very serious medical condition.

And it's stormy weather outside.

And I come home to hear the news about more attacks in Mumbai. It's just so sad. One of the kids in the group as we went away said his byes by showing the peace and sign and saying "peace"! 

I really do hope so!

* Andhra-ite - we are from Andhra Pradesh, a state in southern part of India, which is known for very spicy - chilli-hot food!

Got milk?

Mar. 19th, 2011 08:31 pm
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N has been buying whole milk for his teas and coffees. Before he left for his trip he left behind almost a gallon of whole milk behind. I couldn't drink enough chocolate milk and tea to finish it. And so I decided to make paneer. Whole milk after all produces the best paneer! So, I boiled the milk, added the lemon and it kind of started separating and I got all excited. I kept stirring but nothing happened. I added a bit more lemon but nothing happened. The milk was already ten days past the due date and still didn't smell anywhere close to spoiled.

I left it for some time and it still smelled like good milk. So, it made me wonder, what in the world do they put in milk these days? The 2% which we usually drink spoils within a day or two of the due date and it makes great paneer. It's not supposed to be that way. Whole milk is supposed to be the better deal (it does make better yogurt though)!

So, what's the rush in giving this whole milk to my baby? She gets it fresh off the tap! 
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Among one of the mom groups I am in we were discussing breastfeeding and how it's attached often with socio-economic status. In India it's the poor who continue to breastfeed and here it seems it's the richer who do it. Especially amongst the working mothers. Why? The cost of breast pumps! I have met several mothers give up breastfeeding just because they were returning to the workplace and couldn't afford the breast pump and/or the environment at work didn't allow them to express milk and store. So, generally it's the ones who can afford the breast pumps that can continue to provide breast milk to the baby.

I will not bother going into the numerous benefits of mother's milk. Google does a great job of showing you why. It's the best option for the baby and if you can provide it for the little one that's wonderful. I am not judgmental of those who choose or out of no choice pick formula. That's their choice and just as I want people to respect my choices, I respect theirs.

Anyhow, recently it appeared in the news that breast pumps are now entitled to some tax breaks. The news was great news for mothers who wanted to choose this option for their child. Every bit helps in bringing up children these days.

Then of course, Sarah Palin has something to say, following Rep. Bachmann. These two ladies have 5 kids each and they all have breastfed their kids according to them. One would think they would be understanding. And would see this as welcoming for women who could use the financial support to make a healthy choice. But now this has gone to the ridiculous department where it seems if Michele Obama promoted formula, etc. they would jump on her for that too!

I forget who said this in the past, but sadly women's worst enemy are women.


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