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So today, D & I met up with our friends Lori & 3 year old daughter S at the spray park. Lori has a month old boy. awwwwww... omg!! No, it doesn't make me rethink not having a second one. Over that. But it's always such a wonderful moment seeing a newborn. Such bliss. So, held on to him for some time so mom could have lunch and other things. He of course, started crying for mommy-boobs. He was crying because his sleep was disturbed, you know usual baby stuff.

And all I had to hold him over my shoulder, sway a teeny bit and he fell asleep! He actually fell asleep!! And stayed asleep for at least half an hour and continued to sleep after transferring back to mom! Like what they say babies are supposed to do as a newborn!!! I couldn't believe it! I wanted to bring him home! lol... well, no. I can't do changing diapers - well, I can. But you know, if given a choice, not again.

And no, D never did what babies are supposed to do. She never fell asleep just like that. sigh.
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oh hubby and I are exhausted. Moreso I than him, when it comes to D. She has turned into a terror as evening comes! She shouts, gets mad, kicks and bites if she doesn't get her way. I keep thinking it's teething, sleep disturbance, etc. But really... is it really that? I hope so, because it means it will pass.

i have to say though this past week I haven't spent this much one-on-one time with her since she was a few months old!! She wakes up at 3am and I have to keep her company so she won't go waking up other people in the room next door! As FIL is in the hospital, MIL & N running about, MIL's mom tries to help but she is nearing 90 years old. So, the day time is also spent with D and her.

I can't wait for FIL to come home on Monday! And I can't wait for hubby to get some teething medicine - homeopathic. We found that Caimilia (spelling?) is mostly to calm a crying baby when you don't know what's wrong (this is what's recommended in the US). There's another combination that's more teething specific. Apparently there's also a medicine that's supposed to help make the teeth come up faster. But I am not going there. I just want something for her to cope with the pain as her hand is permanently sitting in her mouth and the canines are yet to make an appearance!!

I wish the rains stop long enough so we can go out a bit. But then again Mumbai is not really a baby friendly place and I will have to carry her everywhere and keep shouting "no" when she will want to crawl everywhere and touch everything! sigh... maybe this is why Indians are in such a rush to see their babies walking! That's the first question we get here! :S

And this is just the beginning. phew...,.

(but she is so darned cute!!!)
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We are coming across so many people who feel sorry for us/D, when they find out that she doesn't walk on her own yet. Everyone feels obligated to tell us a story of how a friend of a friend or their cousin or someone they know or their first child started walking at 16 months.. just like that, to make us feel better or something. I know they are saying that to make us feel better because they start off with the anecdote with, "Oh don't worry!" 

My hubby has also begun to get annoyed and out of concern asked if I was starting to worry of if all these questions were getting to me, since I face more people with such questions than he does. And we realised this is just the beginning.

She is happy crawling everywhere. She walks holding on to things, pushing things. She is just not confident enough of herself to let go and walk... just yet.

Really, I am not worried at all. Not one bit. When she will be ready to walk, I will get all excited. But till then she is who she is. What's the rush?! And people actually don't believe me when I say this too. In the long span of life, will it matter if she starts to walk at 10 months or 18 months? Will it affect her university application or career prospects?

run free

Jun. 29th, 2011 01:35 pm
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We currently have keys to our newly renovated apartment. We will be moving probably this weekend and the next. But for today and tomorrow, the new place is D's playground! I had to put in the plugs for all the electric outlets as that's the first place she puts her finger in!

She was just so ecstatic that she could open and close the kitchen cabinets without me or hubby running after her saying "NOOOOOO!" oh the joy of little things...
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It's a hot day! We witnessed over a dozen policemen/women take down some guy who was resisting arrest and needed to be literally carried and shoved into a van that looked like something that caged animals in the heart of Georgetown. And I guess it's only in Georgetown where you could get a dozen cops to respond in a matter of minutes!

And it was a hot day! It was a bit uncomfortable as the temperature rose to nearly 90F. We took our visitors out to Georgetown and checked out the Old Stone House and we were in the garden when we saw all the commotion just twenty feet away. We are still not exactly sure what was going on.

But that's not why it was a beautiful day! Today was a great day for D, so far anyway. She had a wonderful breakfast. Nursed very nicely before we left home. And when we were out she took water nicely (she generally just bites the sippy cup), and had a great lunch and washed it down with BM in a bottle and is taking a nice two hour (so far) nap at home. She was the happiest baby on the block, waving hello to nearly everyone!

I just wanted to record these moments! D is getting better with her eating though. But still no fruit intake. sigh. Her favourite food now is the thepla with any veggie daal. At least she is a healthy girl. She doesn't touch any cakes, chocolate, ice cream, sweet stuff. ah well...

ETA: She woke up from her nap to a quiet apartment and that made her upset! She looked so puzzled as how she got to such a quiet environment and spent an hour either nursing or just being held and crying all of a sudden! N had taken the guests out for some more sightseeing while she napped at home!

She was back to her normal happy self when they got back and we went out for dinner. She enjoyed channa-bhattura and wanted to talk to everyone at the restaurant! Got home and she was out in 10 minutes!! what a breeze!

I am completely dreading Monday where there will be no grandma (she left day before yesterday), no grand-uncle & grand-aunt (the visitors) and N - who will be at office! Even in normal circumstances she has the Monday blues. sigh.

But it was a wonderful day!
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We drove to Philly on Saturday to meet a friend who's come to Philly for a week long conference from Malaysia! As we were driving, D's sneezing increased. We attributed it to maybe a dusty carseat, which hasn't been cleaned recently. We let it be. She was slightly feverish and we attributed that to the shots she got on Thursday. She was in a great mood! So, we went along. On the way to Philly we drove through Amish country. D just loved it! She must have been a country girl in her previous birth because she was singing away at the top of her lungs - so another reason we ignored her symptoms. Looking at her no one would have thought she was sick!

We went out for dinner with friend and all was well. When we got back around 9ish, she got changed into her night clothes and nursed was when the trouble began. Well, she fell asleep and she laid next to me. As I was dozing off I heard her smack her lips and swallow something and she began tossing and turning. I just patted her tummy. Then I felt something wet. I thought her diaper leaked. But it was her hair. She had puked everything she drank.

We cleaned her up. By now she was hysterical. Pissed she was woken up. She was in such deep slumber. She nursed again to sleep off and again she threw up everything. She was hysterical. Poor thing. We made a call to our doc's office, although we knew we just had to put up with it. The nurse suggested not to give any solids or liquids for three hours till the tummy muscles relaxed.

D thought that was cruel and she cried in such horror! The only solace she found was when we showed her things outside the window. She actually laughed, smiled, and kept saying "ka" "ka" as the cars drove by. She wouldn't go to anyone else. So, I sat on the couch, facing the window and slowly she dozed off. I could feel her stomach muscles twisting and wanting to throw up. By 2am she seemed to have stopped having that sensation and she woke up screaming and crying for boobies and I really couldn't bear hearing her cry like that. So, I let her nurse and she slept off blissfully! Because we had her propped up on pillows I slept so lightly to make sure she was okay all night. Slowly though, I did get her laying flat and I got maybe 3 hours of good sleep.

Sunday she seemed fine during the day. And slowly she is getting better. But I caught the bug and have been miserable. bleah.

This has been our first big "illness" with D. But she is such a wonderful sport. If you had met her during the day you would never have suspected that she was sick!! Even when she was miserable, she still laughed and babbled away looking out the windows!
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Hubby and I kept looking at our little one yesterday and kept wondering who took our baby and dropped in this big girl at our home! We can't believe that we just celebrated her first birthday! I can't say that time has flown, as there were many long days and long nights yet an year seems to have gone so quickly!
  • D comes to standing with support every where we go nowadays! She doesn't care if our backs are aching holding her up by her hands. She enjoys seeing the world at standing height. 
  • She has begun cruising holding on to the edge of the couch and picks things off the coffee table top or the couch.
  • She has begun to understand that just because we put the remote, or the phone, or any item of interest for her behind the couch cushion it doesn't disappear from this planet and has now begun to look behind the cushions.
  • She is such a happy baby! She has made so many people's days with her laughs and smiles.
  • She has created her own signs to ask for certain things from certain people. She goes up to MIL and bounces on her bum and hums a note or two and waits for MIL to sing. With me she comes and it looks like she is about to give me hug but lays on top of my shoulder waiting for me to bounce her upside down using my shoulder as a lever! She knows when dad's wearing pant and shirt he is ready to go out and he needs to take her with him!! 
  • Yesterday, for her birthday we all dressed up and went to the temple. As we were getting ready, she went to each one of us excitedly and waited for us to take her out. She got so frustrated that no one would take her out and she got so very cranky!!!
  • She began to wave! Well, this morning when I was showing her a video of a fellow friend in our mom-baby group, in which the baby waved at the video camera, D waved back!!
  • She is eating so much better these days! Yesterday she had a blast eating Ethiopian food - the injera & their green beans dish. Today she enjoyed Mexican food (not the TexMex but Mexican-Mexican food)! She loves feeding herself and is also enjoying us feeding her too!
For her birthday we did a picnic out at the park on Saturday. We actually had a celebration for hubby and I completing and surviving 1 year of parenthood! So, we had champagne glasses out. Although we served apple cider! It was a lot of fun! Yesterday, we did the temple thing as MIL is here and it will make them happy. We also stopped by the arboretum as it was a beautiful day. We had gone to the very spots where hubby took my photos there during the last cherry blossoms time!
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So Osama bin Laden was caught and killed. Some people actually celebrated. It was sickening actually. Yeah, catch the guy but to celebrate the way some people did? wow... oh well. After all these years though, I doubt Bin Laden had as much power as he did back in the days. But I guess since WMD's were never found, this was the next in the list to do! Some people say he should have been caught alive and brought to face the court...whom are we kidding?!

Obama did a great jab/speech at the correspondents' dinner last week. Had a great laugh. Funny how Donald Trump was the only one not laughing in the crowd.

But the biggest and the happiest news of the moment, D could care less about the events going on around the world. She is now using any item to play peekaboo!! She unwinds this sunshade I had gotten for her stroller and hides under it and peeks through with a big smile! 

Her smiles are so big these days that they just melt my heart. I just want to hold her all day and forget about the whole messed up world. It's so easy to do!
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She always sits in style... she lounges wherever she is. In the next frame of the photo she had both feet up! My heart always skips a beat, afraid she will fall. Maybe I will post that photo as well later when I have time where N captured me standing next to her running to catch her in case she falls!

Our little bundle of joy is growing up into a true bundle of joy! She is such an easy going baby. Such a happy one. Such a curious one. Such a vocal girl. She greets everyone and even those who are too busy to look at her with a vocal sound and a smile. She does get all shy though when the person greets her back!

She entertains herself so well and yet loves us entertaining her. She enjoys sitting on our laps and absorbing all the attention and at the same time being on the floor on her own exploring the world.

She started crawling when we were in Tucson last week...well, now two weeks ago! I think she is loving it as now she is making full rounds of our apartment several times in a row. Something she never bothered doing while she was doing the army crawl.

She has figured out how some of her toys work (her stereo player). She puts things inside other things.

She climbed up onto the couch at our friend's place. Our couch is not so friendly for her to do so.

She is eating so much better these days. And is eating now whatever we eat, whether it's sweet or bitter. Some mornings are still a touch and go though. sigh.

She showers me with kisses. Well, she mouths my cheek and does the sound effect "ammmma" and lets go with a big smile (I always kiss her cheeks with the sound of mmmmmuahhh)! She does it only to me though! N is so jealous!

9 months

Feb. 23rd, 2011 08:55 pm
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I always tell N that he always looks like he is carrying around a doll and hence the pose...

Baby Doll

Actually we were trying to get a passport size photo to apply for her Persons of Indian Origin card (India doesn't allow for dual citizenship...well, Congress is still debating it and till that comes out, they have this card thing going). The whole pic taking session was fun! The photo requirements are relaxed a bit for babies but they still insist on a closed mouth. Our little D hasn't closed her mouth since birth, I swear!! In this pic, she is actually grinding her teeth (her top canine with her bottom front teeth!!)!!

It's hard to believe that we have reached the 9 month marker already! She is just growing and doing new things everyday!
  • Since last week she has been going on all fours only while in the crib. Since a few days ago she has begun to try it out even when on the floor. She is slowly lifting herself up to reach for things that are higher up.
  • She has perfected the soldier's crawl
  • She loves going under coffee tables, any "tunnel" like furniture - hasn't hit her head yet. She is ever the cautious one!
  • Her favourite hangouts are under the computer table or the dining table (where N sits with his office laptop) - yes, by our feet pretty much!
  • She loves cords of any size and shapes.
  • She can sit now - but not on her own. I think she is trying.
  • Her front bottom two teeth, her two canine have broken through and are visible enough now. Last two nights her front top teeth have broken skin!!
  • She still refuses solids. It's a touch and go everyday!
  • We got her ears pierced two days ago. She seems to be okay now with it. She of course hated the whole experience - mom included. But that's another story.
  • She loves books - chewing on them. A friend got her a book that she just loves that she cried a whole hour before she "forgot" about it. That book is in hiding at the moment. It's a board book and she has just chewed through some pages already!! I don't think this was the book's purpose.
  • She is such a vocal baby. Constantly vocalising and now trying out different syllables.
  • Loves it when we play hide and seek
  • loves us holding her in standing position
  • thinks she is Isaac Newton and discovering gravity
  • loves water from a cup.
  • Is kind of getting the pincer grip.
  • She is definitely daddy's girl!
  • a very social baby - goes to all the babies she meets at playgroups with such excitement!
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We went to a friend's house over the weekend. The weather was warm enough that we only needed light sweaters. As we sat in the car, I felt so naked! It's been so long since we have been outdoors without a jacket! It was a harsh winter and this week has brought about springlike weather! yay! It's looking to hit 70F (20C) today! yay! I am in a sleeveless and capri pants!!!

Have a meet up with a mom's group today (so will me meeting new moms and their babies) and my usual group tomorrow! Busy bees...

This past week, D has been taking such wonderful naps! Each nap lasted a minimum of an hour and one at least was an hour and half long!!! Her night sleeps are also getting better with her waking up every 3-4 hours! I don't know if she is sleeping more because she has a cold or a new long-term trend is setting in! I wish the latter.

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I should go to bed. D will wake up in a bit for a feed and then am off. But wanted to put this down for future reference. D is definitely daddy's girl. She was crying like it was the end of the world. It was her bedtime and so I stopped everything and went to change her for the night. She cried and fussed the whole time. I came with her to the kitchen to turn off the stove so I don't burn down the house, or the food really. Then N walked in to the apartment from going to the gym.

Just like a switch, she looked at him and turned into the happiest baby on the block for the rest of the changing and feeding and sleeping time.

I am going to go pout and sulk now. good night.


Feb. 12th, 2011 09:15 am
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D is teething - her bottom two came out two weekends ago. The top to canine teeth came out during the week and I can see the whites of the top front two. So she is stuck to me. At least she is not cranky. A happy girl even at 3am. The modem lights in the living room got her to fall back asleep! And she caught a cold on Tuesday and then I did on Thursday. bleah. I could sleep for a few days.

so, just writing to say, yay Egypt!! My dad and some other family members were there on holiday just till a few days before the revolution began. So, dad take credit that they showed the country the way to democracy! ;) I hope for a peaceful future for the country!
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Wish all on LJ land a very happy new year!! 

We brought in the new year quietly at home on the couch watching the Times Square Ball fall...actually I almost went to bed... but since it was 11:45pm, I stayed up with hubby, turned on the TV and brought in the new year! D went to bed her usual time and got up her usual time. We had spent the day at a friend's place and had relaxing evening home.

Our first day of the year was nice and a lazy Saturday! We actually got out of bed at 10am!! Because little D actually slept in!!! She woke up her usual 6am, fed and slept and then woke up at 8am fed and slept!! Of course, by 5:30am she was in bed with us. We spent the last hour just watching her sleep and waiting for her to wake up. The first few moments in the morning with her are just priceless as she looks up at us and the surroundings as if it's for the first time!!! Just precious!

The reason she slept in? At 3ish in the morning I caught her in the crib playing with the teddy bear...I really don't know how long she was up for. Reminds me to take it out of the crib tonight. We just kept it there all these months and she never noticed it. ah little one is growing up!!

Anyhow... I was amused!!


Dec. 7th, 2010 07:13 pm
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D consistently kept calling out (even in bad mood mode) "amma", "emma", "ma" for several hours today! Of course, she doesn't know that in Telugu (our mother tongue) it means mom. So, she probably didn't understand what all my excitement was about. yay!

And she is completely dazzled whenever I make clucking, whistling, clicking sounds, even when she is in a cranky mode.

We already got the jumperoo delivered and assembled. She was in heaven! She figured out how to spin about (or it just happened by chance) and she loved it. Hope she doesn't bore too quickly. We haven't put in the batteries yet. Will do that slowly over time. She napped so well. Why didn't we get this earlier?! Why did I procrastinate? I am glad we got it at amazon - they sent a note of it being shipped last night and it was here within 12 hours!!!

Speaking of deliveries... I hope that the UPS, USPS, FedEX, Delivery folks get extra pay for this season! My goodness they are lugging about cartloads of deliveries for each building!! Or at least a full body massage every week of the holiday season!
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I asked in the May baby community what toys they are looking to get/have for their babies and which are their favourite. Just to get ideas on what I could get D. Although when I look at her she seems the happiest when we give her our steel plate or a glass. She just loves the phone and the remote. The best TOY however so far has been the music cube. She just loves it!! It will immediately stop her crying and keep her busy for an hour!!

Anyhow, she has begun to roll everywhere! I leave the room for a minute and I find her in a completely different place. She has pulled things out of the bookshelf today. It seems like an overnight change. Earlier she even found herself checking out the underneath of the sofa!!

oh dear .. we are in trouble! ;)

6 months

Dec. 2nd, 2010 04:04 pm
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ma and d

D is 6 months and a week old now! She took her first flight to Indianapolis and back without a glitch! She was the happiest baby around! She loved the attention from friends and family! She had her moments of crankiness but not much at all. She actually slept 4 hour blocks at night!! Yesterday we got back in the afternoon and she was all happy and not feeding at all - just such a waste of time!! Of course, by 4pm it was all too much and it all came crumbling down and she seems to have returned to her usual needy self.

D also experienced her first snow, while we drove to the airport from our friend's place!!

She is able to kind of sit unassisted (when we get her in a seated position) for a minute or so but usually falls over trying to get to something that catches her attention.

She rolls, and rolls around everywhere!! She rolls over to get to the toy she is interested in playing with. She can't plan her route yet and so sometimes she cries in frustration.

She is such a delight! She is starting to realise a bit that there are things beyond our hands (sometimes we block her view with our hands). She intently watches us do things around the house!

She has leaped forward like a frog... but not consistent. She does lift up her bum in the air and occasionally a leg goes up as well. Just too cute!

We will be starting solids in about a week or two... excited...

And yes, I chopped off my hair! Funny thing is people I know in real life, only my parents & in-laws have noticed it and a friend or two! I thought chopping off 10 inches would be noticeable. Ah well...another donation for locks of love!
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I always find that everything I do is half done.. Never complete in one go. And so the apartment is always in a mess. And I am always paranoid that I have forgotten a load of laundry in the community washer dryer. I have woken up in the middle of the night with this thought.

So, just to finish something, here's finishing the 30 day meme...

Day 27 – Your favorite place

Any clean beach on a beautiful sunny day with a mild breeze and soft waves crashing along the beachfront....

Day 28 – Something that you miss

Sleeping through the night

Day 29 – Your aspirations
That I have patience and courage to teach my little one many of life's lessons. And that I can balance the grandparents' expectations of bringing up child with hubby and my own!

Day 30 – One last moment
This moment of silence... after dealing with a baby who will kick and scream when she is hungry & sleepy and wanting to do neither for 40 minutes straight* and then finally somehow surrendering to the boob that had been staring at her face the whole time and falling asleep. And as she falls asleep that last tiny smile** she gives before drifting off to sleep is just priceless.

* Of course, she starts her crying when I try to be proactive as well and her first signs of hunger/sleep show up...
**I know it's just a muscle tweak...but hey..let me have it!
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The library being in such close proximity of home can be a boon and a disadvantage. Once you find the time and/or make the time to read, listen or watch, you have access to nearly unlimited world of books and other media. How can this be a disadvantage? You just might end up reading way too much into things. One such area is parenting, especially if it's your firstborn.

Previous generations, at least in India, and even for some today, living with extended families have the advantage of, well, extended family to provide care and/or advice (helpful or otherwise is another story) for you and new baby. Old wisdom and knowledge of how-to's are passed on from one generation to the next. The moral support that is so needed in this new journey is often the biggest comfort in the adventure that the new parents embark on.

As we have entered the world of nuclear families with even parents living somewhere around the world, we turn to the world of books for help. The books promise to provide the best solution on every topic under the sun you might encounter as new parents. So you think some relief. Then you walk into the parenting section of the library (or the bookstore) and you become completely frazzled. You always heard it - there's no manual for parenting. Apparently these authors never heard of that saying and want to prove otherwise. They have the best solution and all other authors are mistaken.

So, when I was pregnant at the amusement of my parents and my in-laws, I picked up a few books. I read a few. Well, I never actually finished any one of them. I personally felt that bringing up a baby is an art form and not a science. Can a baby really fall into one of the formulas provided by the authors? But then that's the thing. You convince yourself that if you read many different authors on many different theories, you will be ready to apply them for your situation. Afterall, this was the premise in college on which you learned all the different theories.

The baby came and you truly realise, nothing can prepare you. Your mind is so engulfed in the moment, you are so sleep deprived that memory fails you of what the different authors suggested. And half of the time you are cursing the author or calling him/her mad for their suggestions.

Now the big subject at home is "sleep". I have picked up several books on the subject. As, if I ask my parents or in-laws, they will say, share the bed. That's what they did and that's the norm. As it's not really feasible (we both already have a tug-of-war on our bed with two of us, lets not add to the mix a tiny little one), we turn to the books for suggestions.

The books have become paperweights really. Something dad said that was comforting and somehow a relief, "their schedules will keep changing; go with the flow!" It has become my mantra for every day and I have returned all the books to the library.

However, there were two books that really stood out that I do suggest every pregnant woman and dad-to-be should read.They are:

  1. Happiest Baby on the Block - It really helped understand why babies cry and somehow helped not to get all worked up about it. I am a big supporter of the "fourth trimester" and adjusting to every baby's needs differently. 
  2. The Wonder Weeks - This book doesn't give you a formula on what to do but just what to expect. This helped me cope with the many sleepless nights and understanding what she might be going through.

Both books were quick and easy reads!

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Day 21 – Another moment
Right now....when the clock strikes one hour since D's been asleep. It's a moment of suspense that no Hollywood movie can recreate. Will she sleep through or will she awake? Only the ticking clock will tell. A moment at a time, we live these days.

Read more... )


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