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In fun news, that I actually got giddy and excited about is that an amazing Ethiopian restaurant that's ALL the way in DC, is opening up another branch in Courthouse area, which is about a mile and half from us. And that means I don't have to drive ALL the way to the three good options that are found in a 5 mile radius anymore! Because OMG driving is such a pain!! :P

Now, when it opens I can walk there, build an appetite, pig out and then walk back without feeling guilt of feeling stuffed!! And if I get even lazier, I can ride the metro!!

woo hoo!

We got some injera last week and made some dishes at home. But nothing like having someone else actually from the place cook it! :) 
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21/ You see chipped sidewalk, I see a heart. Stuff like this makes me smile

Since most of our team at work is traveling, we cancelled our conference call this morning. So, especially since it was a gorgeous day, I walked to my yoga class (a mile or so away) and walked home after. The yoga class was tough though. My cold seems to have turned into something else. I just couldn't lift myself up. But I went through the class and it was as always good to be there.

On the way home, I saw the above heart on the ground. It somehow seems like it was purposefully done? But if it was natural - what a wonder! Little stuff that make me smile!
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For the record, our county wasn't responsible to give a majority vote to Donald Trump! We did to Rubio instead. It seems most of NoVA did. phew. It's good to know where you live and the people who surround you. But at state level, Trump & Rubio were almost same (percentage wise).  On the other side majority of the votes went to Clinton (was a 60% to Clinton & 40% to Sanders on average) - same state wide.
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How do you coffee drinkers do it?! With my recent love for coffee and my sudden distaste for milk tea has had me take a cmall cup, maybe it's three quarters of a cup strong filtered (or drip) coffee - Indian style almost every morning, if not every other morning! By 11am, I can feel my blood sugar crashing (I also add minimum sugar to the cup) or maybe it's my blood pressure or both. I don't know. But I find myself with my hands shaking, ravaging and emptying the fridge like I haven't eaten in days, gulping down food as am afraid I am going to pass out of hunger! Sure, I have also restarted my workout after dropping D off at school, but nothing strenuous (it's more a walk for an hour in the urban jungle) as I can't afford sore muscles and all while we have to use up our energy lazying about on the beach over the weekend! Oh yes, our priorities and vested interest!

We recently switched to organiz Trader Joe's milk. Oh wow, we get creamy delicious yogurt with it (I make it at home)! Oh yum! Please don't ruin it for me and tell me all the crap TJs might put in it and I know it's not comparable to the raw milk, yum. But with what we have their milk has made the yummiest creamiest yogurt around! And don't get us for not switching to organic earlier. I still don't know what they mean by organic here as they can decide whatever they want it to be. So, am/was a skeptic, plus our intake of milk/yogurt is not significantly high. Now there's no going back.

We are cherishing our last few months in Arlington. Oh how I am going to miss it so! It has all that one would want, parks, hiking trails right at the footsteps, great schools, markets, diverse people, public transport. Alas, it's expensive and the way we are going we will never save enough for anything, like buying a home, be it an apartment or a house! Everyone who has lived here, that we have met misses this county dearly. We lose many residents to the suburbs or to other cities/countries. And we all hear their sob stories.

Except Senator Kirsten Gillibrand who labelled this county as a "soulless suburb". Often times, Arlington is considered Washington DC's "suburb". We were after all once part of DC, a long time ago. Apparently her hubby was unhappy in Arlington as he couldn't find a job here but he found one after moving to DC. I wonder if they knew that there's a metro that takes you to DC in 20 minutes? Really, we are just across the Potomac River. pfft.. hilarious really! And sure coming from NYC, Arlington is probably very clean and quiet, and hence a big cultural difference. meh.

This news came right at the point where we are considering going to the county next to us, so it was amusing. sigh.

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Birth of our daughter really made us feel at home in Arlington. We recognize people who live around us and have made several friends. We discovered so much about this county and truly are in love. Before we were DC-wannabes who couldn't afford it! :P

And D is 3.5 years old and she knows her neighborhood all too well! That we have to drive in complete circles as she knows where her playgrounds are as we drive by, our favorite pizza spot is! I have no idea how she knows as they are just a mom-and-pop kinda store with no big flashing signs. We have actually been there only twice in the last two years. We have always called for delivery!!! She knows across the street is the new library she gets to go every now and then (we have a library within walking distance and so makes no sense to go there!). And so now we can't go to the library either! lol...

We have found ourselves telling her we don't have money on us to buy pizza. She responds that we can go home and call for pizza. sigh. So, these past few days she reminds us before leaving home to take money with us. So, when she heads to college and finds herself at loss of enough funds, we can tell her where all her money went to! At least the pizza place sends most of its profits to care for stray dogs and the dog shelter. 


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