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On Saturday, D's friend was here. They took over the living room floor and built a village with a forest and a farm surrounding it and were sorting the animal collection accordingly. There was one that looked like a bobcat. Then we discussed the difference between a lynx and bobcats and we couldn't really figure it out.

On Monday, the news broke out that the bobcat at the DC Smithsonian Zoo escaped. It returned with minor injury on Wednesday. And Petula Dvorak came up with an excellent piece titled, The Ballad of Ollie the Bobcat: Back in her cage, just like the rest of us

A little bit to laugh during some times that have been anything but amusing. 
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December 27th ...continued...

Here the river emptied into the sea and so the habitat was also very different. Mangroves grew everywhere!


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Jun. 22nd, 2009 07:18 pm
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After dinner, I was the computer (which sits on our dining table) passing time and N was on the couch (that's to the right of the dining table, maybe three feet away) reading a book. As he turns his head to say something to me he notices a bug flying around our lamp post that's right by the couch. He gasps and shouts, "arrhghh! wasp!" I laugh and confidently say, "it's not a wasp!"N as he moves quickly away comments, "how can you be sure?"

As I go closer to get a better look and the bug lands on the Mardi-Gras beads that hang off the side of our lamp, I shout in glee, "it's a ladybug!!!!" wow... haven't seen one in decades!! I was surprised at N that he never saw one before! We got it to get on an envelope so we could go and set it free somewhere outside. But it seemed so happy on those green beads. I wonder what was on it that was so appealing to it?! hmmmm...

Anyhow, we watched it for sometime in utter happiness and then let it go out on the stairwell away from the freezing AC.



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