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lol…makeup bag? I carry chapstick with me at all times. I did recently go all gaga over lip gloss, which I have misplaced and haven't used in a week! But that's the length I go to over makeup on a day-to-day basis.

There's a makeup pouch that sits in the bathroom cabinet collecting dust that has the basics of foundation, powder, mascara & eye liner. I end up having to throw away eye shadow since they usually are over 4 years old and underused. So, stopped buying all together. I do put on makeup on days I feel like looking glommed up or a little older than I look. Guess working days saw a little more frequency, when we had visitors at work, etc. But even that averaged once a month at most!

I am not a makeup girl. Never have been. I think it's a big thing to get my eyebrows done once a month! Just pure laziness. I don't believe in having to endure pain to look beautiful. And I have a low threshold for pain! :S
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Day 25: Your 5 favorite blogs

Aside from all the LJ folks, I don't really have time to follow any blogs. Does following pages on Facebook count? If I like something then I go their actual site (usually if I have time).

  1. Conscious Discipline

  2. The Power of Introverts

  3. Kid Trips NOVA

  4. Play at home mom

  5. Aha! Parenting blog

So, yeah nothing all that exciting.  
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#24: Chidhood book

Do we have to pick one? I posted about this over a year ago. So, copying and pasting from here.

Most of the stories we were told that taught us lessons in life came out of the three epic stories - the Mahabharata, the Ramayana, and mostly the Bhagavat Gita and the many historic figures such as Jhansi ki Rani (my favorite heroine growing up), Mahatma Gandhi, King Ashoka, etc. And they were often were told orally by grandparents and granduncles/aunts! This was wonderful when you still lived in extended families. However, by our generations, we were living more in nuclear families and so often would only hear stories during our summer vacations when we would visit our grandparents or they would come visit us!

So, for us, the Amar Chitra Katha was the best thing that could happen to any young Indian kid in those days! I have yet to meet any Indian my age who doesn't oohhh--ahhhh over their series! Just writing this is getting me all excited! OMGEXCITED! I don't even know how to pick a favorite!!

Amar Chitra Katha took the many stories from the three epics and made it into comics and stories that were kid-friendly! We would eagerly wait for every copy that arrived to read from page one to the end and reread them with such great interest! I think though out of all I love Tenali Rama stories - he was such a witty character! His poems were such fun!

The other books was the Panchatantra - that taught various life lessons! My paternal grandmother though was the best storyteller of this!

And of course, our life was not complete without the world of Mandrake the magician, Phantom and other comics - which we read for fun!
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#21: Your 10 favorite foods

mmmm…favorite food… how to list them all? (no particular order)

  1. Pizza - the most memorable pizza was when I was 4, it was in Petrolina (Brazil) - it was shrimp and lots of tomato based sauce with cheese. My first memory of food, I can still taste it!*

  2. Tomato rasam/charu - having some right now as I type. Simplest of dishes but the most comforting ever (with rice). Anything wrong with the world is just whisked away.

  3. Avocados - first time I tasted them was in Rome, when I was 13 years old! And then I was introduced to guacamole (forget when) and I thought I found heaven. These days the best guacamole is found at Oyamel (in Washington DC).

  4. Grapefruit - it is a fruit that took a decade to like. Now can't have enough! Yum…and the season has started!

  5. Injera & Ethiopian food. just yum and healthy too. The Orthodox Christians eat vegetarian food and so most restaurants have a vegetarian meal. The metro DC area has the biggest Ethiopian immigrant population in the country. You can't go wrong with any restaurant.

  6. Thai food - was always the favorite place to go. Until we found D's allergy to peanuts and coconuts. We just stopped going. Unless I go out with friends without her, which is a rare event.

  7. Lebanese food. What more to say.

  8. Red, yellow & orange bell peppers. Aside from daughter's favorite vegetable, I just love it in everything!

  9. Chipotle…. yummy

  10. Ragi mudde with generous portions of tamarind gojju - I never liked it growing up. But since we had to eat what was put on our plate, I ate it for 20 years before I liked it. Now it's the first thing and only thing I ask my mom to prepare when she asks for my requests! yum!

I have to say, I have to thank my dad for helping us explore new cuisines growing up. And mom who instilled that we had to eat whatever she put on our plates like it or not. Or as dad said, the kitchen was ours to prepare our own meals and clean up.

And I grew up in countries where food is such a big part of culture, India, Brazil, Italy, Singapore, Malaysia!

* Brazil has changed a lot today. Back in the 80's "vegetarian" was unheard of. We couldn't exactly live on red beans for a whole year! So, we consumed some meat while we were there!
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Day 19: What do you collect?

Dust? I find dusting very tiresome and so it collects without my help and one fine day when my nose starts to sniffle (I am allergic to dust!), I get down to it and dust all the cabinets. It also appears IKEA products collect way more dust than non-IKEA stuff. We should have stuck to lighter colors, dang it!

This does happen on occasion, reality though I do dust more frequently.

I used to collect shot glasses of places I visited. But stopped that. Since I have been moving too much, I never made the habit of collecting. And being in an apartment I really can't have a collection of stuff. 
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#9: What are your worst habits?

  • Lately, playing with my hair constantly. It's getting very bad and D is also copying it! I also it seems put some strands in my mouth too! egads! Not something I want her to pick up and I really need to stop! grr..

  • Spend too much time browsing the web, aimlessly. Mostly to fuel my procrastination habit!

  • I wait till a lot of clutter builds up before I thoroughly clear it up! So, our place is beautifully organised at the beginning of the week and it's downhill from there. Unless of course, we have someone over! I like playdates on Friday as it forces me to keep the place in shape.

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I actually would write down the quotes I like. I have them saved on our external drive too as a back up! Of course, in the last three years I just haven't been able to and now I have a small window of time to look it up!

But my all time favourite quote, that I try to live by, especially  now that I am also a parent:

“If we could change ourselves, the tendencies in the world would also change. As a man changes his own nature, so does the attitude of the world change towards him. … We need not wait to see what others do.” - Mahatma Gandhi

I make changes and develop myself. I might not be able to save the world, but I can do my best and live.
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  • There are some new LJ-friends joining! Welcome! I also saw this meme floating around. Figured it would be good timing to do it! I won't be able to do it in continuous succession. Life has suddenly gotten busy (in a good way)!


  • I finished sewing a pair of pajamas!! So, making a tote bag & pajamas for daughter as ordered to do so! They will not be matching-matching!!

  • Still working on the quilt for D. Actually haven't had a chance to do so the last two weeks!

  • Met a homophobe this morning in sewing class, my first! wow... it was shocking! And she went on to preach about finding Jesus. whoa... She was a nice old lady, made it harder to say anything. But I guess that's free speech? I am likely never going to see her again!

  • Will be attending my first funeral, ever in all my life! Being abroad has helped me deal with death very differently. There never is closure and so for me the person lives on the way I saw him/her last. This is going to be sad. It's of someone I have never met, a newborn.


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