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I always find that everything I do is half done.. Never complete in one go. And so the apartment is always in a mess. And I am always paranoid that I have forgotten a load of laundry in the community washer dryer. I have woken up in the middle of the night with this thought.

So, just to finish something, here's finishing the 30 day meme...

Day 27 – Your favorite place

Any clean beach on a beautiful sunny day with a mild breeze and soft waves crashing along the beachfront....

Day 28 – Something that you miss

Sleeping through the night

Day 29 – Your aspirations
That I have patience and courage to teach my little one many of life's lessons. And that I can balance the grandparents' expectations of bringing up child with hubby and my own!

Day 30 – One last moment
This moment of silence... after dealing with a baby who will kick and scream when she is hungry & sleepy and wanting to do neither for 40 minutes straight* and then finally somehow surrendering to the boob that had been staring at her face the whole time and falling asleep. And as she falls asleep that last tiny smile** she gives before drifting off to sleep is just priceless.

* Of course, she starts her crying when I try to be proactive as well and her first signs of hunger/sleep show up...
**I know it's just a muscle tweak...but hey..let me have it!
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Day 23 – Something that makes you feel better
a warm hug and a smile from husband.

Day 24 – Something that makes you cry

baby crying uncontrollably

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Day 22 – Something that upsets you
When my husband just hears half of what I am saying and does something thinking that he is doing me a favour and then claiming I didn't say it properly.

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Day 21 – Another moment
Right now....when the clock strikes one hour since D's been asleep. It's a moment of suspense that no Hollywood movie can recreate. Will she sleep through or will she awake? Only the ticking clock will tell. A moment at a time, we live these days.

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Day 20 – This month
This month has been amazing, crazy, wonderful, exhausting. D no longer sleeps in 4+2+2 hour blocks (for the non-parents that's 4 hours of sleep, wake for feed, 2 hours of sleep and feed again and 2 more hours of sleep before morning comes!) starting from 7pm. sigh. The list of possibilities is endless. It all started a month ago when she got her 4 month shots. It took her 3 days to get back to normal schedule. That lasted only 4 days before she showed signs of teething, then it was probably a mental leap (actually I forget now what it was then), then it was a cold. sigh. So that has been our month!

But the big thing, she naps during the day -regularly! Of course, it's only half hour blocks and she needs my help of rocking her or nursing her but she sleeps in the crib or any flat area (not a bouncer, car seat or a stroller). So, I get some regular breaks. Maybe she is perfecting the system. In the beginning, her nights were no issued but she would never nap. So, now she is working on her day issues.

ah well...go with the flow. I have begun to read books again - not baby related books! I think I have read enough and I am all sick of reading that the baby should be sleeping through the night by now, if not to talk to pediatrician and that they should learn/know self-soothing mechanisms, and that they should be set down in the crib half-asleep/awake so they learn to sleep. Lucky for these books they belong to the library, if not you would see some books flying out the window. Really, my little one is 6 months old. The books conveniently forget that if you do any of the above D just cries. Oh yes, there are books that say, let them. right. a friend said, don't do any of that. Wait for it until she is 10 months old. She will still cry then but at least she will understand you a little better or she might be used to the schedule created by then. That makes the most sense to me! 

I have been meeting friends with whom I don't have to talk baby-related stuff. It has been a challenge but it is happening! yay....

Republicans have taken the majority in the House this past week! No surprise! Lets see them sway their magic wand and save the USofA as they campaigned they will do! Lot of talk we have been hearing from all ends... at the end all ends will be in for a big disappointment I think. ah well.. such is the world of politics. For the record, Glen Beck drives me up the wall & so does Keith Obelrman (however you spell his name)!! I am glad I live in a country with a hundred surf through and to still find it's all junk...

This meme will be completed by the end of the month...I swear!

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Day 14 – What you wore today
Didn't we just have this.... hmmm.. .jeans and a nursing top.. nothing special. I was a little nicer dressed as D and I were to go to the hospital support group meet...but then she was taking such a nice nap I didn't want to wake her... so it's back to the nursing top I wear at home....

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Day 12 – What’s in your bag

My purse contains my wallet, keys, chapstick, metro card, and when I remember the prepaid mobile phone. If I am carrying the diaper bag, then the contents shift to the diaper bag which contain cloth diapers, bag for storing used ones, wipes, changing pad, a change of clothes, burp cloth, hand sanitizer and one or two disposable diapers and a plastic bag.

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